1. Being from around Norfolk (VA) and died at the bit of just pronouncing it

  2. Maybe show pictures with friends? Or pictures where someone else is taking them? Sometimes I get freaked out when a guy just has pictures alone because it makes me think they don’t have friends

  3. Read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, got a therapist, learned to be happy on my own, learn my self worth and that I don’t need someone to complete me - I’m already a whole person.

  4. Noella. Annoys me to no end and so obnoxious but I cannot look away

  5. I will be honest, it wasn’t my attention to get “hotter” but I made an effort to eat healthier and work out a lot more this past year and have subsequently lost a lot of weight and toned up. I was chubby and pretty enough but ever since I’ve gotten more fit my experience on the dating apps has changed a lot. I have a lot more likes and I’m matched with more people I’m attracted to as well.

  6. At this point I haven’t met anyone worth my time. I’m on the apps and I’m part of a rec volleyball league… not sure what else to do

  7. They stopped putting effort into the friendship and I got tired of carrying 90% of the the burden of connection.

  8. This. When I realized for the past year the only time we did anything is when I planned it or reached out to them. I decided I was going to stop being the first and then I never heard for them.

  9. I haven't read the books in years and I'm honestly just excited this world is getting some attention and hype. It seems enjoyable to see these characters come to life.

  10. I had to unlearn what I was taught to want (marriage, kids, etc.) And learn what I want because I want it not because I was told that's what I should do

  11. Currently doing that now, it's great. He's in the moment, not concerned about what other people are doing or keeping up with appearances

  12. Off topic but you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen omds

  13. Them lashes! I was thinking the same!

  14. Would love to meet up late Thursday or sometime Friday!

  15. I am with you on this so completely. I broke up with my fiancé 2 years ago after realizing I was not happy. I've spent the last 2 years working on myself, growing, and truly loving who I am for the first time. Even though I'm happy with my life I still get sad and lonely sometimes. I'm almost 30 and want a family. I try to let myself feel these emotions and then tell myself to remain open to life's possibilities and be open. Just sending support to say you're not alone.

  16. I'm pretty sure there are hockey leagues at the rinks in the area you could join!

  17. Yeah I waited in line for 10 minute and they're sold out

  18. This woman once compared a teenage girl who’s had premarital sex as chewed up bubble gum. She then switched the comparison to a pair of worn out shoes. Shit you not.

  19. I was told told you are terribly wrapped present and that your partner won't be excited to receive you

  20. I wear the elta md tinted sunscreen daily and leave it at that

  21. Like the other commenter said - What Was That Like.

  22. That episode was so fucking good, that man's outlook afterwards was incredibly powerful

  23. I also deleted my dating apps a few months ago. I realized I kept doing the same things expecting different results. I would try to engage in conversations, go out safely, and just didn't meet anyone who sparked anything with me. I don't know how dating will to out in the wild but it's very freeing and I feel relieved taking that pressure off of myself. I hope you find it better too.

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