1. I had this same question earlier this week and decided to go with lemon slushee and it was a great choice honestly really good flavor as well as

  2. Definitely was going to get the sour diesel but no one had it around

  3. Loved my Klutch Lemon Slushee pod for day time. Amazing flavor and effects were great after one or 2 draws

  4. Went with the lemon slushee and it’s actually pretty good! Thanks for the recommendation

  5. Not going to lie I feel like majority of this Reddit has some very miserable people that only seek out arguments. A lot of nice people on here as well don’t get me wrong but it would be a lot better if everyone could just help each other out with advice with out hearing one negative comment or having it turn into the battle of what company is better.

  6. A good body feeling. I’m always tensed up and I felt relaxed/loose. That contributed to being in a great mood. I really like this one! Definitely good for ptsd, depression, anxiety imo.

  7. I love this strain but is it me or is this strain creep up on you slowly lol

  8. How is that company always debated on trying just wasn’t sure if was dry or any good

  9. I seen this and the tiger mints available. Torn between which one to get. Has anyone tried both?

  10. Thin mints (Durban Poison x OG Kush) grown by Ohio Clean Leaf (OCL) had chocolate and mint notes reminiscent of thin mint girl scout 🍪. In Cleveland I've seen it at Rise only. Got some about a month ago so it's probably getting a bit dry by now. Get a Integra Boost in a sealed jar to freshen it up and Boost the flavor if you go that route.

  11. Appreciate the info I noticed that with the Sticky Buns I got from them it was pretty dry. I put a Boveda pack in there and it helped a bit. I wish we had more chocolate strains that were good

  12. Pure Ohio Wellness - Gelato and Blue Blast Klutch -Ice Cream Cake literally will make you feel nothing lol Meigs County - LA kush cake

  13. I have not gone after anybody. I'm just simply saying that klutch grows using pesticides. Common knowledge. Why everybody is upset is beyond me

  14. I’m not upset I’ve just seen where this goes when someone says something about Klutch lol it ends up being a great read

  15. I was not implying that you are upset, but I know somebody will be lol. I made a comment about woodward the other day lol. Got some fanboys riled up really good lol

  16. Lol it’s crazy how sensitive people get over this shit sometimes.

  17. Is it the new drop blueberry cupcake or the truffle?

  18. I would say the same but this Tyson shit that just came out is actually gas

  19. Let me know how this is I was debating on trying it out

  20. I need to know you thoughts! The prices look too good to be true.

  21. It’s honestly some of the best I’ve had in the program

  22. VERY CALMING!!! Just picked up a half at the Botanist after the one review I could find on reddit. Doesn't look anything like that pic but it is fire and a spot on review! Would defiantly recommend this it is premium! Really interested in the Midwest Toad also but just reupped on FS Tally mon which is one of my faves, and they seem to be the same genetics!

  23. I couldn’t find reviews on it so I made one on it I love this stuff it’s really good

  24. Cherry Dosidos, Youforia, London Pound Cake, and Wedding Mints are all good as well. I haven’t tried everything they have put out yet but I’m working on it

  25. I honestly don’t know why they get hate sometimes but every time I get something from this company it’s on point! La Kush Cake is one of my favorite strains in the program

  26. Grapefruit sour dream BR jk just saw it’s Sour blue Diesel. Both strains are similar in structure almost identical genetics

  27. This is hands down the best Columbia care grown product ive had, dont sleep on this its not just hype its very good bud id put it above buckeye relief but under klutch my new 2nd favorite flower producer as long as the quality stays were its at ill buy this on the regular. Id give it a 8 outa ten good cure not dry at all but not wet either, smells strong when you open the bag hits your nose quick n hard reminds me of bluebery cookies with some kind of kush behind it for 23% it has some reach smokes like a high 20 and taste is good not wild but very soild again like a blueberry mint with a sherbert tart on the exhail. Its sticky and not dry at all for 105 for a half of preamium flower its great i only like klutch and galenenas with buckeye relife being my more affordable 3rd that has good bulk deals this eclipses buckeye in every category and approaches klutch quality. At Columbia care Dayton its 20 off today and tomorrow may 3 n 4 if theres ant left everyone was buying it. If your on the fence id buy it its wonderful!

  28. I want to say thank you for the review of my review lmao I was honestly too fried to be as complex as I wanted to be 🤣

  29. Can’t wait to try it myself bro. Anyone know where they are dropping??

  30. I looked for photos and could only find this, if this is how it'll look I'm going to pass. That is alot of bald spots from the trimmer.

  31. Not the same stuff that’s a different strain from the ones that came out in Ohio. You can go to the website and see what’s going to drop and where

  32. Do they really!? Where can I find that kind of information on growers here in Ohio?

  33. If you buy anything from the botanist the usually give you a little pamphlet in the bag that shows the growers and what they use. At least every time I go I get one in my bag

  34. OCL should be an option. love getting great, well cured 1/2 oz of flower for $80-$110. Been burned by klutch for a expensive 1/10 of obj and now only stick to their lusters

  35. I really wish I could have gotten what you get lol I picked up sticky buns and as soon as I touch it the bud turned to dust

  36. I’m not going to lie Galenas and Meigs County are my go to.

  37. Also, white widow (I believe) is currently being grown from a new cultivator that should be hitting market in Aug, can’t speak much on it though yet!

  38. Hopefully it won’t be a let down because that sounds amazing!

  39. I prefer the Layer Cake to the ICC and the Orange 43 over the Lemon Slushee. Haven’t tried any of the live resin though

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