1. Nurse here. You need to call a doctor IMMEDIATELY and be put on something called PEP, post-exposure prophylaxis. Ideally it should be started within 72 hours after exposure. Your doctor should also do a full STD panel which will be too soon to detect HIV but can detect if he gave you anything else with a shortened incubation period. Your doctor or any other health care provider administering the test should let you know when to come back to be screened for HIV, likely after you complete the post exposure prophylactic drugs, so around a month and then likely again after 90 days (post exposure).

  2. If you are a nurse, you should know that if he is undetectable then he cannot transmit the virus. U=U . Stigma is EXACTLY why this guy hid his status. I don’t agree with his actions but the fact remains that if he is compliant with his meds and undetectable, he CANNOT TRANSMIT THE VIRUS

  3. Which toilet paper specifically? We just moved in to our home with septic. We use the single ply cottenelle but it's soft so I'm skeptical.

  4. Storage is definitely a big one. Our starter home had neither linen closet nor bathroom shelving. Our towels were homeless for five years. Big lesson learned when we bought our forever home last year.

  5. I would add to the basement bit to check the water table in the area. It is high in my area, I knew it since I grew up here. But my new neighbor moved into a flip with a finished basement and so of course when Ida struck, he had major flood damage

  6. My peke has aggression issues. She does not get bed privileges because I want to wake up in the morning, alive 🤣

  7. My amazon really seemed to enjoy watching the World Cup matches. He got particularly excited when the French played

  8. Asshole. I always ended up keeping the AH dogs no one else wanted so it became a joke in our group. 😁

  9. Are you me?! Hahaha! I currently have 2 chis, 1 chi mix, a peke, and a husky mix. They all have issues/no one wanted to adopt them

  10. I got most of these dogs at the beginning of COVID, except for my 2, when everyone was adopting because of quarantine. I had enough rescue experience to know that was going to end up with a lot of returned dogs when people went back to work so I didn't push for them to find homes, especially since I knew we were retiring. When the pounds and rescues all got filled up the following year, I knew I'd made the right decision for these guys. 4 of them are over the age of 9 and the brother and sister are about 4. They all come from traumatic backgrounds and I just thought it was best to go from a rescue to a sanctuary for these guys. I stopped saying I have 2 dogs and 4 fosters last year and finally admitted I have 6! If your house is anything like mine, the big dog gets pushed around by the Chihuahuas:).

  11. Actually, the husky is in charge, which is excellent because the littles are terrible decision-makers!

  12. If you use plastic bowls, those can irritate the skin of sensitive pets due to the harboring of bacteria. Stainless steel is a great alternative

  13. Yessssss I was right, too! He has the face that my peke gets when she’s ready to cut you 😂

  14. I referenced this so much whenever i drop something at work. Nobody gets the reference and it makes me sad

  15. oh my GOD i thought you were typing as if you were using that fucked up keybord and i was trying to figure out what LOIO meant LMFAO

  16. In real life, how many people are going to realize they have HIV and begin treatment in a quick enough timeframe to (theoretically) allow a cure?

  17. This is the only sub where an OP is regularly reported to Reddit care. It’s almost like…it’s this defense mechanism by mouth breathers against people who don’t take misogynistic crap. But wait, that can’t be it…/s

  18. As someone who has been in rescue, there are many dogs labeled as “lab” or “bulldog” etc bc people freak out of you say “am staff” or “pittie”. Same dog, same sweet disposition 🤷‍♀️

  19. Oh man, I wish I had your bird! I love my Amazon but he can be so loud and screamy

  20. I’m sorry, that’s super frustrating. I don’t have any good suggestions, though I do like the cactus fence.

  21. We shave our cat in the summer, his personality changes to so much friendlier its strange.

  22. Mine too!!! It’s weird af. I thought it was just her but not

  23. I have lifeproof in my kitchen and I love it. 5 dogs including incontinent seniors.

  24. It's more convenient, but it's not cheaper than just driving ourselves. I'll see if there are any non-Uber options that come down this far south.

  25. You might want to check a local FB group and see if anyone has recommendations for a local driver. I know in my area, there are some people who do this sort of thing

  26. Idk if you are intentionally misquoting that song or not…but Frankie is very cute

  27. Looking at a night heron and seeing a giant nuthatch is blowing my mind right now. I’ll never unsee it.

  28. I keep picturing this big version upside down on a tree trunk 😆

  29. Keep him tethered to you inside so that he can’t sneak away and go pee/poop. When he does go outside, shower him with treats and positive feedback. Also, you could try a belly band on him. If he pees, he will tend not to like the wet feeling and after a week or more, will be disinclined to pee on himself

  30. So, I didn't see anything mentioning disabled household members but it looks like my 75k is over what they allow for a family of 5. Darn.

  31. That’s…well. Anyway. If you aren’t a lot over, you could theoretically ask your company to lower your salary but give you more vacation time and then you could qualify?

  32. If you're in a rural area, there's a close to 100% likelihood there's a farmer with an excavator attachment who does odd jobs. Different set of issues if the city's roads have to be dug up and repaired.

  33. Yes, I got some local guy to dig out my front yard for the septic system testing. Way cheaper than if I had some company do it

  34. I feel like this goes deeper than just “I feel emasculated and my wife isn’t attractive to me anymore”. Which is why therapy is a great idea.

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