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  1. I agree, it’s fantastic. So glad you found it!

  2. Please make a follow up post of your description and the actual item 😂

  3. Done. I found it and got 2. Hopefully that’ll last me the summer. Lol.

  4. Boxycharm has a Stonestreet body cream in the Premium offerings this month. Not the same as yours but if you are a subscriber, they may have the one you want in the next monthly sale.

  5. I’m not. I only subscribe to FFF but I’ve thought about it. Just didn’t know if it was worth it or not. I found the cream and ordered 2 though. Lol.

  6. I’ve been saying the last few years look like they’re gearing up to be the beginning of Idiocracy so I laughed extra hard at your reference.

  7. Got 6 grain jars of Amazonian going from liquid culture, inoculated on the 11th of Jan. They’re colonising at different speeds which I know it to be expected, I’m just wondering what you guys do in this situation. Just leave them all until the last one is ready? I have two tubs so can do the fastest three in one and the second lot in the other tub a few days after.

  8. Yeah, just wait for the others. It won’t hurt the fully colonized jars to sit for a little bit. I forgot about some jars in a closet once and they had shrooms growing in them. I pulled the fruit and spawned to bulk. Tub turned out great.

  9. Amazing the way that it works, so sensitive but so resilient at the same time! Thank you for your reply, first grow so just worrying over everything and wanted to avoid stressing them into producing metabolites if possible.

  10. Yeah. As long as the environment is good they are super resilient. Enjoy your grow and harvest!

  11. one he was not in his blind spot if the driver had his hood mirrors and driver side mirror along with the common sense to turn his head he would have seen the car no exuse for this driver and i did a lot of years doing oversized and heavy haul tired of this he was in my blind spots , yes there are blind spots but not to what is being used as a scape goat

  12. Exactly! I have blind spots in my suv. I know I have blind spots. So I always take 1/4 of a second to turn my head and look. Result, I have never hit anyone because I checked my blind spots. People act like it’s not their responsibility to look. Also, with the amount and styles of mirrors this truck has, that guy wasn’t even in a blind spot. He just wasn’t checking all his mirrors.

  13. Not wearing makeup to a wedding is the least of my fears. My biggest fear is that something will happen to one of my children or my husband.

  14. What an amazing accomplishment. I’m 40 and still haven’t retireded.

  15. You just get numbness in the area. You can still kinda feel pressure but no actual feeling.

  16. You know you can eat resin too? I’ve never tried it because it just sounds too gross. But I have a friend that takes her resin balls, coats them in peanut butter and down the hatch they go. She gets pretty fucked up.

  17. I’m the oldest of 7 girls, one boy. My husband is the middle child out of 3. I grew up being responsible for everyone around me. My husband didn’t even take responsibility for himself. Complete different dynamics and the way we function in life shows it.

  18. This is where my mind was when I posted this. My husband and I are both the oldest and we have very similar life experience.

  19. It’s funny cause my friend and I were just talking about this the other day. She’s the oldest too and her husband is the youngest. Our approach to life is very similar and we associate it with us being the oldest kids.

  20. A lot of factors to consider like, genetics, temp/humidity, substrate, etc. but I’d say in about 4 days that one should be ready. Another day or two for that cluster. But your real flush is still coming in. That whole tub should be ready in about a week, maybe week and a half. I almost always have to harvest in stages. I just try not to bother the young ones and keep picking the ones that are mature.

  21. That’s awesome tho. I used to cook for my plug. I love to feed people, it always makes me feel good. And as a bonus he I used to hook me up.

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