1. Never made it this far into the movie. This somewhere around the two hour mark?

  2. Kinda weird it wasn’t just Gabara, but I do like the idea of these “stem Kaiju” that look like they could evolve and branch off into other Kaiju, obviously Salunga being mostly Baragon and Gabara (maybe kong with the ape like energy? Or maybe that’s a stretch idk). If Baragon and Gabara show up in later seasons and it’s explained that they are both descended from Salunga I will appreciate that a lot. And Salunga is just pretty cool in general so I like it

  3. Salunga was actually based on a monkey. Originally his concept design was going to be more monkey like, but the director came up with adding Gabara and Baragon elements to the design

  4. He kind of appeared in Godzilla Singular Point

  5. Maybe you should give it a shot

  6. It's Excellent in my opinion, you should watch it.

  7. After what Netflix did to Castlevania and Saint Seiya I decided to never watch anime produced by them.

  8. Godzilla Singular Point is actually a great show if you give it the chance to watch. It's definitely for G Fans, so if you're a fan of Godzilla I think you will enjoy it

  9. I liked the design a lot, but like pretty much every other creature in the show, it was so small that it kind of stretched the definition of Kaiju.

  10. Kaiju means Strange Beast in Japan. So it still qualifys

  11. They were protecting thier nest

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