1. I presume you mean the bottom-right one?

  2. Dope collection, since I already have the Halloween tee I would go with Freddy😈

  3. Bruh why did they downvote you for asking how much

  4. I don’t know, the people seem mad here🤷🏽‍♂️🙃

  5. Damn love this album, I think the Graves era ist pretty underrated .

  6. Double stitched and doesn’t look euro, so this is 2000s-modern

  7. Okay thought the same one, but just because its double stitch it can’t be older than the 2000s ?

  8. This is a modern bootleg shirt. Sadly many fakes have also surfaced on this tag.

  9. Damn, what’s the year of the original tag and how it’s called ?

  10. Ehhhh 2014+. Easy to tell by the slick, nylon tags.

  11. Alright good to know. Can you tell me also the model number?

  12. I’ve seen quite a few tees from 2007 and 2008 with this tag, so probably from around 2005-2010

  13. yeahhh i peeped, but does that mean the first pair is fake or??

  14. yeah. i’m just not sure why the logo is different 😭 i mean obviously i’m going to go for the cheaper pair but i don’t want a fake pair

  15. I think the first one is just another version or special edition, I don’t know but both should be legit when there on StockX🤷🏽‍♂️

  16. Mid-ish 2000s Friday the 13th referencing t-shirt probably sold in Hot Topic or similar stores.

  17. Thanks and yeah the Friday the 13th reference was obviously. Could you tell me about the value and is this rare, never seen this one before.

  18. Call the number and ask. What is on the shirt might help figure it out too. If nothing special, probably legit. If a 90s band tee worth something, warrants further investigation.

  19. It’s from an Metallica Ride the Lightning Shirt which is licensed from 1994

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