1. That was very NOT my experience in my 2.5 years there. I'd say it varies heavily by location.

  2. California, Sacramento valley. In 2.5 years we went through three store managers (one got arrested) and several... I forget what the next level supervisors were. I was flat out intimidated into not reporting an accident that should have had stitches as it would have cut into that success sharing we got, and I was FAR from the only one.

  3. Sorry to hear that. Not how it should be

  4. Tom and Jerry up attack each hit counts it’s super easy to do in like 4 rounds

  5. Play Superman, armor helps landing full charged attacks

  6. Dude you got it all wrong, I got this done in like 4 rounds with Tom and jerry up attack

  7. I would def pay 20 bucks for this

  8. Maybe an unpopular opinion - but I absolutely used to adore a break from the choppy waves in Drake Lake. One of the most satisfying courses especially when you smoothly and successfully dodge those stick thingies sticking up in the water

  9. I liked the orange one sunset something or another

  10. Every single character in the game is viable.

  11. Taz sucks man, anyone else I’ll give you. He is garbage

  12. I find Tom and jerry the easiest to just shoot them with jerry offstage

  13. I was waiting for the possibility of a Marvin the Martian announcer pack, but Bmo would be too good to pass up.

  14. I want Johnny bravo announcer

  15. I just don’t see it happening? What’s the motivation for the company. Plenty of people grind for leaderboards

  16. It's not that the new generation loves it. The old generation loved cosmetics too we were just allowed to earn them. Now it's all based around purchases.

  17. I just transfer my grind from games to work, I don’t mind throwing some cash at cosmetics on a free game

  18. If I ever doubt my credentials as a product manager, I’ll take solace in the fact that I’ve never been possessed by Pazuzu in the middle of filming a promo.

  19. Haha can you imagine all your employees posting this clip though. He will never live that down.

  20. Again, they expect people to play casually, hence the 100 day. Just in free gold alone you should be able to afford over 1/4 the roster in just a month.

  21. Wait what? I’m not saying we don’t get enough gold, but that’s only 3000 gold.

  22. Yeah for sure, it could actually help them make money too by increasing ringout and banner purchases

  23. You are immune to most projectiles in the middle of Batman's smoke.

  24. The dog is clearly wary and not at all happy about being approached by this stranger. How does one not read such blatant display of body language cues?

  25. Yeah I wouldn’t have thought about it though until the dog started pulling back. Then it’s too late and also looking through a camera slows your reaction time

  26. LeBron made a bigger splash than Gandalf would’ve, I think. LotR has plenty of fans, but what’s gonna make more people do a double take: Gandalf, or Bron?

  27. I feel like the multiversus crowd is more of a wizards and magic than basketball and sports, but I am bias

  28. I like both lol. I would of been more excited for Micheal Jordan then LeBron. Gandalf over everyone for life tho

  29. How do you do just the normal jab down air combo mine never says hit stun combo

  30. Wouldn’t he be too small to fight? I think he would be an awesome ringout

  31. Just lie it’s fine they just do that so parents can’t complain

  32. How many seconds pure fire blasting to your face does it take to just let it fall out of your mouth

  33. I assume pain makes you clench

  34. The "official", apparently oblivious to the fact someone's probably injured, just casually sauntering over with his measuring tape. 🤣

  35. The girl looked like she deflected it pretty well, slanted off her forearm and dropped her knees with the impact. Better form than the thrower for sure 10/10

  36. Lucky for her she also had a tactical bin? I am not sure what that container is but it seems to have tanked the majority of the force.

  37. Looks like a speaker to me, yeah definitely helped

  38. Wait so people that have an inner monologue, do you consciously "sound out" every word and sentence in your head like narration? I guess I'm almost entirely visual and reactions to things are done more through feeling. I always wondered if that's why my communication skills seemed worse than others.

  39. I sound out everything like in speaking voice inflection and everything. Makes me a slow reader

  40. Steven is first a support, which I usually end up playing in any game. He dosnt feel much like a support here, just a follow up kill character with big potential to be a damage dealer if I pick my fights well. Secondly he has a shield. I have a big love for shields. It’s my absolute favorite first choice for a weapon. I could play Wonder Woman, but I can play much more versatile with Steven I’ve come to learn. I don’t much intend on playing anyone else. In smash, i main little Mac and Isabelle. He feels similar to Isabelle and it was almost a seamless transition in terms of playstyle.

  41. So how do you do his combos I can’t figure out who to get the jab jab down air going to where they can’t dodge out

  42. His jabs are horrendous in terms of hitbox. I only really use them if we’re both right there next to a horizontal platform shield. I like to open with down air/down special then a neutral air into a up air or an up special and just keep that loop going. If you’re near a platform shield you can improvise that combo and sorta throw them in the direction where it is for easy hitstun/rose stacks. His neutral special can hit at the same time as another move, a good finisher or follow up imo. His neutral air is amazing for damage, I find myself racking up a lot of damage by just poking in and out with it. You don’t even have to charge it all that much for easy 10-20 damage per. Once you get comfortable with a damage loop it slowly gets easier to not have them dodge out of it.

  43. 3 months is ridiculous, with that high of volume why aren’t you using a bigger company?

  44. Just play Steven universe and send them back

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