Dog offers its favorite toy to the baby

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  1. I used to have a considerate neighbor with a loud Harley. He would push it out of his garage and start it once he was closer to the street. When Coming home he would idle in at low rpm.

  2. All my investments are in assisted living and hospice care REITS — I’ll never financially recover from this!

  3. Is it profitable to drive a Tesla for Uber? I feel like some voodoo accounting is required to make this a worthwhile endeavor.

  4. Hi OP, in some states your uninsured / underinsured motorist will provide coverage in the event that you’re a pedestrian struck by a vehicle.

  5. I do live in a college town. I work at a college. I only see Teslas in the faculty parking.

  6. Take a gander where the F1 students park their cars.

  7. I notice you’re still saying out loud that the number one cause of death for children is from guns. The references from the PhDs on your side state otherwise. Have you read them? They’re at the bottom of your article.

  8. This country charges 10 year olds as adults. See (

  9. Because debit cards are like cash and don't charge interest. Credit cards are like you borrowing money to pay for something, and usually have high interest rates.

  10. Unless you’re running a balance you’ll never pay interest on credit card purchases. You get a free 30+ day float, points, and way more purchase protection if the card is compromised or if there is an issue with the product or service you purchased.

  11. Have you considered a high end Heidelberg press with some plates the US Mint lost?

  12. Maybe Guardia and Securitas will diversify into K-12. I can see it now — BYOD policy combined with a BYOG (bring your own gun) and BYOA (bring your own armor) policy while being classified as 1099.

  13. Return an unboxed LeapFrog to Kohls — you’ll be fine.

  14. Why can’t every guarantor be on the lease application / lease?

  15. The IC requires only one guarantor. They only want to deal with one person in the event of default and can mandate that due to their monopoly on rental properties in the area.

  16. Very little can go wrong with those cars — had one during college. The same power plant is used in the Solara of the same vintage and sometimes deals can be found on those.

  17. I don't think it's going to be a big issue. I figure assisted suicide is going to be fairly normalized within the next few years.

  18. But think of the massive industry that exists keeping the dead alive! Old people have so much life and suffering that we can monetize! If we let them die we’re basically losing out on years of profit!

  19. They didn’t like his Arms Limitations Inspection with Jack Ryan.

  20. Except you’re not right. Articles and even legitimate statistics are skewed for three reasons.

  21. Insurance companies generally like making money. However, even insurance companies have determined that no premium amount can cover their potential exposure from an insured’s pit bull.

  22. Unfaithful, Richard Gere beats a man to death with a snow globe, rolls his body up in a carpet, loads him into the trunk of his S-Class, and dumps his body at a landfill.

  23. PSA: You'll stop faster without engaging ABS generally speaking.

  24. Do you have a source for this? I remember threshold braking being discouraged because the newer ABS systems generally perform better than a human trying to threshold brake during a panic stop.

  25. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

  26. So is a grocery store, but managers can still kick people who are making a scene out of their store, can't they?

  27. When did Costco become public property? I want my fucking membership fees back!

  28. Burn all the math books and eventually you’ll get the Pythagorean theorem back — not sure the same happens if we burn all these religious texts.

  29. Pigs being slaughtered. Play this continuously:

  30. After pooping, hoist yourself over the sink and use it as a makeshift bidet. After seeing how clean you are, order a bidet from Amazon.

  31. Xenoblade is great — some people recommend jumping to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a sequel is planned for later this year.

  32. For anyone that would like to sign up to foster or adopt him here is his animal shelter profile page:

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