As Ohio restricts abortions, 10-year-old girl travels to Indiana for procedure

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Megathread: Roe V. Wade has been overturned which means House Bill 1280 will take affect in 30 days banning all abortions in the state of Texas unless the woman's life in danger.

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  1. What's your point? If there's a point at which a fetus becomes a moral patient deserving of legal protection, that point happens when it happens; it's not just going to wait around until whenever it's most convenient. How long it takes to recognize a pregnancy and schedule an abortion is irrelevant to the question of when abortion should be allowed.

  2. Point being that a 6 week cutoff is completely fucked. As the previous person stated normal people aren't going to realize they're pregnant until that point. Let alone victims of rape, children especially.

  3. That's assuming that a 6-week embryo is not deserving of protection. If a woman doesn't discover her pregnancy until 7 or 8 months, is it "fucked" to say she can't kill that kid?

  4. No one outside of medical emergencies is getting an abortion in the third trimester.

  5. Y’all hair gets darker as you age. That’s what happened with Vi’s hair.

  6. Wow, it's almost like rational people find it fucked up that you would force a 10 year old to live with the consequences of some other piece of shit's actions.

  7. It was foolish to approve this post and let it fester. It is not directly relevant to the game and the defining tone is anti-tolerance. It is an isolated paragraph that OP uses to forward their backwards views. You are supporting those views by allowing them to permeate the highest levels of exposure this subreddit can offer.

  8. Dystopian worlds aren’t pleasant to inhabit, we don’t want to live in these worlds because the average existence is abhorrent. What you’re saying is akin to ‘video games cause mass shootings’. People are smart enough to separate the fictional from the nonfictional. I’m committing genocide in Elden Ring and enforcing the subjugation of lesser races. However I am not a nazi because I am killing Albinaurics for runes.

  9. Have you looked up to see what that specific union is doing/lobbying for beyond the fund?

  10. POV: your homophobic tendencies are wanting to act up

  11. I mean if you compare gears of war 1-3 to any of the new GEARS, not of war. No one likes them besides new players. The gears of war made by epic labeled a brand that brought a lot to Xbox, the new gears made by coalition brought nothing to Xbox.

  12. Am a Gears vet who bought the 360 specifically because of the Mad World ad for the first game. I like the new ones as much as the old.

  13. Opinions are opinions. It just feels so cheap and cringe

  14. It may shock you to learn that many thought Gears 1-3s writing was also cheap and cringe.

  15. Yes, Riot didnt give any answer. But the creators of Arcane wants the story to be different and "authentic", meaning it will be either different or improved of the current League's lore which can be found on the universe section of their official site.

  16. That's still not an answer to it being canon or not.

  17. But thats not my point, my point here is that it is not canon to the current League's lore that can be found on their website. Arcane will become vastly different than the current Lore.

  18. Wasnt Caitlyn called Vi’s girlfriend a bunch of times already?

  19. Once by Jinx towards the end of episode 9. They aren’t really together yet, but Jinx, like the audience (most of them anyways), can clearly see Vi is attracted to Caitlyn.

  20. You freaks will blame anyone. Joe fd it up bad. Joe left the equipment. Joe is destroying our economy. Joe is a worthless puppet. Fools

  21. You'll call people who disagree with you freaks but you're too much of a coward to just say fuck? Got some issues to work out there.

  22. World policy by Ben chandler. Yeah. Looks exactly like joes shit show. Most importantly your 100% wrong about the 83 b in equipment. All functional. Try a little research before you spit stupidity

  23. Not really. It’s a shitshow Trump started and that Biden had to finish.

  24. Posting it the day after Roe V Wade got overturned.

  25. Whatever it is, it is still OP not reading the room particularly well.

  26. makes a stupid face and says something racist, homophobic and/or sexist

  27. Haha typical left left, calls factual information and logical consistency some kind of ISM. You people are running out of Nazi tricks, you Nazis gonna get anything new to try or???

  28. Idk, I just think putting on an “aunt Jemima” accent while going cross eyed and stating as a fact that black people are all alcoholics is racist.

  29. Find it funny that the writers/creators of the show are surprised at how many people actually walked away from the show thinking Silco was a good father.

  30. Oh god NOW it gets hard because all the remaining episodes are literally top tier... also I'm noticing that none of the end-of-act episodes are gone yet, says a lot about their impact.

  31. And those people are fucking morons on both accounts as what is "immoral" isn't fucking grounds for it being illegal, else interracial marriage and people of color having the same rights as whites wouldn't be a thing (by their fucked logic), and universal healthcare actually fucking works as nearly every other first world country uses it and has a far better healthcare system than the US.

  32. I been voting rep for decades and I never once in my life looked up whatever the fuck this is. I vote for the candidate, not the party, just tends to be reps because we have a two party system.

  33. The problem of oppressing people because you don't look at anything past the R next to a name.

  34. Every day this artist gets a step closer to drawing explicit nsfw.

  35. Looks like Vi and Cait will be vacationing overseas this year.

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