1. Do you have the link to this?

  2. Oh yeah, imma need a link, my gf would love this print

  3. Would you be willing to upload the model in .obj or .stl? I'd like to print this for personal use.

  4. I second this, just got a new slightly larger resin printer 😳

  5. I just tried to do some keycaps, and I couldn't get them to work properly... Either the walls were too thick and the cap would get stuck when pushed, or the + part wouldn't fit

  6. Might be a small thing, but "Rinsed in hot water for 20-30s" could be an issue too. Where I live, the water is really "hard" and I believe that some of the impurities in the water affected my prints. I started using filtered or distilled water and it worked better.

  7. I started to use hot water because it I read it helped pop supports off (it did, I was surprised how well it helped, they were so easy, although no supports on this print it was a different one lol)

  8. Sorry to say but according to professors trying to restore coral reefs with 3D printing, PETG contains chemicals that are harmful/dangerous for the eco systems, therefore it's better / safer to use PLA.

  9. Do you have a source? Anything I've ever read said PLA would degrade fast in water and seep chemicals out, not PETG

  10. Yes that gun was op in destiny. Is the stl around?

  11. They look quite great! Do you have the STL for the Darth Vader model?

  12. Ideally get some cleaning filament. Grabs the burnt goo in the nozzle and takes it with it. Also has a wide range of temperatures so you can heat it to petg to make the petg melt, extrude it with the cleaning filament, drop the temp, cold pull, warm to pla, and run pla.

  13. Update, cleaning filament worked! Just some minor retractation tuning to do from the new tube. Thanks guys!

  14. I doubt Lockheed will care, but the UCF office that manages CWEPs might.

  15. I second this, I just departed the program after just under 4 years. I almost lost it due to my GPA being too low but I ended up bringing it up and they were like okay you're good. But you're technically an employee of UCF contracted to Lockheed, so UCF have final say over your eligibility (and are the ones on your taxes listed as your employer and paychecks show from them too)

  16. Yeah, it was difficult but it finally did print some good quality.

  17. Not for sure if it still is, but about a year ago I got a photon zero for $100 straight from Anycubic. Small but works great! If you're just doing minis of that size you def wouldn't need to go bigger

  18. I dont think that aquarium things need to be food safe though?

  19. Specifically anything 3D printed for aquariums do... To my knowledge there's no filament that's marketed as aquarium safe, so you use food safe filaments. Non food safe filaments (like PLA) can leak toxins into food (and therefore water) and harm fish.

  20. I am no expert at this, but as far as I can see it does not need to be food-safe to use in a tank. Most people are concerned about the small ridges, and cavities prints may have, not so much about leaking toxins (do you have any sources with info about PLA leaking toxins?)

  21. I don't have any sources at the moment but I'm on the internet so I'm right /s

  22. Any idea on what to do if all available printers might expose the PETG to not safe materials? Would I be able to "clean" the print so it's safe?

  23. Afaik, running different materials through one printer doesn't, for lack of a better word, taint any of the others. Unless you have a bad clog or are mixing materials, you should be fine (again this is all to my knowledge lmao)

  24. What material did you use? Been looking to 3D print stuff like a DIY tube for pouring water for water changes, but someone told me most materials are porous and I would get mold growth.

  25. PETG is food and aquarium safe and would be your go-to material

  26. Noob question, what crafting spec allows you to make dyes?

  27. I believe it’s called Artifice. It’s the one that also makes lightsaber hilts and relics.

  28. Wet filament that’s clogging the hotend will cause uneven extrusion. Dry your filament and try again

  29. It's had this issue from unboxing, as well as this light blue was fresh out of the packaging that dayj?

  30. I would calibrate your extruder esteps and adjust your flow setting as it looks like it's underexttruding quite a bit

  31. I wondered about the esteps, I didn't need to on my E3 so I'm going to have to do some research about it (I think I have to update the firmware or something on this one)

  32. I never thought about trying to use TPU to make molds.... That would skip a step of making a silicone mold of a print to then use instead (I haven't done so yet either but that seems to be the workflow lol)... Have you tried this with resin yet?

  33. I've used PLA molds with different resins before, sanding the surface smooth and a good mold release goes a LONG way to getting them to work. If you don't mind layer lines and other artifacts from printing, and the part geometry allows for it, you can save yourself a couple steps by printing the mold instead of using silicone.

  34. My Zero does the very same thing. Its kind of a crap shoot every time I go to print whether it moves or not. Just like you I go to Tools and try and move it before printing, if it doesn't move, I turn it off and back on, then try again. So far, it starts working eventually, then I can print.

  35. Tried brute forcing it 15-20 times, didn't help. It like kinda moved one time but not really.

  36. Yea when I started to see the trouble, I went back to their Photon software to see if it was a Chitubox slicing issue as well, never seemed to have any effect.

  37. Thanks for the help, and will do! I'm emailing Anycubic support now, we'll see if they're helpful

  38. Are you using the "lines" infill? That infill can be problematic if you don't have your bridging tuned up on your machine. The lines infill only print in one direction for each layer of the infill. So when it prints the next layer of infill is basically one big bridge. Since the layer below going the same direction is actually 2 layers down. Using the "grid" infill will be the same shape but it'll print each direction for each layer.

  39. Hmmmm, I'll double check that, I didn't know there was a difference in the two

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  41. I'd love to make this for my girlfriend, but she is allergic to bananas :( do you have any good alternatives?

  42. If there isn’t anything stuck in the fan blades, could possibly be bad bearings and need to be replaced?

  43. Yeah that may be a possibility, tried to lube the bearings, couldn't get direct access to them, sticker wasn't covering them it was just a plastic shell. Didn't help :/

  44. Have you checked to see if any of the fan blades broke off?

  45. Looking at it now, they're all good. Wondering if they just may need some lubricant

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