A man invades the pitch at the World Cup in Qatar with a shirt reading "Save Ukraine" and a rainbow flag during Portugal vs Uruguay

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  1. Ugh. It sounds like you have one hell of a row to hoe. Not fun. Being absolutely alone is not sustainable for a lot of people.

  2. Yes. This past year has been emotionally hell for me. Had several daily panic attacks, ER visits, on top of just dealing with emotional issues that have occurred due to pre-existing problems. I was traumatized several times this year, whilst dealing with pre-existing depression.

  3. Well please take a sitting ovation from an anonymous redditor for getting through each day or even each 15 minute segment of time. Just existing for you right now sounds worthy of applause . . . . also huge kudos for trying to get a driver's license, working on debt and going to the ER when you needed help . . . . none of this may fix things for you but your efforts are a testament to your integrity and strength as a person.

  4. Well, you’re lucky. You got to be hot and desired. I will never have that and even if I got surgery I’d be too old but the time I could afford it. By then I wouldn’t be wanted anyways because I’m old.

  5. It certainly was an ego trip but I can't say it brought me much happiness.

  6. Being at the very least pleasant looking serves to help your career so certainly not. Thank you though.

  7. Sigh. I do believe that looks affect so much. It really does suck. It isn't fair nor right.

  8. I'm not drinking with you tonight.

  9. I'm so so sorry. This hurts to have someone die and continue living. It really is like being in a relationship with an addict. The substance/conspiracy becomes their main love and there is no competing with it.

  10. I quit over 4 years ago. I was an every evening drinker of wine. It was what I looked forward to every day and the amount I was drinking was slowly increasing. Then one night I was drinking with friends and passed out. I decided that was enough.

  11. I love this. I’m on day 3 and I feel the same. I might still be ok right now but this trajectory will turn tragic if I don’t stop now. IWNDWYT

  12. Grief when losing someone to a "disease of choice" like alcoholism is different. I would expect what you feel is a bit more complicated than losing a parent to cancer or something with no choice involved.

  13. Ugh. Sounds like things just suck beyond suck for you.

  14. Pace is italian for "peace". Very popular anti-war flag. It has nothing to do with lgbtq and predates the popular rainbow pride flag.

  15. He was released with no consequences !!

  16. Is there a link to the story as to why mom and baby were separated?

  17. Couldn’t find a link but the baby required breathing assistance and it took two days to stabilize it sufficient to return to the mother.

  18. Oh thanks. That fills in some of my questions.

  19. This is so dang hard. I always wonder what makes someone vulnerable to this sort of thing. I suppose we all are to a certain extent.

  20. What kind of stuff does he do to support those things?

  21. There is some information on him working in Ukraine with refugees.

  22. Thanks. Someone else mentioned it was the "pace" flag and I didn't understand what that meant.

  23. I can so see Empress Josephine drinking tea from this cup and saucer.

  24. I'd chat with you. Loneliness for so so many people is such a problem. Ugh.

  25. Yes, I am older and have often thought how absolutely lucky I am to live in this era. Being single is not belittled. When and where else in history have women been able to stay single, make their own money and still be a respected member of society?

  26. Well porn once a month seems like a lot to me. I hope you have non-sexual and meaningful IRL interactions with women too.

  27. Now we all jump for joy and celebrate her death!!! Because that's what this sub is about right? Celebrating and cheering about people dying? Do I have that right?

  28. Ugh. Not me but I do hope other people who are anti vax take heed and take precautions.

  29. Yes. Their deaths are necessary in that there is no way these people will believe that they need to get vaccinated. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent their deaths.

  30. I don’t quite have the same level of a negative outlook as others in this group, but I totally agree about some people never finding a partner. The whole “there’s someone out there for everyone” saying is far from true: a whole lotta people are gonna die alone, and I say this with no glee.

  31. Yes. Life sure can suck in many ways.

  32. It is so dang tough for men. The libido hits at 13-14 and then brains don't fully develop until 25 so its like there is all the hardware but the software isn't complete.

  33. As a past drinker I found other sober drinkers as the best help. They had been there and knew how hard it was.

  34. Yeah but the fashion and architectural choices clung on for a while longer particularly for that lady.

  35. I'm thinking this is a staged photo as the woman in the Edwardian outfit is so wildly out of date. It is possible she seriously wore this outfit but it is improbable.

  36. Considering that I saw beehive hairdos until the late 90s early 00s, and still see 80s big hair and bangs on occasion, I find it very probable that this is a legit photo.

  37. It is possible but still unlikely specially since the woman in the victorian outfit is pretty young. She would have not been born or have been just a teeny kid when this outfit was popular.

  38. Oh wow, I don't think I have ever seen this.

  39. I have to agree with you. I have cried everyday since the breakup happened and everything hurts. I will never understand how people go from loving someone one day and then all their feelings changing the next

  40. Yeah, and even if you did understand it would still hurt beyond hurt.

  41. Yeah, I’ve noticed. This is my first proper heartbreak and it was completely unexpected. I’ve been going for walks and keeping up with work just to keep myself busy and distracted because if I’m not doing something then it’s just me and my thoughts and it’s a horrible space to be in.

  42. Kudos to you. Each day you get through is a day closer to healing but it often doesn't feel that way. Sadly you can feel better one day and then it just sucks the next day. Up and down.

  43. Is it supposed to represent a character "Elaine" from a story or is Elaine the name of the sitter?

  44. Those first 14 days were not very fun for me. The first year was the hardest but it has gotten way easier as I am no longer in the habit of turning to wine for entertainment.

  45. I've always taken it as a badge of honor to get one but reporting it is probably a better idea.

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