1. The little arm bands are too perfect!! It looks like he has little siphons 🥹🥹🥹

  2. Idk if this counts, but Alina. Shadow and Bone is mostly liked but lots of people don’t like Alina. But keep in mind that she’s only 16, she had her entire world flipped on her and she’s trying her best.

  3. I came here to say this! She had her shit rocked in each book 😫 Let a girl liveeeee

  4. You don’t know if she checks out this sub for tips, anything on the internet can reach anyone, and I think this would be a bad idea if she hadn’t already written it

  5. I think if she’s checking out Reddit for what people think about her books, people wishing there was gay sex is going to be the LEAST of her worries. There are whole subs where SJM is basically a curse word so I’m just saying, gay sex is MILD compared to what others say.

  6. I think people are worried about her not being able to do it justice because she doesn’t “know what it’s like,” but I’m sorry, it’s not like she knows what it’s like to shove an entire coke bottle up her hooha either! I mean… unless…? Ouch. Her straight sex scenes don’t do much justice to REALISTIC straight sex, and the amount of times I thought to myself “you’re putting WHAT in WHERE” is truly baffling for someone with uterus who should, I guess theoretically, know how things go down there. It’s fantasy, so I get it, you know? In my fantasy world, I too would be able to turn my body into actual rubber for a dude with wings and a tragic past.

  7. As much as I love ASOIAF, the amount of times I’ve come up with some mash up of ASOIAF + Game of Thrones (I use ASOIAF for the books and GoT for the show) + Hunger Games + Throne of Glass when trying to say one or the other is tragic. I swear I had a stroke once and was trying to say Game of Thrones and instead, I said “A Game of Hunger Throne of Ice and Fire”

  8. Six of Crows is a high fantasy ocean’s 11 type of story, and the found family and banter is just A+! The author also has other books in the same universe, so if you end up liking the world, you can stay in it for a bit longer too.

  9. You know what, this makes Aelin’s power a lil terrifying actually. I’ve been enjoying this series like oooo look at my lil fire girl go but now it’s more like ooo… look at that… a General Purpose bomb… with attitude

  10. Okay when Breaking Dawn came out, actually having Bella become a vampire was such a twist for me. Like we knew it would happen, but so many books at the time were like omg no he actually becomes a human for her!! Human da best!! No more monster!! But, compared to the books I had read at the time, Bella going vampire was wild to me. I loved it. Still do ¯_(ツ)_/¯ the vibes are chefs kiss ok

  11. For some reason the fact that she became a vampire was actually kind of obvious to me? After all Eddie promised Bella he'd turn her after they'd get married?

  12. In my eyes, I was expecting some miracle cure or something to make him human or reveal that Bella was already some kind of mild supernatural, which were what a few books/tv/movies were already doing at the time, rather than having the MC go full monster. A lot of times, going full supe is portrayed as the worst possible scenario for the leading female MC, especially back in the day when BD was released, so I thought there would’ve been a switcharoo or something.

  13. These feel too mass market sci-Fi paperback novel to me 😫 Not a fan but I’m happy that it means ToG might get some more attention

  14. Between Rowan’s centuries of age from Aelin, the generational expanse of that tree, and the fact that Mab and Mora are more god than mortal, it’s not close enough for anything really tangible in terms of genetics. Maybe their magic senses the relation? Hence the Carranam or whatever bond. But that’s about it.

  15. I preordered the barnes and noble edition of this book and the preorder sweepstakes are insane (a Tiffany necklace ??? Like why), so I’m not surprised. The publishers seemed to have put A LOT into this book, so fingers crossed it’s worth it!

  16. You can tell he eats like a fine lady definitely our Dorian

  17. Cruel Prince Jude/Cardan gives me these vibes a bit, but not really academic setting.

  18. I can’t tell if the cat note on the bottom means this is a cat or they have a cat

  19. I’ve always looked at the titles as the things Aelin serves throughout the series (barring ToD). For a long time, that throne of glass/Adarlan in general had the biggest influence on her and she did, in fact, serve it, even coming to love the city eventually. She later comes to serve the king’s crown (of midnight) later, and her actions in heir of fire and queen of shadows do serve her much more than they serve, as in later, her kingdom and empire (still peeves me that empire goes before kingdom but my thinking there is because in EoS she’s still gathering her allies).

  20. Which ones would you be willing to trade for Enchantment of Ravens (paperback)?

  21. Whichever ones are still available! I just updated the list, so it’s totally your pick from those.

  22. There are fables that could come in place of this, both ones that already exist and ones you can make up to suit your world. “Haven’t you heard about what happens when you blank blank” or something similar. The story about the scorpion and the frog comes to mind, for whenever a character makes a deal with someone they know is going to betray them. If you don’t have scorpions or frogs, you can change it to similar species.

  23. This is the correct answer. We have yet to see another 'Twilight' phenomenon.

  24. Just popping in to express my reaction of “you were WHAT in WHEN”

  25. But why would you read a book you think you're going to hate?

  26. I was recently asked this and there are two reasons for me to read a book I am not initially interested in (besides reading to keep up on the latest YA for my job as a school librarian)

  27. Your #2 is the reason I got my public library card in the first place! I wanted to see what VE Schwab was about, since those books don’t usually make it on my TBR (out of my usual genre of fairy nonsense) but everyone talks about her stuff.

  28. I often give books a try that friends recommend to me, or if I’ve been gifted a book by someone who knows I like reading but doesn’t know what, or if they somehow end up in my collection as a cheap bundle or something.

  29. When she gets into the details of “the smell/taste of him/her” parts too like y’all got a Golden Corral in there or st? Perfumania? The Body Shop? Bath and Body Works? Ferrero Rocher?

  30. Fire. Her name will and always will be Fire. My brain and mouth just don't want to cooperate. Lol even when they explain in the book I'm like no, you're wrong. But hey, I think it makes the story better when you choose a different name or nickname in the story.

  31. Oh I like fire so much more than the name she will always have to me, which is “fair”. I always thought it was weird, and then Amarantha goes “feyruh” and I decided fair was better but now I like fire. Her name is fire. Thank you.

  32. Also “Tea” from the Bone Witch

  33. Is it not… tea like green tea or black tea… is it tee-uh like Tia???? I’m broken now

  34. The it girl series was MY LIFE oh man now I want to recollect these books too… my local thrift stores are full of them

  35. I feel like it breaks up the uniformity in the cover if that makes sense? It doesn’t feel flowy enough for me lol

  36. The smut tbh like I love romance but I’d much rather have a whole lot of tension and then fade to black. I can fill in the blanks on my own, I don’t need the details of his velvet wrapped steel 🤢

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