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  1. They didn't buy shares they bought NAKED SHORTS. Doesn't matter if they buy and lend out. Thats all made up anyways. There are so many shorts that it would mean that every share has been lent out multiple times. Only suppose to be able to lend it out once but wall street does whatever it wants. if they need 20 million shares tomorrow to short tomorrow then there will be 20 million available. Its called CRIME.

  2. How’s selling at phone number prices paper handing? Just trying to prepare myself for MOASS

  3. Ignore them OP. Anyone who posts about selling (as if this is not an investment) get s the barrage of NO SELL NO CELL comments. I think some are just people that do not understand that MOASS will end and the price will come back down and the rest are people that are trying to convince everyone else not to sell so they get phone book numbers and leave the people who believed their BS holding the bag

  4. The fact that they are even allowed to vote their shares is CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. When your shares are loaned out you are not legally suppose to vote those shares and we all know that Institutions have all their shares loaned out MANY TIMES PER SHARE (which is also crime).

  5. Well if true Hopefully posts like this dont ALERT the perps and ruin RC efforts

  6. Institutions are most likely increasing their shares to help cover their shorts later. Which means they are really buying naked shares so it wont actually reduce the number of shorts if they use them to close or to sell to another financial firm to close out an actual short because now there is another short to replace it (naked share). So looks like they will be transferring the risk to market makers. Brokers and anyone else who is short would be stupid to not have bought up naked shares over the last two years and transfer all the risk to market makers

  7. How would institution selling give hedge funds enough to cover? And its not just hedge funds that have to cover. Market Makers have sold US (APES) and others probalby about 500% of the stock as NAKED SHARES which are SHORTS. Institutions do not have enough share to come even close to just covering the actual shorted shares let alone all the Naked Shares. The ONLY WAY for all the shorts to be covered is to buy most of OUR SHARES

  8. The thing is that none of these Institution should LEGALLY be allowed to vote their shares. When you loan out your shares your suppose to be able to vote them and we all know that every share Instutions own have been loaned out about 20 times each. The fact that they are still voting is just crime on top of crime

  9. Yes your are correct OP. Thats why you know the whole thing is a scam and cover up. If the government really wants to investigate and get someone they dont tell them "hey could you maybe look at your employees phones and let us know if you were doing anything illegal". This is just to get the word out to get rid of the phones and to make retail feel like something is actually being done

  10. If the media is saying then they are correct. If GME traded on fundamentals it would be about $500 a share without it being naked shorted like 1000%

  11. God Bless all of you still have faith in your government and DOJ. I have zero faith in them. It will be just like 2008. No one will get arrested and put in jail no matter how bad MOASS is. MOASS will be BLAMED on Retail. They will probably even try to put some of us in jail

  12. It really is insane that people believe this will happen. A post in the HOT section right now all excited about this. I mean how could anyone really think after all the crime these guys have committed that they are going to SELF REPORT themselves for something they have been doing wrong.

  13. Assuming the FBI is involved, they want to bust these people, they already have a mountain of evidence, and they aren't dumb:

  14. Our community most like owns triple the amount of real shares just have to get them to DRS and retail outside of reddit owns probably 300-400 percent more. The big thing is getting people to DRS. The real log jam is with retirements. If GME had Computershare host retirements the float would be locked next week

  15. Oh Looky Another Options PUSHING Post. BUY. DRS. HOLD

  16. The great thing about GME is that even without MOASS the stock is extremely undervalued. They have no debt, their expanding their market. They have a great chairman. So worst case scenario is that you get twenty - thirty times your investment in a couple years. So why would anyone sell this low no matter what they do

  17. Your math is correct. GME is most of retails only chance to ever be financially independent

  18. You witnessed the January PUMP to get everyone unafraid and throwing their money into the market. Now get ready for the February DUMP

  19. If this is happening,and i have no reason to doubt that it is, then its not just Kenny. He owns one MM. The market has many MM so if all orders are being internalized to keep market up then it is a coordinated criminal campaign ran by DTCC and SEC is FINE WITH IT. They are probably trying to convince the public and investment firms that market is going up and to invest then they Kenny and them will short it and dump it

  20. Do you know what FUD stands for? This is just ignorance, not FUD.

  21. I’d like to think that 99% of the people in this sub are aware that it was a stupid nonsensical thought and didn’t need it to be explained that SuperStonk cannot execute a hostile takeover.

  22. Whatever. If it is posted and I see I am responding. There are alot of new people and lurkers and something like that cant be left unchallenged

  23. Free speech still applies. The only difference is a private business can choose to not allow free speech. There either is or there isn’t. It’s not a gray area. If speech is moderated, curtailed, controlled, or forbidden, it’s not free speech. That’s fine, but then don’t hide behind twisted words, and legal speak pretending like free thoughts and speech are allowed. I think that’s the bigger issue.

  24. Who is hiding? I am all for Free Speech but I dont own reddit. Reddit can make their own rules because it is not the public square or government

  25. Free speech is free speech. You either are for it or against it. You either allow it, or you don’t. There isn’t a middle ground. I don’t disagree with your point that a private business can do what they want within the confines of the law they are allowed to operate within. But you can “moderate speech” and say it’s free speech. It is not. It’s really that simple, my point. Don’t hide behind legal speak and vague language and pretend you are some forum for people to speak and share ideas freely. Obviously it is not.

  26. well pretty much agree BUT its not as clear as "your either for it or against it". The Constitution protects FREE SPEECH as pertaining to the government. Can't apply that to private businesses or residents. Do you think it is ok (your for it) for someone to come into a business you own and just scream obscenties or whatever else they want and drive away your customers and put you out of business? If I own a business or your at my private residence you dont have a RIGHT to ruin my life or business just because you have free speech. Everyone has a right to free speech but they also have to accept the consequences of what they do or say

  27. I agree about the multiple posts but just because you dont add to the BOT does not mean you did not buy the shares. I have never added any to the bot and never will. Gamestop keeps track of it for us every quarter. I have no interest in a BOT tracking my shares and many that are posting the documentation probably do not realize that when they take a picture of their statement that a treasure trove of meta data is attached to that picture. Including exact gps of where the picture was taken. Yes I know reddit CLAIMS that they remove meta data but I do not trust Reddit. I am sure they probably sell that data to whoever wants it.

  28. Totally understand your point.

  29. Thanks. As far as apps removing the metadata I do not trust any app anymore. I just chose not to post to the bot. they are counted by gamestop each quarter so good enough for me

  30. OP if your family is only investing or not investing just because of what shitposts they read on here then they probably are not cut out for this. We all know the difference between DD and shitpost. And RC does try to communicate through his tweets. Could be one theory is right. Maybe none are but the FACT is that the stock is extremely over shorted and the company is booming and has no debt. If your family cant understand that then oh well

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