1. Best slacker backstage. They'd just give it to a random cast/crew member as a prank.

  2. Honestly I think Toy Chica without the beak isn't very intimidating at all. I think that Withered Chica standing over the desk is scarier. Just the unhinged lower jaw, the terrifying wide eyes, and the way she towers over you

  3. Right decision. The Doctor is married to River. Only kiss I can see the Doctor doing is a scandalous in-the-moment kind of kiss or one being forced upon them or if it's life-saving or something. The only real kiss would and should be with River. She's their wife.

  4. changing the base doesnt matter. all default performance stats are determined by the total number of bricks you have which highlights the weight class it sits in. simply using a different chassis wont add stability if the car itself uses the same number of bricks. all vehicles in the same weight class have the exact same stats. therefore you would have to significantly modify the weight if you want performance to change. additionally, make sure you properly utilize perks and loadouts to modify your vehicle performance directly. if your build is too unstable, then use a perk and change your loadout bonuses to give your car more handling.

  5. I meant like there were too many bricks on the top and I used a tiny base, so I wanted a bigger and wider base so it would balance out more

  6. Enter edit mode on the vehicle you want, then enter group mode. Select all and save as group.. it will ask you to name the group. Exit edit mode for that vehicle and go to create a new vehicle.. select the base you want. Lay down 5-6 2x1x3 on top of each other, then cycle through the brick selection until you get to the ⭐️which is called ‘palette’ you will find your saved groups in there.. select the group you just made and place it on the bricks you just placed so you have it elevated.. now go back to ‘group’ mode, press select all then press ungroup.. this step is important otherwise it will not let you edit individual pieces on the group you made! Now head back to the edit and you will now be able to edit as you see fit. Then you can remove the bricks you originally placed to elevate the group then you can lower your edited creation to fix it to the base. I hope this all makes sense and help

  7. Have a relaxing day, and then graduate tomorrow

  8. I'm tired of the top composer islands. They're nothing but Gravity Falls themes, He's a Pirate, Alan Walker songs (specifically Spectre and Faded 🤮), and more Gravity Falls, to name a few

  9. The only good Werdo is Tawkerr. I still don't prefer to use him though.

  10. You dodging in this raid makes me so mad (not at you, at Niantic) for not telling us about it. I've known how to do it for probably a month, and I've been playing since 2021. Is this a new feature or what?

  11. Don't even need the rest of the Pokémon. Swellow solos all of the lions

  12. Uhh, I don’t see no Swellow bro

  13. Kris: "It's over, Queen. This is my Delta Rune."

  14. I'd say Nightmare. First time I saw it my heart sank. Sure, it's cheap, and it definitely loses its scariness the more you see it, but the first couple times are just terrifying. It subverts the expectations of a big loud jump.

  15. Swellow is way too underappreciated and should be in more games than just the Hoenn games and kind of Sinnoh. At least make it transferrable from Home in the other games.

  16. Ghazt or Jeode or Reedling. All are precious

  17. Ghazt or Jeode or Reedling. All are precious

  18. My Swellow would easily solo a trillion lions

  19. That's what I'm saying! James Corden was actually good in Doctor Who. I despise all his other works that I've seen with a passion, but his performance was awesome in DW. I didn't groan at any of the jokes. Can't say that for his role in the Emoji Movie, Trolls, Peter Rabbit, etc.

  20. Ragtime. We could offer up Will Conklin as bait and Edgar can use his clairvoyance to predict what the kidnapper(s) will do.

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