1. I'm talking about top 1 percent of attractive girls. Cause if you are top 1 percent, it doesn't matter how crazy you are. Those girls always have high quality men pursuing them hard. And I'm just biased towards blondes girls lol, since they were the ones who always got the most attention

  2. You’re 100% right, I’m cute but NOT IN THE TOP 1%, girls in the top 1% can get amazing guys no matter what

  3. Honestly being “pretty” isn’t that great. I just get men who try to use me for sex. No one actually cares or wants to be with me long term.

  4. I’m also “pretty” or at least not awful to look at with some nice features, I have a friend who men consider super sexy tho and she can get into a relationship easily.

  5. I’ve had lots of attractive guys take their shot with me but they’re never serious they just talk sexual

  6. If a fwb situation is truly what feels best for you - not because that’s all he’s willing to offer. You can talk to him about this directly.

  7. Looks are certainly not all that matter, but they definitely matter. No one wants to date the hottest woman in the world with zero personality or who's a raging asshole. Similarly, no one wants to date the woman with the greatest personality but has the worst looks. It's a mix of the two that count. And all these people may want to talk to you and get to know you, but it doesn't mean they are going to like you. As someone else said, looks just open the door but it's personality that keeps it that way.

  8. You’re wrong that no one wants to date the hottest woman in the world with zero personality who is a raging asshole

  9. I think she said she has um tonsillitis but she doesn’t even know what she has she hasn’t seen a doctor

  10. honestly she doesn’t seem like a good friend. take it from me, having no friends is MUCH better than having shitty friends.

  11. Yes like to be honest I don’t want to be stressed out all the time and scared because she’s going to go crazy at me just because I don’t want to hang out.

  12. I relate so hard, I hang on to and forgive constantly absolutely shitty behaviour from ”friends” because I’m lonely and desperate. You gotta stay strong and just ignore them. They just want to leech off of your energy so to say, narcissistic people are like that.

  13. Well she’s the one who came back to me wanting to befriend me again but I still agree, it’s still desperate of me to give such a shitty person a chance.

  14. I think single women are targets for the most toxic of people because you are alone and it is presumed that you can have a lot of time for them.

  15. Oh yes my mother tried doing this to me as well. Because I’m single she thinks she deserves to have me live with her as her entertainment and she thinks she wants to force me to get married to any man I can get my hands on so I can make babies for her to be entertained by.

  16. What gets to me is the sheer amount of disrespect they've had to put up with.

  17. Ugh it’s worse when you’re not the ugly one and people are making fun of you because of your personality, if they see you as sweet soft and innocent like me they do it to me too.

  18. Yeah. It seems like to get a relationship, you really have to have the whole package. It’s like they don’t want anyone with flaws. Getting a relationship is very difficult.

  19. You have to have the whole package, good social skills and look attractive

  20. Yes. I agree. I saw some women on YouTube who were fat who had boyfriends and said they never had trouble attracting men. I noticed that they were very bubbly, extroverted and had good social skills. Social skills really matter when we don’t have to looks to compensate. I don’t even know how to learn the social skills since people avoid me

  21. I have some level of prettiness but I guess not enough to make up for what I lack

  22. I don't really think I'm unattractive (physically), but maybe I have different standards than most here. I think at least some men find me attractive until they spend 5 minutes with me, and then they avoid me. Wonder why.

  23. I didn't try FA dating, but I tried Reddit dating, and I've noticed that what gives you success is having a good job. They always say jobs don't matter for women, but anyone could see it does. If you put a good job in your ad, you get lots of quality answers from serious, normal, non-perverts. If you don't mention a good job, you get the men who are addicted to porn, collecting girlfriends, looking for anything. At this point I don't think a woman without a great career can find anything serious in dating. It's something to keep in mind.

  24. Do you think a beautiful woman could get a man with a bad career?

  25. Yes, same with me. I really don’t want to make it to 40 yo if this is what it will be like to be 40+

  26. I’m in the same position as you but a little younger. It seems like you have amazing standards and boundaries though so you’ll find someone!

  27. If he tries to pressure you into having sex you don’t “set boundaries” you just leave, when he pressures you for sex he’s showing you that he just sees you for sex.

  28. Lol I literally just replied to your other comment saying that my partner and I sometimes do this. I promise we have great respect for ourselves, the other person and our relationship.

  29. Idk maybe there could be a small chance it works for you and you truly are just confident enough to handle it etc, but to me it wouldn’t be ok because your partner could potentially be strongly sexually attracted to them and I don’t really wanna know they’re deeply attracted to anyone but myself

  30. Well then it opens up a very uncomfortable possibility of policing your partner's every thought - and your own. What if you fantasise about other people during sex? What if your partner wants to discuss watching porn together?

  31. Just calling something “toxic Insecurity” doesn’t mean it is, just because you call it that.

  32. Wait when you say you’ve gotten more insults than compliments does that mean you have gotten some lovely compliments?

  33. I understand but guys bringing up sex is honestly not a compliment it makes me feel like I’m being raped and assaulted the fact that guys never want to take me on a date! When guys start telling me what they’d like to do to me sexually, it makes me feel sexually harassed tbh and I’ve been traumatised from it. Also men have told me that they would sleep with a woman who is a 0/10, any woman as long as she’s willing.

  34. But I would love to wake up looking like the completely perfected version of me, the version of me I know is completely totally physically conventionally beautiful.

  35. I wasn’t actually as ugly as a PIG and I also got even prettier , like beautiful at one point in my 20s into my 20s too. I mean at 23-25 was probably my peak I was definitely at least cute and pretty and sometimes looked beautiful I’m 27 now, and from depression from dealing with my mother I’ve become ugly

  36. No like looking at old photos of me you can see the depression changing my face a lot and making it less pretty

  37. Sorry to hear it. But, when I was 30 my mom - who was in her 70s started bleeding vaginally. Later some stupid doctor said she had ovarian cancer when a test came back saying she didn't have that...

  38. Thanks!! It is sad and scary but to be honest, my mum like 65% doesn’t really even deserve me to be upset over it. I am still scared and upset but not 100% like I would for a good mum

  39. The amount of women that I see that are straight up mentally unstable and low self esteem, racist/homophobic, very promiscuous or cheaters that have zero problem getting into a relationship.

  40. I just think it’s because I’m so quiet and scared to talk to anyone then and just scared to express a personality.

  41. Yeah, there are definitely people with no confidence or severe mental illnesses who are getting partners easily, you just have to browse subreddits about mental health issues to realize it. I started lurking /depression and /lonely and they're full of men and women who have had several relationships...

  42. Not yet. I have no money for an appointment and my family doesn't believe I need any doctors so I doubt they'll be willing to help.

  43. Aw words can’t even express how sorry I am for you and I wish the government had to pay you millions for causing you this problem. I’m just so incredibly sorry 😢

  44. Same, but they won't. I was just reading about a 12 years old who's going through the same as I am and her family couldn't get anything from the government.

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