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  1. I always laugh when they talk about growing the game with less fortunate folks. Simple fact golf, like skiing is always going to be a sport for financially stable - not necessarily wealthy, but you better have some disposable income. I’m in the same boat. I’m a teacher so we’re comfortable but I can’t golf nearly as much as I’d like to. At around $40 a round it adds up. To many that sounds like nothing but on a middle class income it’s not nothing.

  2. I absolutely agree with you. People talk about making golf more inclusive, which I support entirely. I truly think golf should not only be accessible, but also inviting, to people of all walks of life. The number one way to do that, though, is by lowering the financial barrier to entry.

  3. Easier said than done. Moving out of the state isn’t an option because then I forfeit my pension and teacher salaries in other states are low enough in more affordable states that they make it just as difficult to live as it is in New York. Leaving Long Island is difficult because I want my future children to have their family in close proximity to them.

  4. They should. I had a crack closer to the face of my less than year old driver that wrapped around the side from the crown to the sole. Cobra swapped it out for me. If you’re concerned about not having a receipt, I would reach out to whoever organized the tournament at your company. If they organized it with company money, I’m sure they have the receipt for the driver still.

  5. Used my usual chocolate chip cookie recipe and had one cookie come out looking like this. To my knowledge, my oven has always baked fairly evenly. This is also the only cookie with this issue.

  6. Here's a link to a spreadsheet I made. You can make a copy and sort everything. Hope it helps!

  7. I’ve been to so many wedding at the fox hollow. Very underwhelmed. My cousin got married at coindre hall and I remember the set up and food being awful.

  8. Fox Hollow is actually one of the few venues I won’t even look at, just because I know so many people who have gotten married there.

  9. Not really convinced that cleanliness is much of a concern for him.

  10. He has actually addressed the buttons in an interview. He said that being a bigger guy, having the buttons open feels more comfortable and makes it easier to move.

  11. Bought the 5’x3’ GoSports Golf Hitting Mat on Amazon a few weeks ago and love it.

  12. If you’re anything like me, they’ll at least make you look like you know what you’re doing. My approach to the game has always been that if you’re going to suck, you might as well look good doing it.

  13. My guess is Srixon probably wouldn’t be too happy if he kept them on his brim and blocked the logo they pay him to rep.

  14. During normal times when there is no hybrid learning or social distancing, I like to do snowball fights once in a while, typically as closure to a lesson—the kids love it and always ask for it. Give students a piece of paper with a prompt on it for them to respond to. The key is they need to provide an explanation with their response. Once everyone has written a response, have the student crumple their paper into a ball. Split the room in half and have the two sides of the room facing each other. Count them down and have every student throw their “snowball” across the room. They will then pick up a snowball near them, unfold it and read the response on it. You then select students to read the snowball they have aloud to the class and explain whether they agree or disagree with the response and why.

  15. ouch, 9 minute times suck but I am spoiled in a rural area. I once played Bethpage yellow in almost 7 hours

  16. The pace at Bethpage can definitely be a crawl, coming from a local who plays there a handful of times per year. Not sure what your experience with the marshals there was, but I had an interesting encounter with one while playing the blue course last year. We had a marshal on maybe the 10th or 11th hole ride up to us and tell us we needed to play faster. Meanwhile, it was the one odd day where we didn’t have a single group waiting for us on a hole since maybe the 2nd or 3rd hole. Thought it was funny.

  17. I like to practice all different types of lies. Better to be prepared for any situation possible through practice and potentially never need it. You never know when you’re going to be just off the green at the edge of the fairway and need to chip it on.

  18. It’s definitely a good way to keep the winter blues away until it’s warm enough to play regularly again.

  19. You just need to keep refreshing. It took me a couple hours to get an appointment. Just keep pressing the F5 key until it finally goes through. Or close the page and click schedule appointment keep doing it over and over again. If it starts loading don't touch nothing. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes to load a page

  20. I actually managed to get an appointment at Aqueduct a month from now. It only took trying at around 6:30 this morning. I guess the best time is when people are sleeping.

  21. Suite Pieces in Huntington. They have a great selection of furniture and home decor—most of which has some vintage flair—as well as supplies needed for DIY projects. They also rent out studio space upstairs to local artists and artisans who can then sell their work in the shop.

  22. We actually have to come to a full stop prior to making a right on red. Intersections that have red light cameras will actually send you a ticket for failing to come to a full stop before turning right on red—I would know, I’ve gotten one.

  23. True story - was on a conference call earlier this summer with about 10 people and it was the one day that I had told my boss I was golfing vs a few other days when I maybe just omitted that info... Quarantine has been good for my number of rounds played. So I have my AirPods in; MS teams on; my phone on mute and I’m teeing off on about hole 14 as this client is talking and I’m about half paying attention when I hear my boss (who rarely speaks on these calls) say “Ty that sounded great - is it in the fairway?”

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