1. I hope it is! Being ill and alone is taxing!

  2. If someone showed me a photo of just the baby, I'd almost make a stab at it being Liza. She actually looks like Older Liza here! I think it's the eyes....

  3. Any celebrity who goes to a convention and has literally NOBODY lining up to see them. I mean that has gotta be embarrassing for them.

  4. Some sort of useful general worker. I could be handy wherever they put me I guess. Supply run, guard duty, kind of an all-rounder. In a group setting/supply run out in the wild, I'd like to think I'd be like Sasha or Carol. That's if I survive the initial outbreak, which would probably be down to luck and being part of a larger group where I could learn useful skills.

  5. I will say I don’t like Brooklyn, nor Nicola. But at the very least I think it’s cool Brooklyn tries a bunch of different “career” paths. I’m not a very linear person, so I’d def be like him and just try a bunch of random stuff, and see what works and doesn’t.

  6. Exactly. Like if you want to be a hot shot chef, go to culinary school and start by peeling 50lbs of potatoes with a wonky peeler in a steaming hot, loud kitchen while getting yelled at by the head chef. Get a job as a kitchen porter or pot washer. Learn the basics. Don't just wake up in your mansion, decide "I think I'll be a chef today" and then call your Team and have them come and shoot a professional video of you making a sandwich smh. To paraphrase Dr Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park, "Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should".

  7. I completely feel this. I've been single my entire 48 years, I quite literally do not KNOW who I am/would be as a person with a partner. I can't imagine or comprehend it. And nobody who knows me has ever seen me with a partner (obvs!) to even say to me, "you've changed in x,y,z ways", be they good or bad ways lol!

  8. I've thought the same thing since she was introduced. It just seemed like the storyline was being set up to be much more than it was, then Lauren Cohan decided to go on hiatus and they had to basically scrap the whole thing. That's just my own opinion. Has Jayne Atkinson (Georgie) ever clarified what happened?

  9. Yes, and I firmly believe being FA is the root cause of it. I had friends when I was younger, when we were all still in the same life stage, teens/young adults etc. But over time, they naturally started having relationships, dating, moving on to the more grown-up stage of life, and I missed out on that particular stage for reasons I never understood. So very gradually, I found myself having less and less in common with friends and other women my age, as if you cannot relate to/participate in more grown-up chat like relationships, kids, family stuff and all the other things that this life stage brings to the table, then you eventually just fade away. Maybe it's not even a conscious thing, and maybe it's the friends themselves that find they don't have the same deep level of bonding with us as they once had. Friendships fade for many reasons, but for me I think in every case, it was my deep embarrassment of never being able to attract a partner and participate in that type of (very normal!) conversation with my friends. It became increasingly awkward for me. Now I am a shadow of who I once was, and who I wanted to be.

  10. Andrew Lincoln, as already mentioned S7E1 was extraordinary performance.

  11. I mean i am just over covid after dodging it for 3 years

  12. Me too, I got it a month ago after avoiding it up til then 😷

  13. Do you have a pet? Maybe you and your pet could take photos in matching outfits.

  14. I've developed a crush on my mechanic. He's super chatty and friendly to all his clients (and also married with kids, so I would never) , so I absolutely KNOW there's nothing more to it, but just having a genuine, one-to-one conversation with a man is enough to send me into daydream territory. He's not even that attractive tbh, but we vibe quite well and seem to have similar outlooks and sense of humor. Oh well, story of my life lol.

  15. Are you kidding? Magna was the MOST wasted! She did literally NOTHING! Connie got the most screentime and was the most liked, Kelly was annoying but got a lot too, Yumiko was given a lot in 11A and C, and Luke was cool in 9 and 10 but then vanished until the last 3 episodes. Magna was completely useless

  16. Yeah, remember the hype when they were first introduced? "OMG, they're introducing MAGNAS GROUP, guys!" They got a couple of good intro episodes, we all thought they were going to be major players, esp Magna herself, and then they immediately turned into filler characters, Magna especially!! The only characters in the group that were in any way fleshed out were Yumiko and Connie. Dan Fogler/Luke was often indisposed due to other acting commitments so he was basically just background, Angel Theory/Kelly received no character development except to look frantically for Connie when she went missing. Nadia Hilker/Magna was just moody and angry at first before more or less fading into group scenes. Yumiko at least got the Commonwealth storyline and Connie got that feral house/Daryl friendship thing. Maybe the sudden cancellation of the show after S11 messed up any chances for further character development for the group, kinda like the whole Georgie storyline that went nowhere.

  17. As for Georgie I have no idea what the original plan was there, whether they introduced her before or after Lauren wanted to leave, but it turned out to just be a reason for Maggie to leave

  18. It seems like it may have just been a plot device for Lauren Cohan to take a hiatus from the show, but I really thought that the Georgie storyline/arc was being lined up to be....more.

  19. It's very much something that happens to other people. Even those who have been single for 10 years can understand the concept, can know what it's like. We only have movies and TV, and that's not exactly a healthy way to understand any kind of relationship.

  20. Exactly. Whenever I even try to think about what it might be like being in a relationship with someone, I end up thinking about scenes from movies or something like that because there are no memories, emotions or experiences of my own to draw on. How sad is that.

  21. The possibility of getting sex isn’t lifting me up at all. Men will have sex even with women they find gross and ugly, it means nothing. Them wanting sex with you doesn’t mean they find you attractive. Also, sex alone wouldn’t give me anything. I want love, cherishing, commitment. I want to go out on dates, and do the cutesy couple stuff couples do with each other. I want someone to want me in their life, and to see me as valuable and important. Being used only for sex offers none of those. I can’t even feel sexually attracted to a guy unless I have feelings for them, and that I know they genuinely want me.

  22. I don't think so, I think Scott came over to Aaron and gently led him away as he sobbed and watched Eric walk off with that small herd. There's no implication, that I remember, that he followed him to put him down. I kinda thought that was a bit weird, they had guns, surely the kindest thing to do would be for Aaron, Scott or someone else in the group to put him down with a headshot from a safe distance. Maybe they did?

  23. Probably as I approached 40. At that stage, I really began to feel that the whole 'partner and kids' thing would never happen for me. It was pretty gradual. Now I'm 48 and have really given up. I have mentioned on this sub before that at this stage, I think I would happily 'settle' for companionship with someone where there was mutual affection and compatibility. I've never known love, so I don't really know what I'm missing in that respect. I'd settle for 'like' at this stage but I don't know if even THAT will ever happen for me.

  24. I liked the hopeful ending, although I have to say, I thought the final celebration dinner would turn out to be a dream or hallucination by Judith or something lol, it seemed a bit too perfect. And don't hate me, but I thought only 1 main character death was a bit poor, I mean Jules and Luke were really 3rd tier characters at this stage. Rosita was heavily spoiled to be killed off, I thought also killing someone like Ezekiel, Eugene or my man Aaron would have given even more of a gut punch. I did well up at Rosita's death scene however.

  25. I feel like watching a movie or a documentary more than an actual conversation in real life lol "Omg people really do that"

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