1. Man I just screamed so loud at Otis what is you doing

  2. Malik Heath is going to be a problem tonight I can feel it

  3. He’ll rush for 1500 yards and 20 tds in the first half.

  4. Why is it so hard to complete a tackle. It’s like we go up and give them a little hug then run away. I don’t get this shit.

  5. Well week before against northwestern

  6. Still, it was the best final score of the top 4.

  7. That’s not saying much lmao. Top 4 looked awful today.

  8. Tennessee getting exposed big time.

  9. When we go to sleep we go to the astral. Dreams are essentially an unconscious astral projection. We are just not conscious so they don’t seem as real as the physical or an astral projection. We still remember parts of them depending on how well your dream recall is. Once you become lucid in your dreams you then become conscious. Once conscious in a dream you can then control your dreams and recall them better. When you are conscious in a dream you are able to raise your energy and project into the astral.

  10. Damn I say Crimsix is one of the goats but sucks at vanguard and I guess he heard me

  11. The folks demonizing Fauci are also some of the same ones who want to teach creationism or intelligent design in schools alongside evolution.

  12. Tony has always been a huge piece of shit

  13. “Fighting misinformation” my ass. This is just “oh god I can’t have my political part affiliated with this” It’s pathetic that all people care about is political parties in a time like this.

  14. SS: UFC’s Isreal Adesanya: “Ghislaine Maxwell was supplying kids for all these fcking pedos, right? Where’s the list?.. does that get swept under the rug? Do they not get any time for actually fcking those kids?”

  15. I'm one of the few people on the internet that can actually take it as well as I dish out shit talking. Still got Sooners in 2 tho.

  16. I walked in for like 15 minutes after the game just long enough to grab a shot. It was insane.

  17. Finally made it to Omaha. Drove 17 hours straight. 3 hours of sleep. Let’s get this dub boys!

  18. Good for you man!! You’ll be glad you did it no matter what.

  19. So funny I’m seeing this. I was just showing my friend earlier the video of when Peyton stole 3 bases on them in one play because they weren’t covering. Absolutely insane. 😂

  20. Stop blaming “them” when trump supporters wanting this to happen

  21. See there. Same shit I’m talking about.

  22. Oh for sure. I had to delete Facebook. Brings out the worst in people.

  23. So did you just make that up because I think women should be able to make their own decisions with their bodies? Not everybody is stuck in the fucking bullshit political loops like you.

  24. Doesn’t even make sense. You’re stupid.

  25. You sound stupid. You should just delete.

  26. Dylan Delucia has the biggest balls of all time

  27. I long for the day when I can casually drop nine grand for team pride in an alcohol consumption challenge. Can't hate on it though!

  28. I know right? Getting to hang out in Omaha and watch baseball and drop $9k like it’s nothing.

  29. Eh who cares. I’m not gonna root for Vanderbilt when a Mississippi team could win the National Title. It’s childish just to root against them because you didn’t make it.

  30. I’m not rooting against y’all because I’m butthurt we didn’t make it. I’m rooting against y’all because you’re Ole Miss, and I am a Mississippi State fan. If we were here, I’d still be rooting against y’all.

  31. Such an underrated rivalry in every sport

  32. Yeah for sure. I’m a bigger football fan than anything and it’s always crazy. Only tough part is the toxic fans after the game but it comes with it. Tomorrow will be a real nail biter for sure.

  33. A very tiny man talking shit to everybody on their phone isn’t a degree. Go to sleep.

  34. Rebs and Hogs 1-1 in Omaha. All that matters is tomorrow. Not sure what’s gonna be harder to survive the game or the internet.

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