1. the sd card has to be 6 or 8 gb. I put it in and putz around on it, tried to play music that wasn't there, reset the list, etc... (I also took a picture and made a voice recording idk)

  2. He could be a wizard and everyone would just be like "Yeah, sure, yer a wizard Harry"

  3. Except conservative media who would be like WE KNEW IT! SKIRTS ON MEN LEAD TO THE OCCULT! WE KNEW IT ALL ALONG!

  4. Totally unrelated: “Body count” is such a weird phrase to me. I picture you finish doinking someone and then ur sex partner just dies immediately. Surely there is a better phrase, somehwere

  5. I like thinking that everyone is kinky and the choking gets out of hand but they both finish so yeah you're basically a black widow but the partners all die happy Or it's so good they get a heart attack xDD

  6. Oh my god. All of this!!! Kudos to you for learning to speak up...I need to learn this. But first I need to learn that I can trust my "safe" people.

  7. I think go to your VERY safest person and kind of bring up that you have the insecurity lightly to see how they respond about it. If they respond with concern you could maybe go a little deeper about it but MOSTLY you wanna ask "hey... Do... Do you think that if I feel that way I could just.... Ask?....that way I could just have an answer and stop worrying! Would that bug you or anything?" If you're still worried you can always add on that they can let you know if it becomes too much.

  8. You are beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to write all this (and not getting 3/4 of the way through, then wondering if you were going overboard, and deleting all of your wonderful words..totally me 😝). This really is helpful, and I know that when I have done these things in the past, it's been helpful. I always have that fear that people are going to use my self-confessed "weaknesses" against me at some point, due to a shitty marriage where my person who I'd shared my every vulnerability with eventually turned and used my "neurosis" as a way of invalidating anything I said that he didn't agree with (or want to admit to). Trusting other people to be decent and gentle with my vulnerable feelings is super hard now.

  9. Sometimes I need to be alone, sometimes I need body doubling it depends on how I'm doing mentally more than anything. But at my parents house I ONLY get anything done when they leave

  10. You look like such a sweet person! If I saw you in person I would be intimidated because you're definitely too cool for me but also I would really wanna be your friend cause LOOK AT YOU. The ducks say everything really! Where is the second picture? It looks like you're adventuring?

  11. I think make sure that youve taken a minute to learn from the last relationship but also to get kinda centered with yourself. If you feel like you want a relationship to feel loved and wanted maybe take a second to figure out what you want from the relationship so that you can be seeking those things and not jumping at the first thing which winds up being comfortable but not a great match

  12. If you're going in for your AA just think if all the money you're saving, you can always reapply! Recovering from COVID means you should be safe for a bit~ You have such a pleasent face but I can't put my finger on why Do you curl your hair or is in naturally like that? Because damn, it's so pretty

  13. I'm sorry I don't know what an AA is! My hair is curled like this, naturally its at that 'not quite wavy and not quite straight' state

  14. Oh, are you outside of America? Idk how school works elsewhere to comment. Usually there's a first 2 years that's a lot of basic knowledge (depending on the degree) and then the second two years is when you really do your major for your bachelors

  15. Also, I know this will sound weird but you have really nice hands(I'm learning how to draw hands rn so they're on my mind)

  16. The suit is NOT a bit much! The colours are nice, the silk is nice. If anything you should be MORE extra and have the best fitted if anything xDD you look sharp af

  17. I suck at scales but as a demi person you're someone I would make a point of talking to you to give you a solid chance ;3

  18. Unless she's done it for men before you, right? And if it works so well why hasn't she been wifed before if she's seen anyone else

  19. Uhmmmm I DO forget to pay rent. Thanks ADHD. I make a point of paying ahead because I know this is a failing. 0/10 come back on his part to be like "what if I also had ADHD symptoms?" It would suck just like forgetting a Mother's day gift sucks. Just like forgetting to make a drs appt for months sucks... I'm sure someone else explained the mechanisms of why but we always live in "now" and later isn't actually real to us. If it's later it's basically 2 months away and not a concern yet but oops 2 months away is tomorrow or today how did that happen.

  20. This feels like exactly what I experience although I haven't been diagnosed with PTSD, only ADHD. It's just a constant cycle of stress and disassociation that becomes really hard to get out of, it's terrible.

  21. It is really terrible, I'm sorry you go through it(。•́︿•̀。)

  22. I guess maybe I should reword it to ADHD and dissociation.. just usually dissociation is learned through trauma so diagnosed or not I figured PTSD would be a pretty catch-all net

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