Oh no! Abort, ab- oh wait.

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  1. Nah, a quick google yields tons of results for racist comments you've made. Hope you learn to overcome... your h8.

  2. N8 is not racist. He’s very much against racism

  3. "He's so against racism that he uses racism to defeate racism"

  4. The “white smell like marbles” is a long since meme from when we all modded FragleWhiteRedditor . Marbles smell of nowt. It’s not racism. It’s poking fun out of racist logic.

  5. All posts on WPT are auto kocked today. Maybe post on

  6. You’d think he’d understand how it feel when people are bigoted towards you for no fault of your own and not be this way to another marginised group.

  7. They only care about freedom when it suits their agenda and they think we’re stupid.

  8. Oh God there's more tapes? I'm already a solid 8 on the Mohs scale

  9. ...but wait. There's more! Abortion is now immediately illegal in 17 states. Some even in cases of rape and incest. Texas may even let the mother die rather than let her have one.

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