1. No, i think most people don’t get the free gifts, i was so close a few times but nothing seems impossible, not trying no more seem like a waste of time and I’m bringing them new people and don’t get anything for it, it free advertising and helping them only to get trick into thinking I will get something for it😒

  2. Can you clink my code? Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift?

  3. Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift? Please please

  4. Looks like everyone either got the JA carafe or JA glasses 🙂

  5. Mines shipped, but stuck at label created 😒 I’m not longer excited about the box, it’s way to long to shipped

  6. Serious question, not trying to be ugly… but why do people hoard a bunch of stuff in their cart only to drop it last minute??

  7. I put Stuff I may want in my cart and than I do process of elimination idk if you shop the sale before but things you usually want go OOS pretty fast also I look at reviews and check for better price so rethink do I really need it, but that’s me

  8. I have shopped the sale. I understand how it works. I just don’t understand why people keep items that go OOS quickly in their cart so long if they’re not going to buy them. 🤷‍♀️ just my opinion… I don’t get it.

  9. Ok, I'm so glad I did this - I like the Gold, but LOVE Milk and Paper.

  10. I still haven’t received my box it just shipped a few days ago

  11. Curious to know your (or anyone's! even though no-one else will see this lol) thoughts - there's one I absolutely hate and I'm curious to see if anyone else has the same reaction.

  12. I’m ready to smell the milk one I heard good things about that one, but the gold get mix reviews 🤔 haven’t heard anything about the other scents

  13. I keep refreshing my Favorites hoping it’ll return to stock so I can add to cart, but so far they’re all spoken for :(

  14. I’m thinking about not shopping this sale, but not sure yet, if so I’m dropping mines and I have a few mediums 😬

  15. Lol my exact thoughts. The reviews seem great but I have so many blankets

  16. They soft and cozy, but I have other blankets that feel similar and inexpensive, so not worth spending a lot of money on, but for $15 worth trying, but definitely over hyped, but that’s my opinion 😬

  17. I'm not getting an extra box, but I'm still waiting for movement on my annual box. A label was created on 2/13, but nothing since then...

  18. My annual box just shipped yesterday and my extra box just started moving it was stuck at label created since the 10th

  19. I'm in Canada, and I find that mine always ships pretty much at the 30 day mark... 🤦🏻‍♀️ then it takes about 3 more weeks to get here. I dunno if it's because I'm in Canada, or if it's because of what pick.. but mine never ships right away. One of the reasons I won't resubscribe... 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄

  20. That sucks one of the perks of being annual is to get faster shipping at the point seasonals will get their box before me, I just got a shipping email today after complaining to CS 😒.. extra box been stuck at label created since the 10th 🙄

  21. I use to get my boxes faster as a seasonal member 🤦🏾‍♀️ this suck I use to get my seasonal boxes fast and annuals use to be upset now I’m part of the annuals that’s upset🫣😒

  22. Mines also havent shipped, my extra box stuck At label created since the 10th no movement

  23. Same!!! I’m so tired of stalking the website and email waiting on my box 😒… my extra box shipped but stuck at label created, I’m just gone not think about it or stay out of the forum 😭🫣

  24. Maybe it’s the free extra spring box or a mystery bundle and you will still get your customized box

  25. I renewed in winter and got a bunch of free stuff with that box but I hope that's the case!

  26. I seen people in forum that didn’t renew and got free stuff with spring box without using a code

  27. Do they do free boxes with every season for annual resub?

  28. I been with fff going on 3 years and this is the second time they offer a free box it’s usually mystery bundles, or discount off the box codes

  29. Are you sure that's the right Jonathan Alder product? You're getting 2 items from Customization 1?

  30. From what I seen so fair it’s two variations, a box like this or with the JA glassware 🤔 I’m really hopping I get the glassware, I would have no repeats

  31. What’s the thing on the right, blanke? And what’s the Kate spade thing? Thanks!

  32. It’s a blanket, Kate spade lunch tote/bag idk what you call it 🤣

  33. Definitely one of the worst starter boxes 🤦🏾‍♀️ I wouldn’t send this to anyone

  34. I noticed it got all messed up when they started offering to ship boxes fast to those who paid an extra 15.00. Those who have a YouTube channel kinda caught some grief from others as they were paying to get more views to advance their channel. Before all that I got my box in a timely manner

  35. Yea I don’t think thats right because as annual we supposed to get our boxes shipped fast that’s the whole purpose of being annual 😒.. full customization, faster shipping, and first dibs 🤔

  36. Can you explain the extra spring box? Was it a freebies offered to certain customers or an add on you paid for of some kind?

  37. It was a free box code for new annual member, resubscribers, and upgrade from seasonal to annual

  38. I canceled my box when they billed me in the Fall.. but I really like the JOY box and I used that promo code to resub.. will I get a JOY box now? 😬🤞🏻

  39. Not sure, I used a different code? My extra box just shipped this morning, will see what I get when it arrives

  40. It didn’t give me any kind of error message when I put the code in. Is there any way to see if it worked besides waiting for the shipping notification?

  41. Some people say it’s in their invoices, but mines show as -.01… to confirm the code went through but if you don’t see neither talk to CS they will help

  42. Try PF Candle Co! Their candles are great and they rate the throw of each scent.

  43. Enjoy your free stuff, I would love some more Kate spade socks, I’m still waiting on my box to ship it’s taking forever 😒

  44. Someone on the forum posted what they got in the US. Lots of good choices. I have it for category 2 and I’m hoping for the Kate Spade wristlet.

  45. I would definitely change my card on file, I had to do that with alltrue, but why am I charged more taxes for my annual 😒

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