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  1. Please remember, that doctors are not here to prove you wrong but if they recommend something even slightly out of the "commonly accepted literature" on anything, they are basically risking their livelihood if you get sick and tell people "my doctor approved this". That's ground for losing your license.

  2. That's all well and good.. However they also took the Hippocratic oath... And if the figured out that the advice is killing people they cant give them that advice either....

  3. I love all your dishes and especially the fact that you load up on the protein!

  4. Bought the smoker last year, was definitely one of the best purchases in a long time, always have 3-4 spare half briskets in the fridge pre-cooked. Makes for very quick delicious dinners

  5. You’ve got mad plating skills! Every one of these dinners is worth waiting an entire day for, and they are totally beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the compliment, Most of these are 10-20 minute dinners i know they look more than that, but I use pre-cooked rice, I use Air Fryer and frozen vegetables, I use Sous Vide for having meat ready to go, I even Pre-Prep sauces, So I can heat and plate, you have to sear the meat though get the crust... but it still takes minutes to do as the meat is already cooked.

  7. You're using the wrong word... Cheat has negative connotations... You just had extra food today.. That happens.

  8. I thought some reframing might be in order... That's most people's issues with food, they feel they are cheating if they enjoy the diet... Pain = Gain we were all told

  9. I'm a numbers nerd chick myself, and am logging on DoFasting, MFP, and my Fitbit syncs with both MFP and the Hotworx app. Kinda think I've overdone it on the tech side, but, it's what I do.

  10. Great work! I’m a numbers person myself and I really appreciate seeing other folks’ graphs and data!

  11. Yeah it was surprising how few numbers and graphs I saw on various subredits. Data ftw!

  12. Blood isn’t the issue, at least from my understanding. It’s CSF

  13. Actually he's not too far off... We find aspirin decreases pressure, our guess is the same mechanism applies decreased blood pressure/better blood flow decreases csf pressure

  14. Oh dear lord - I kept saying "macrophage" when I meant autophage 😅🤣

  15. My guess is people did it for good reason, the underlying reason was forgotten, and eventually it was done out of habit, eventually turned into a ritual

  16. Pay expenses with Cash, then invest your wage, you can invest all your legally reported income. Perhaps a girlfriend is paying for your living expense?

  17. I’m not going to continue using it. At a certain point the interest rate becomes higher than the returns. It’s already sitting at 4.5% and is likely to go up in line with each successive RBA rate rise. You could potentially be looking at 6-7% by time your accepted.

  18. I would counter that it sounds pretty safe unlike the onslaught of buy now pay later which is coming to share trading.

  19. It was more just that I'm going to be adding a bunch of cash each month... I'd kinda like it all in one platform.

  20. The point of omad is not shock dieting it's a long term replacement for 3 meals a day.

  21. In my experience... Boards for charities attract people who have an alterior motive, its not always about ripping off the charity. It can also be about personal fame.

  22. Scheduling... It's far easier to not need to say no... If you can move some times around, finish late one day... Finish early another... Move the window to match up.

  23. Would be interesting to know if I'm eating at the wrong time of day...

  24. The other side is the idiotic councils could stop making things like this possible!

  25. I'd prefer it if people were just responsible and courteous.

  26. It would be nice... But I'll settle for preventing idiocy.

  27. It's mostly about their fears... I don't shy away for it at all... If they ask... I'll tell them.

  28. Not enough food for me, and I don't eat French fries, but if you're happy that's what's important! Looks like you really know how to cook a steak.

  29. Important skill... It's also the equipment... Decent pellet grill for easy fuss free smoking.

  30. It's crazy the first time... When you go longer too you starting thinking holy crap our system is a lie... Imagine if everyone just didn't eat for a few days a week... Our grocery stores would backup with excess food.

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