1. Congratulations. Next time you feel like you need better vision you can try something Gene from Astral Doorway told me that helped. Reach up to your astral eyes and actually use your fingers to open them. Like you would open your eyelids in the physical. I can’t explain it but it definitely worked for me. Also he speaks of reciting “clarity now” to be beneficial. Good luck to you!

  2. Currently working in a pharmacy and reading about Doctor Strange so I love this 😂

  3. I already loved the song before but I now I play it every morning while I shower.

  4. I'm not familiar with the character prior to the show, so I apologize if this stuff is super basic.

  5. In the comics he does have a Brooklyn accent like the scene where Jake is in the asylum room with Harrow and has the bandage on his nose. Jake did spend time as an underground boxer in Mexico in some of the comics though Oscar just said he figured a Spanish line would have the best impact.

  6. I heard the Spanish, and thought we were getting Gael Garcia's Werewolf as a cameo, this was too perfect

  7. Oscar said he wanted to throw that in since he’s Guatemalan

  8. I’m super excited too but honestly I doubt we will get any moon knight references for at least a year

  9. Makes me terribly sad, but probably true.

  10. Hmm nice catch. Could be something.

  11. Layla was great here. I’m sad we only got like 10 minutes of her as an avatar but hopefully will get more in the future.

  12. I was pretty mad at first when we got a 35 minute episode then I was like hey it’s marvel gotta be something in the credit. Perfect twist to keep the storyline going.

  13. I fell asleep at 9:30and of course wake up an hour later thinking it’s moon knight time. Instead have been laying here for hours patiently waiting. Can’t sleep now for sure. 😂

  14. Just going to patiently play every scenario out in my head for the next 45 minutes

  15. Anybody see how it could not possibly be Jake at the beginning of episode 5? I think that was the most obvious one yet.

  16. No he did. Somebody asked if he could confirm. The Director said no I cannot confirm. He wants us to keep speculating. It’s definitely Jake.

  17. But it's definitely not her job to handle the scales which is what weirded me out

  18. Yeah but since Anubis is in stone (I’m sure we will get clarity on that in the next episode) I guess they needed the next god that would have some kind of connection to souls and can be seen as a nice motherly figure in this time to take the job for the time being. I’d like to see Anubis like the comics but I liked Tawaret’s place.

  19. Agreed I’d like one episode a day for the rest of the year

  20. So looks to be kinda along the lines of what we are thinking then maybe? Marc is in the afterlife and this is signifying that Anubis will weigh Marc and Steven’s hearts before they can progress forward? Not sure but so much could happen tomorrow. I hope it goes with what I’m thinking will happen.

  21. That’s one of the biggest reaches I’ve read on this subreddit. It was a crew member not removed from the shot in post. The filmmakers don’t expect sweaty fans to literally view every episode frame by frame to look for mistakes and I’m sure they appreciate you taking the time to highlight where they messed up.

  22. I better not catch ANYONE having any fun around here. So help me if I see one shred of enjoyment or merriment, it’s ON SIGHT.

  23. I’m also not sure why that is seen as such a huge reach to you. In the comics Marc literally wakes up as Steven who is actually producing a film called Moon Knight.

  24. I usually like Erik Voss breakdowns but i think he really isn't as educated on the moon knight comics. Look up Screencrush I think he's been nailing the breakdowns and predictions for Moon knight

  25. Absolutely, Lemire is inarguably the best run and is also where episode four of the show came from.

  26. Yeah I was kinda confused with the first issue of lemire since like you said it started right in episode 4 instead of the beginning. I’m gonna check out the other then go back. Thank you for the help!

  27. I don’t know how in depth you want to get, but some months ago there was a

  28. Oh okay awesome thank you for that. I just finished the Lemire run. The beginning made sense then it just took a huge run that made no sense whatsoever then kinda just abruptly ended. I’m not sure what to think of it yet.

  29. I’m not even fluent in mandarin but I’m familiar enough to know that sounds strange. 😂

  30. No. Why do people believe garbage like this? There are literally billions of people on earth. Do you really think there are entities waiting by each one of us just so they can frickin' moan at us when we try to project? What the shit, people?

  31. Better explanation since this is difficult

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