1. Yes instead of a clip on it should be a tail plug.. now be a good girl and get one.

  2. Role over and we will make that happen.. would you like me to bring friends and we can do more than one at a time?

  3. Body.. all the time.. wife doesn't like facials

  4. Sweet.. your ass looks fantastic filled like that

  5. If there had been sound I for sure would have nutted

  6. Perfect age Perfect body.. you are amazing

  7. As a dad.. NOT INTO INCEST I would have said.. carry on as I closed the door

  8. That's one of my favorite things that gets me off.

  9. Wondering if something else happened after

  10. Is where are you camping will head right over

  11. You need to lose the bra. Definitely go out and Flash someone..

  12. Happy to oblige.. I believe you said more than one at a time..

  13. You beat me to it.. you want a couple of us to make it a MUCH bigger mess

  14. Looks freshly fucked.. are we doing sloppy seconds?

  15. For sure, my husband couldn’t finish me

  16. Sure I like the extra lube.. You'll come for me that's for sure

  17. How advanced do you want those challenges.. I think it would be great to see her Giving head to a delivery boy.

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