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  1. ah yes, my favorite Stunlock dev opu$syslayer420xx

  2. Really interesting to me that he went straight from high school into being the lead game designer for battle rite.

  3. Idk man ur shit looks broke i use discord erry day hours on end posting videos etc and im at 80gb last month.

  4. The difference between in-person and online showcase of ID is that the person is effectively guaranteed to have photographic memory. It is a lot easier to steal an ID when you have a perfect photograph given to you, compared to having either a slight of hand to hide photography in-person or specialized tools to steal your identity.

  5. U don't need to, no one is forcing you, if you don't want to don't

  6. pretty sure restricting access to certain parts of discord is a form of force but whatever

  7. Refusing access to a private service is force? Do you also feel "forced" to wear pants when u want to eat at a restaurant that has a no pants no shirt no service sign? You are totally free to just not use the service, no one is forcing you to use discord

  8. To be honest if you can't afford a cheap mobile plan you should not be buying/pre-ordering 80 to 100 dollar games. This Is poor economic planning

  9. I min mening så er fritid hellig, jeg vil heller tjene 250 tusen og leve som en fattig faen enn å leve for å jobbe. Veldig lite ville gjort meg villig til å jobbe 130(?)%

  10. These are so good what is this genre of memes

  11. "You will wake up to a utopian futuristic society"

  12. The only person in the whole world who can decide if it's Worth it or not us you

  13. After reading the first sentence about how hard it is for them to hit 3 keys at once with one hand I release that sticky keys was literally made for this person, low mobility/small hands is what it was literally made for.

  14. Obviously troll post no one thinks that like 1.5 glasses of Pepsi is too much caffeine its like 20mg or smthn

  15. Lmfao Brazilian prison guards built different I would never demonstrate something like that just outside w bare hands

  16. The comments are full of people complaining about the mediocre clips on thundershow then being like "yeah but this one time i got 7 kills with a plane and never heard back". Sounds so salty lol

  17. Imagine the guy recording this thinking it was cool and then everyone made a meme of it

  18. I saw estimates of 4bn in the UK, and 2bn in the colonies. The funeral is gone be a couple million, but the real kicker will be the lost productivity on the two national holidays and phasing out all legal tender with her on it and replacing with Charles' visage.

  19. You're not gonna spend any money to phase it out its just gonna stay in circulaton, newly minted money will have the king and they will co exist. slowly the older ones with the queen will become rarer and rarer as they are worn out and replaced by newer money. When she first became queen it was usual to have money with 3 different monarchs on it.

  20. Thank you this really enlightened me and now I see how the BF was acting like an ass.

  21. Ive seen bomber prices closer to like 80k but this is still p insane

  22. That's not their reasoning. They said it didn't need it because the statistics for it say it's fine with 114Ks. Bitch please I can't take off without a cunt with a Ka50/52 ruining my day.

  23. The G load is still bullshit. I've pulled 20 Gs before and still gotten hit by that crap.

  24. I don't think you understand how that works, you pulling 20g does not mean the missile also has to pull 20g to hit you, for all you know you turn into the missile and it can just keep going straight.

  25. I don't see how it's invasive if you don't want to send pic don't send it :shrug:

  26. I don't have a problem with this tbh, it's like using a swastika in your name, no way for blizzard to know if you are a nazi or a hindu

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