1. Comic Sans at least is more legible for dyslexic people. This font is legible for no one.

  2. I just can’t believe we live in a world where comic sans is the better option

  3. Haha no actual money! It’s just a little game we play when someone returns a belt bag. Last time I had 7 minutes on the dot LOL

  4. Lmao! Last time we got a white opal one in stock (Toronto) one of our educators held it above his head and put a timer on his phone to see how long it would last

  5. Depends on the type of camping! Backpacking/tent/trailer. I usually bring wunder trains, track that’s, ebb to street tanks and crops, and scuba hoodies for at night. If it’s somewhere cold I take scuba joggers or ready to fleece joggers. And a visor, always a visor! Edit! And a Fanny pack: I used to take my small Fanny pack but now I’m all about the clean lines one since it can hold more.

  6. Tent camping! Ouu a visor, very smart! I was thinking a bucket hat but I am definitely on board with visors

  7. It’s giving early 2000’s heroin chic and I’m not about it

  8. my store just got our first (and only?) shipment of pride items yesterday on the 2nd to last day of pride month so i'm going to guess it goes on md eventually with a decent amount of stock lol

  9. The price collab was intended to come out at the beginning of the month but just yesterday they finally told us why we never got it…80% of the items got damaged so the inventory they DO have is very slim. (They did not tell us how they were damaged but apparently it was bad)

  10. Improved from 163 to 175 on PT’s in about 8 weeks. Just took the June LSAT so waiting to get a real score

  11. That’s awesome! Good for you, hopefully your score is what you’re hoping for!

  12. I think I definitely struggled with that as well. I was studying 5-6 hours per day prior to writing in April and I don’t think the quality of study was there at all. But since I spent so many hours and for so long studying, I’m worried that if I sign up for august I won’t improve the way I need too.

  13. For my first shift I went simple with align shorts (6”) and black all yours tee! If it’s cooler though, you can’t go wrong with a matching sweatsuit! My second day I wore scuba joggers HCULG and matching oversized half zip :)

  14. i’m going with a black swiftly ls and dark grey patterned aligns :) i’m sad bc the large order i placed with a bunch of new leggings and tops is being delivered today after i leave for work 😭 i’m excited and nervous! i feel like i don’t know anything haha

  15. Sounds super cute and comfy! Don’t worry about it. You’re going to do great, ask lots of questions and just be open about being new! If a guest asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, it’s completely okay to say “hey actually todays my first day here so let me go grab someone who can help us both out”.

  16. Reading it, it sort of made me laugh because it sounded like stuff from an anime fanfic, you know? Like the kind you read and you think it's a bit much? The difference is that that is totally fictional. This is real.

  17. Could you point me in the direction of where to find it to read?

  18. I could spot the uoft zoology building from a mile away (gang gang)

  19. The worst part I think is that she’s done like 2 or 3 tik toks of herself and she is so clearly uncomfortable being on camera yet forces it in her toddlers face all day long….like as a parent if something makes you uncomfy would you not assume your child might be uncomfy too and thus try to minimize ?? Make it make sense jaqueline

  20. Planning and packing for my upcoming move (upcoming = 90 days away lol). We have spreadsheets, sticky notes, labelled bins, packed boxes, rationed cleaning supplies, all of it.

  21. I got a pair of WT shorts back with this hem. I know it’s not the worst hem job, but the pattern threw me off. The thread colour on the inside doesn’t match though it’s less of an issue since it’s not visible. I inquired in-store if this was normal, and the response I got was that, yes, because it’s a third-party seamstress, the stitching may not match lululemon’s exactly.

  22. I get all my stuff done at Lulu on queen st! They’ve always used the proper stitch, although be warned they sometimes have upwards of 5 day wait times to get your item back.

  23. I know she has a lot of her quilting things saved as momento’s, I’ll ask if she still has it!

  24. You know what’s so funny, I never quite realized it had that diamond mosaic pattern until I took these pics! And it lays on my bed like this quite often, hah!

  25. Apple pie (sliced apple cooked with a bit of butter, sprinkle of monk fruit sweetener, cinnamon), put it on a plate and top with whipped cream; tastes like apple pie. A piece of dark chocolate (also good hormonal food).

  26. Bonus for convenience: cut apple into cubes, slap that bad boy in the microwave with cinnamon and a teeny bit of butter for about a minute. Done.

  27. Right, but the "decent" Christians don't do a sufficient job of policing their movement, so to Canadians who are neither Christian nor LGBTQ the perception is that Christianity is against LGBTQ people. If you want to not be lumped in with those bastards, then folks like you need to be actively countering them. As much as I appreciate your comment, until the local pastors decide to take their flocks to Yonge & Dundas to shame and drown out those pieces of shit the wider Christian movement will be seen with the same disdain we have for the street preachers. You're basically letting the crazies speak for you by not speaking against them with every bit as much force and volume as they use. That guy is on that street corner besmirching your movement and your saviour's message to thousands of people every single day and generally speaking your brothers in Christ are silent about it.

  28. Silver blue, strawberry milkshake, JAVA!!!, raspberry cream are all soooooooo good

  29. I saw the NWT and RAN to the site for Miami pink (fully support keeping things new until you need them) but now I am sad haha!

  30. I feel like if you’re not motivated with the test being literally next week, pushing it until June isn’t going to do it for you either. At least for me that would be the case, the way I see it is if I TRULY wanted to do better = motivation in itself.

  31. Right. I just meant that because I have a few resources, my head is spinning. I need to narrow my focus a bit. I didn’t know which of those resources would be best.

  32. Start with 7sage or trainer. I started with powerscore and didn’t capture anything the books were saying because I needed a better foundational understanding of the test as a whole. Then, if you feel like you need something to fill in the gaps, refer to powerscore.

  33. It’s a reading comprehension test. Forget about the question types. Focus on reading critically and making predications. You should be able to predict the question type before you even read it by reading the passage carefully.

  34. Upfront that sounds very daunting but I will definitely give it a go!

  35. I'll add make sure they're regulation lacrosse balls. I ordered some from Amazon for actual lacrosse and they came as these weird squshy things roughly the size of a lax ball but not even close to the hardness

  36. Oh dang! The squishy balls are training balls, meant to help with stick skills. If you still have them, I bet your local college (if it has a womens team) or young girls league would LOVE if you donated them to their team!

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