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  1. They couldn’t have seen that coming? I mean statistically?

  2. Step one: use mist form something to make this not a dragon

  3. And then donate it! Ok so like five card, twenty mana combo?

  4. This is something my friend Michael would do!

  5. This is such a dumb oversimplification. They’re not treating Biden any better than Obama

  6. I realize that you don't get it but you're literally fucking proving their point

  7. Not keen on 4 mana removal even though exiling is very good but I was more shocked this is rare and not a uncommon. Still definitely has the potential of boosting up your commander loads late game and making it a even more serious threat.

  8. I mean what is normal cost for just exiling with no restriction - maybe 2B would be fair? So one extra mana for several counters seems good

  9. I hate these dice cards. Why try so hard to add more luck into the game

  10. Because people enjoy luck based games. It’s Commander, a casual format for people to have fun.

  11. Because of my disposition I am unable to understand this

  12. Lampo is what my brother called lamps when he tried to convince us he was passing Spanish

  13. Will this be discovered by the world one day? Is there any precedent for this (I think perhaps the wire was not discovered until after it ended?)

  14. Huh. About thirty years since the first one.

  15. And not really thematically connected. I feel like maybe 0/1 flying defender indestructible would be more in target

  16. It was good in limited but never really made it in constructed

  17. Idk in competitive play people literally use [[thoughtseize]] and [[gitaxian probe]] to get information on the opponents hand. Of course, they both have a bonus on top of that, but that's just gravy on top of being able to predict your opponent's next couple turns

  18. But you only need one card that they don’t know about to have a 5050 chance

  19. I think it has to be one of the original Star Wars. Return if the Jedi probably

  20. Gona have to agree to disagree. People need to take responsibility for their own actions, not others.

  21. Wait is this a new thing? Please say there is not a new other thing. Please

  22. Just planking? I could probably do that for longer but don’t have time

  23. Young avengers will solidify the new “DisneyPlussed” MCU as being suitable only for children

  24. Maybe that’s why he became a dentist

  25. It’s a weird time to be alive when we are actively rooting against technology improving

  26. I didn’t understand the base reality of that movie. So like is the sonic actor fast in real life? Does the genie really have powers or was that CGId in the inside movie only etc

  27. I'm sure that in universe ugly sonic isn't his real name. He's just an actor that got the role for the new movie and just like in the real world everyone hated human looking sonic.

  28. I don’t think so because chip and dales real names are chip and sale

  29. Ugh what an ass. I could see myself doing something like this though

  30. Amazing feeling. 10/10. Somebody should probably write a song about it

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