what stopped you from committing suicide?

This hits me right in the feels

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  1. He ain’t no bookatologist, I’ll tell ya hwat.

  2. Nit picking here, historical or archeological mistakes.... in Alladin for example, the one were Alladin and Jasmine are getting married... they refer to a character as Osiris when it was Horus. Stupid things like that.

  3. Tried 2x (hanged myself, someone cut me down, poisioned myself - od) - spent time in the pysch ward... after those attempts, I truly believe that Jesus was my saving grace. Got right with God, found peace in Him, cut out all the negative people in my life and moved forward. Starting living outside of myself and focused on trying to make my part of the world a good place especially for people who hurt just like me.

  4. Cats, dogs, horse, wild game, lizards,snakes,fish, turkey,rodents, insects, prime apes etc

  5. Vomiting! You can't go "bllleeeeurgh" while throwing up. I think I've only ever heard it done properly once in a film, you know it sounds realistic when it turns your stomach.

  6. Have you seen Yellowstone- I swear the Beth character looks like she never washes, her hair in season one is horrible, her eyeliner is running. Rough night. Actually most of the women in that show look like the makeup artist are toddlers with mommy's makeup!

  7. Lol it's so true... so as it goes Tims switched coffees with McD's a while back. WE are drinking Mcds coffee...

  8. Lol you are partially correct... but you are forgetting that Canada is "America" as much as the United States, Mexico etc are. So, your statement should read, Canada is not part of the United States.

  9. We are Canadians! We don't do drama, we turn the TV on and watch Americans.

  10. OP said "low-risk" not "high probability of getting your ass kicked"

  11. NTA. I can relate to this, my step mom made life difficult with my dad because she was overly jealous of my siblings and I. Jacob is trying to force himself because he is insecure with his relationship with op father. Making a statement basically. He is afraid that op dad will go back to his previous family.

  12. NTA. Don't even have to read it. You are not legally obligated to provide a two weeks notice. Jobs don't provide you with one.

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