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  1. The highest res image I could find is here if you want to take it and have a place just print you a copy:

  2. Just because you can afford the car doesn't mean you can handle the car.

  3. Don't you have to turn off traction control to even do this these days

  4. Looks to me like the truck in front started hydroplaning and moved left to gain elevation to avoid the puddle. Look at the increase in spray right before the swerve.

  5. sometimes it do be hard to tell meme homophobia apart from actual homophobia

  6. it's how you keep homophobic ideas visible and out in the open, just say "it's just a joke bro" and you can spread outright hate unfettered

  7. A schizophrenic or someone to be blieved as such because of their behaviour, usually people being erratic and crazed.

  8. see he technically did his job, he just made it in your mind

  9. And watch other people either brag about their rng or yell into the void about their team lol.

  10. Rnjesus giveth and taketh away. One time he gave me the team with three Orisas, was a good day

  11. Why do people on Twitter feel the need to make stuff up?

  12. People everywhere make stuff up. The question is why do so many humans love to make stuff up

  13. what skin is it? edit: oh it's a skin you could get for preordering the game

  14. Reddit is fucking up the audio when video’s are being uploaded and converted to play from their player.

  15. It was literally a bill that increased salary and expenses for the FDA by $28 million. It doesn't do anything to address the immediate need of baby formula, but now one side gets to claim the other is "anti-baby formula" for voting against a bill people think fixes the issue.

  16. Keeping institutions gutted and underfunded is a reason we're in this mess, Republicans block funding every single chance they get

  17. You're saying it's feminists who are calling boys lucky to be raped by women?

  18. Yes because they say it’s "women right to rape men too" and "women are strong for raping kids" or some bullshit like this

  19. Feminists are also the cabal who got the mind control patterns put into the 5g towers

  20. Is this seriously called SUPERTHOT? I know the dev is reading and responding to these comments, but idgaf this is just really tacky and uncomfortable for women.

  21. Can't even have our own conversations about his objectifying porn game in peace, have to deal with him showing up to tell us we're wrong for not liking his objectifying garbage

  22. .....I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but the game is called SuperTHOT. I do get what you're saying, but this game isn't trying to hide the sexualization aspect. Heck, it might even be the lore/premise.

  23. That doesn't make it less cringe. Making a game called superthot is cringe.

  24. It's actually literally the opposite, but I can see why it might seem that way. I just wanted to post a video showcasing more character quality than gameplay to see what people thought.

  25. Show us the nearly naked buff guy with the muscle and dick and ball size sliders in action then. Oh wait it's only women you turn into sex objects

  26. Is it though? Like part of dva’s kit is to eat projectiles. If you’re not eating them you’re playing her very wrong imo. That’s not being mid, that’s being bad

  27. dva eating damage orbs is using dva's kit to eat projectiles just like you said is good. it's not AS good as eating everything, but it's still not bad, eating nothing is bad

  28. despite the appearance of them being best friends, they were actually best friends

  29. But he did signal. +1 point to him.

  30. Turned on the turn signal then turned it off, seems they decided "nah I don't need to change lanes I'll just stay in this one"

  31. On my vehicle if you do the quick signal, it only blinks three times, so they may have not have done the full push and lock into the signal, but just the soft push.

  32. Oh that could be it. I never had a car with that feature so I didn't think of it.

  33. So many stuns too. I had a game last night against Hog, Sigma, Cassidy, Doomfist, Ana, Brig and the game felt awful even though my team won.

  34. brig and cassidy lost their stun, but pretty sure hog/sigma/doomfist/ana still have their stuns

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