1. Shh! You're not supposed to say the quiet part out loud!

  2. Looks like someone doesn't know about the baguette button and also cant spell it

  3. Glad he's leaving, maybe he can leave public office too while he's at it.

  4. Maybe your high vis wasnt high enough.

  5. I don't want to skew the results because I'm not in NY but these seem like a viable solution that saves concrete (and therefore cost). Still not going to stop someone determined to park in the bike lane though.

  6. The difference is that it goes between two dense, walkable areas. If you take the Metrorail out to the suburbs, you need a car. But for a tourist taking the Brightline from Orlando, a Metromover stop in Miami Beach is exactly what they need.

  7. That is a great point, you've changed my mind about it being useless.

  8. Good job, the US is too sparsely populated and large for an interconnected system like China or Japan. I don't know how'd they'd convince all those Texan farmers to give up their land though.

  9. This is NOT true. We can support it and it would benefit millions, but cities across the country also have to also become less car centric and provide better local transit connections.

  10. If you sit and stare at it for a while can you actually see it grow?

  11. What an interesting and unique way to display the map! This looks like it’d be a great asset.

  12. Wouldn’t want all the young minds to learn that equal (women’s) rights and a better life can exist outside of the sharia law.

  13. Yes Ukraine wants to usw a Dirty Bomb on their own land, yes mhmmh...

  14. Scorched earth tactics for when the Russians begin the long awaited winter offensive.

  15. Of the original 900 parking spaces removed, 500 spaces are being constructed.

  16. See Orlando is progressive in urban planning!

  17. Going to be one very long winter if these come under attack…

  18. This is following up on an earlier post about the Republican 2023 budget plan. Read the whole thing (it’s so fucking bad). This was just thrown in at the very end of it after lots of other proposals to eliminate all funding for ANY alternative besides highways. Literally why? No reasoning given, nothing. How exactly does this help the American people?

  19. Brandon = bad so anything he supports we must do the opposite of

  20. Well no shit they have to train the Russians on how to use their hardware. Iranian government isnt an ally of the west.

  21. Yeah title is misleading, they are there to train Russians not to fight.

  22. M’goodwarrior with sound:

  23. Even better with sound. Someone get this man some tendies stat!

  24. Not even free… Phil, you deserve so much more.

  25. This but planters. Having a few flowers on every sign could be beautiful if done throughout a city.

  26. isn't that a little small to grow anything? or it would require a lot of watering.

  27. Yes it would definitely need to be a bit bigger but the same concept could easily be adapted

  28. Yeah $49 to travel the country is great, I paid over $70 for a monthly pass in the past that was only good to get around in the inner city and the one zone I lived in… The new pass certainly doesn’t solve all the problems of the underlying system but it is a great start.

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