1. While we are on the subject of instant coffee. There is this thing we do in Argentina we instant coffee that consist of adding the coffe to the cup, a bit of sugar (a teaspoon maybe?) and then you ad just enough water to make a paste. After that you start whipping it with your spoon until it goes from dark brown to a lighter brown. Then you add your boiling water and because you added air by whipping you get a sort of crema that I have only seen come from instant. Is this done in other countries? I remember seeing James Hoffman's video on dalgona and thinking that it was just instant coffe on steroids but there was nothing actually new there.

  2. πŸ˜‚ dog life... sometimes you just gotta be naughty πŸ˜‰ also I love how she knows she did wrong, my pup would always tell on herself.

  3. They were both handsome boys ❀️ I'm so sorry for your losses, they are truly blessings. I hope your beautiful memories bring you peace and wishing you all the best memories of both of them. Hugs!

  4. My strategy is to get the first appointment of the day. This at least allows for the least amount of people being in the building. Even better if it's the day after they are closed.

  5. What a beautiful way to help her remember him and ease her heart ❀️ Beautiful!

  6. Our sitters give her so many treats and tummy rubs we joke she's sad when we return πŸ˜‚ honestly, they are totally fine if they are with good people.

  7. She was a beautiful girl πŸ’• I hope the wonderful memories of her will ease your heart in time. Sending love and hugs from another heartbroken human.

  8. I really like the Tarte Timeless Smoothing primer. It comes in a pot and I like to press it into my pores and then rub it in. They make a travel size and it will last a good amount of time.

  9. thanks! do you think a pore filling primer like that could work on acne scars?

  10. I have very large pores and a few ice pick scars. It's fills them both very well.

  11. Use the app Healthi! It’s 30$ for an entire year if you are able to spend the money. The app is like a off brand version of WW

  12. The free version is excellent! I never upgrade to the paid, but you will to match the new WW program.

  13. We set up puzzles for our girl, she loves them and keeps at it even after she's gotten all the treats. Once she gives up she's fairly worn out and usually sleeps. If weight is an issue you can use their food and a few treats to fill the puzzles.

  14. I’ve received itty bitty perfume samples and one or two other travel sized products. Most of the time, I receive full sizes.

  15. I received a deluxe size foundation from lancome once. Everything else has been full size and I've tested 20+ products.

  16. Packet of tuna (not the cans) are around $.80 to $1 and would be good mixed in. They also have flavored ones, like hickory or Thai.

  17. It's a begins with a good premise, and ones desire to know what is going on, and the mystery of it all does make it compelling viewing, especially in those first three episodes, it loses a bit of steam, but overall was good. Perfect viewing for long flight.

  18. I'm 3 episodes in and really enjoying it. It reminds me of a mix of The Mist and The Abyss, two of my favorites.

  19. It's great. I've been toying with the idea of watching it again, as I just can't find anything new to begin that grabs me.

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