1. I do not use iCloud or iThings, so I cannot test it for you, but the first thing I would try is to set up the iCloud apps in Web Apps. Also, there is a Snap that purports to access iCloud apps from within Linux, but it appears to do the same thing as Web Apps.

  2. Do the new owners a favor by telling them the passwords have been removed and providing them instructions on how to set up a password. Passwords are a very important layer of security and protection.

  3. I highly recommend creating a separate, dedicated partition for Timeshift. 50GB should be adequate if you use the schedule I use - Monthly (Keep 1), Weekly (Keep 2), plus 1 Manual snapshot you create when you first install Linux Mint. The Manual Snapshot would be useful if you totally bork your system and you want/need to restore it to its original state.

  4. Take a look at the Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny. I have a couple of an earlier model (M710q), and I find them to be very solid machines. They came with Win10, but I have not found a Linux distro they did not like. You should be able to purchase a ThinkCentre Tiny today, and for a lot less than a Mintbox (when one is available). Consider donating part of the money you saved to the Linux Mint team and a FOSS project or two.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. Personally I've had nothing but bad experiences with Lenovo, not sure if it's due to Linux or just I'm not very lucky.

  6. I suspect it is a combination of bad luck and the wrong machine. You will have a much better experience if you stick with its business and enterprise systems. Most (all?) of the ThinkCentre Tiny machines fall into those classes.

  7. It would be helpful to know something meaningful about your system. Launch the System Info tool, click Upload system information, and wait for a termbin tab to open in your browser. Be patient, this can take several seconds. Post the url.

  8. When are charges coming is what I want to know.

  9. I would not be surprised if charges are never filed against Favre. His actions were unethical, immoral, and deplorable; however, as much as I hate to say it, I am not sure he did anything illegal or, if he did break the law, the crime could be prosecuted successfully.

  10. Try the newest FerenOS. That comes with Plasma by default. But if you want Mint KDE so bad then try an oldie, Linux Mint KDE 18. Yes, version 18. I got mine via free live DVD upon purchase of Linux Format magazine back in early 2018.

  11. This is very bad advice. LM 18.x has been out of support since April 2021. The repositories are closed, and it no longer receives any updates. The only safe way to run LM 18.x (or any OS that has reached EoL) is on an air-gapped machine. No internet access whatsoever.

  12. Open the file manager, right click on the .vcf file, and select Properties. Click the Open With tab, select the editor you want to use, and then click Set as Default.

  13. Did you run apt install -f to fix your broken packages?

  14. I do not see anything of vital importance. According to the Release Notes it is a Bug Fix to revert "focus behavior for new windows back to the content area instead of the address bar."

  15. How do you plan to deal with the DE? Linux Mint only supported Gnome and KDE in versions 1.0 to 4.0. Xfce was offered in v3.0, but not in 3.1 and 4.0. Cinnamon and MATE did not appear until 13.0.

  16. You do know the LM team dropped Gnome with v13.0, yes? If you get that far, the transition from Gnome 3 to Cinnamon or MATE is going to be bumpy.

  17. I assume you mean 19.3. It will install on your machine, but I do not see the point - the 19.x series hits EoL next April.

  18. I am pretty sure the reason it is not in the LMDE5 repositories is because the Debian Buster repositories were close to being frozen when Whatsapp for Linux was released. You will need to wait for Debian Bookworm to hit Stable and then for the LMDE development cycle to complete.

  19. Oh, thanks the explanation, didn't know that. That will be a long wait I'm afraid... I didn't know that an AppImage is available. I had better experience using that format than had with flatpak/snap.

  20. I could not get the AppImage to work. I edited my post.

  21. The first thing you need to do is to backup your personal files. Boot to a live session and use the Backup Tool to backup your files to cloud service or to removable media.

  22. Because you do not have to reinstall your os. And I have metered connection, so downloading ISOs....

  23. In essense, you took a perfectly good Xubuntu system and replaced it with a mixed distribution. What did you gain?

  24. I shared this with the Mississippi News Papers...They Need To Remind Him Of His Words!

  25. With the exception of Mississippi Today and Mississippi Free Press, I will wager the response will be ::crickets::

  26. You must remember this is Mississippi. I would not be surprised if he landed an Associate Professorship at USM ... teaching a class on Ethics and the Law.

  27. Why anyone would not supervise their kids in Jackson at any time of day is beyond me.

  28. It’ll be fine during the day. Wish they’d move it somewhere safer though

  29. I dunno, it seems to me the Mississippi Fairgrounds Complex is the logical location for the Mississippi State Fair. Besides, any event that sees 600,000 visitors is not going to be without dangers and concerns.

  30. Why anyone would not supervise their kids at any time is beyond me. TFTFY

  31. I have also found this reported issue which seems the same like the one I have.

  32. I suggest you take this to the Linux Mint Forums. The Hardware Support > Graphics Cards & Monitors forum is dedicated to problems like this, and the folks there are very knowledgeable and very helpful. The title you used here would be excellent to use for your post there - clear and concise.

  33. Do you have a citation (beyond a personal anecdote) or explanation? Or perhaps a way to help the OP here with their issue?

  34. I would not be the least bit surprised she bought her boobie gun for "personal protection."

  35. It was meant to be helpful. I do not know the exact process the LM team uses, but I am confident in saying it is more involved than most people are aware, and creating a distribution ISO is very much outside the skill set of most people. But....

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