Environmental Impact of Different Types of Milk

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  1. Do you put the steaks straight in the water bath from frozen? How do you know when they’re ready to take out?

  2. Sorry jumping in late here but how long does it take to heat up your steaks in the sous vide from the fridge?

  3. 30 minutes is probably about the time... But I don't really know... I set it to 54c and then leave it in there for a couple of hours... Until I'm ready to sear and serve

  4. I think he's made that you spend so much time with the TV 😂

  5. Wonder how many children were used to sew those masks they bought en masse?

  6. The study you linked to is by Poore & Nemececk, they are the creators of the graph that you say is inaccurate.

  7. Except that cows don't just eat plants, they are often fed industrial byproducts that would be otherwise wasted

  8. And the dairy milk calculations were wrong too.. report was fundamentally flawed

  9. Android spam detection picks most of these up... Is there a setting like that for iPhone?

  10. Communists... Communists... How dare they try and make stuff work without profit... It'll never work!

  11. This is the way... I don't bother paying the monthly yet... Will do when it makes sense

  12. Kogan has ice cream maker for sale $58 ... Allulose is a good alternative for sugar in ice cream .

  13. Once you are out of invites, please reply to this comment letting us know you are out.

  14. I refrigerate it in ice cube trays and then store them in the fridge... When I'm cooking anything, I throw one in the pan.

  15. The flavour permeates the meat more if you sear before sous vide... I sear again after...

  16. I just realised you think it's cooked... It's not... Straight from fridge .. hot seared in my smoker... So wood smoke and flame sear... It's still cold in the middle completely uncooked.

  17. I've tried it... It's alright .. nothing life changing though.. better having a wood fire sear and a sprinkle of msg than deal with powdered milk

  18. Straight from fridge, hot sear on wood fire... Bit of smoke flavour. Sear only centre is cold.

  19. Does it work? Like from 1 to 10 how much does it feel like a freshly prepared steak?

  20. Still heading towards my GW, only 6kg to go now which is great!

  21. I just had to test it out. I’ve tried 24 hours fasts, 48, 72. What seemed the most sustainable (for me) is 48 hour fasts. And I decided to try them twice a week. And I love the results

  22. Yeah this is more just to kick my body back into gear.. I'd plateaued on omad. I do 20+ every day

  23. That's what I do ... 5 months of omad... No loss for 4 weeks... At hour 161... Not sure when I'll finish... But I've lost a bunch already. And each time you give it a kick it starts up again. So back to omad after I'm done

  24. Ok good because I figured that would be the best bet for me instead of upping calories or changing my workout routine >~<

  25. I'd recommend at least 48 hours to get into ketosis properly

  26. It's crazy how much time you spend preparing food, thinking about what to eat, cooking, eating, cleaning up.

  27. If you're struggling... Cut them... When your weight loss plateaus next time. You can do a 48+ to kick it into gear again .. then back to omad

  28. When we plateau on omad we do a longer fast... Currently 143 hours into a fast right now...

  29. I've read that fasts beyond 10 days provide diminishing returns as far as metabolic benefits. For example you get higher levels of stem-cell based regeneration after a 10 day compared to a 5 day. However the difference between 10 and 20 day is negligible.

  30. I was reading a blood pressure faster medical study recently showed continued improvements out to 30

  31. Keep up the electrolytes. Exercise gets pretty tough before 14, at least if you haven’t been training while fasted

  32. Yep got decent electrolytes and am using them... Didn't realise how dangerous it was without

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