AITA for telling my husband to get over himself when he started berating me for not picking up his brother's son from school?

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  1. Not even joking I was near you when this happened Next to the big pole

  2. Actually I'm pretty sure that was us. We weren't mad and I hope that girl is okay.

  3. I’ll be honest - my first thought was: how long has the nephew been with them? If it’s planned for 6 months and this is week 1, I can totally see doing this on principle. Like, it’s great he’s doing this but he can’t volunteer other people time.

  4. This. I'd be really worried about responsibility creep in this situation. Where he husband is like, "Sure, we can help out," when what he really means is, "My wife can do it." Because she's better at it, or works less hours, or he's stressed out, or whatever excuse men use to pass off their caretaking responsibilities onto their wives.

  5. The fact that she defined her responsibilities at the onset (cooking/cleaning) makes me wonder if she saw this coming and tried to stop it.

  6. Yeah. Also, her knee jerk reaction says she expected it. This has happened before.


  8. Ummm no “1 Rare or mythic rare that can be a legendary creature and/or showcase stained-glass, borderless, or Phyrexian-language card”

  9. Link to Wizards official site with info on the Dominaria set:

  10. Make sure there's food in the fridge and sheets on the beds. Try to keep dishes out of the sink. Check for basic cleanliness and remedy any hazards.

  11. This is your come to Jesus hon. First you have to pick which guy you're going to invest your time in. Break it off with the other one, sit out the concert..

  12. You want to plant a memory he will NEVER forgot?

  13. I cleaned my house. Cooked some yummy food. Got my son to the airport. Now I'm relaxing on the couch with my guy watching movies.

  14. On day 21. Going to a birthday party with other bartenders tonight so I'm a little apprehensive but I'm confident in my desire to remove alcohol from my life.

  15. It sounds like she's got a pretty mature perspective. Most relationships in your early 20s don't (and shouldn't) last forever. Shes not telling you that she doesn't want you in her future but it makes sense at 21 to plan either way.

  16. All beskar is 3d printed PLA (plastic)

  17. May I PM you? I (37F) have been afraid to make the leap and I feel like having a sober buddy might help.

  18. I find that one really weird - like what are they trying to show by saying that? Is it a variant of "I never thought I'd be the kind of person to get on dating sites", or "my friend made this for me", like trying to not appear desperate?

  19. "I never thought I'd be the kind of person to get on dating sites."

  20. Mine recognizes my kids when I send her pictures.

  21. masturbation is sex with someone you love

  22. It's corporate. We hate it. It's going to reduce the amount of tips we make. We tried to fight it but the hammer came down from on high and now I have to explain the new "service charge" 10,000 times a night to my league members.

  23. Split pool pay percentage based on sales sounds great on paper. lol

  24. And they're selling the hell out of it but I'm gonna wait until I see my pay stub.

  25. Even if you're in a relationship with two men, it's a scam. Years ago, I read an article about a polyamorous woman who had a boyfriend and husband. The whole thing just seemed absolutely exhausting. Having a relationship with one man is enough for me.

  26. Thing is he never answers any questions I ask about the type of therapy he's attending and whenever I point out how absurd the timing is he'd say I don't get that not all therapy sessions are the same.

  27. This is dangerous thinking that can lead people to a "in for a penny, in for a pound" attitude of "Welp, I already relapsed so I might as well have a couple shots. "

  28. Not drinking today. Might go hang out with my guy after work instead. Otherwise maybe a comedy show?

  29. I feel the "you deserve it" one. I've thought that many times. You don't and we don't deserve it - we deserve so much better. Alcohol can f*** off. Courage!

  30. This. But I think I need an alternative set of rewards. Like when I taking hitting the bar after work off the table and what's left is "I guess I'll just go home and watch TV alone" it doesn't quite hit the same y'know?

  31. Crazy how he’s the most attractive guy I’ve ever matched with too. Like he has the crazy good looks that could make any woman want to drop their panties to China just by a glance, but he chose to go the creep/rapist route which ruined it. He couldn’t even wait to build a relationship to gaslight. He did it straight away!

  32. Never underestimate man's ability to cockblock themselves.

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