1. Congratulations and condolences! Hahaha! It must feel wonderful and horrible

  2. I wouldn't change it, even it being a teen pregnancy. I may have to raise an army but at least I got soldiers lol

  3. Well said! I'm sure it can't be easy, but surely worth it

  4. I'm a male that more often (though not always) would choose a female character. The reason I do that is because I usually like it better to dress up female characters. I grew up mostly with women and as such got more used to having women as role models, so I feel like that also plays a part. And I used to play with barbies and such a lot with my sister growing up, so that might be why I like to dress up my characters in games.

  5. I see what your saying...for if i MUST see a characters ass running around (3rd person games especially) it rather it be a females ass!

  6. Haha fair enough. Personally I don't immerse myself much in my character's ass, but I do try to make my characters the way I can go "damn, I look good!" So I guess this is easier achieved with a female character for me. But I can play a male character too and find just the right outfit and think I look cool. I just feel like often female characters have better clothing options in most games. But I do like to dress myself up, so why not male characters too.

  7. As someone who plays more survivor than killer but plays both sides: I've noticed survivors doing this a lot. Also I've seen survivors dc'ing just to avoid a mori and I have no idea why they do this. My best explanation is that they are salty and want to do the best they can to spread their foul mood.

  8. BezQ_97, feel free to add me :)

  9. You can add me BezQ_97. I'm decent, but just looking to have a chill/fun time in the game. I don't play customs though, but always up for swf

  10. I feel this so much. I find it so hard and scary to form a connection with people, but at the same time I'm craving for it because of how lonely I'm getting. I find myself being extremely careful when talking to people. I think eventually I will dissapoint people so I'm scared of getting close. Just approaching people feels overwhelming, because I think I'll just look like an idiot desperately starting up a conversation when I have nothing interesting to say.

  11. You may add me if you like BezQ_97. I'm from Finland, but majority of people I have played with are from the US, so that's no problem. :)

  12. I often let killers that are having a hard time to get some points out of me. Often it ends in me being face camped and other times they let someone help me so I guess pretty 50/50. When I play killer I have never seen a survivor do this though.

  13. When I play killer I often let the last one go, especially when they did well without toxicity. Most of the time I have a good game as a survivor however, the killer will definitely not let me go and instead slash me repeatedly while I die on the hook. I don't mind though, if they feel frustrated and want to let it out on me I understand. There is the rare occasion a killer might let me go, so it does happen.

  14. Mostly I choose my mains based on skins. Although to a lesser extent I feel like some survivors are just "lucky" for me.

  15. Haha, actually I don't have the best luck with Ace usually, but he is one of the characters I use on the regular. Most of the time I'm either a Feng or Felix main. I was a Feng main for the longest time, I like the character and cosmetics, although she's not my luckiest character (that would be Kate). But since Felix came out on 2020 he became my new (other) main, because he's a blonde dude so he fits me lol.

  16. Tunneling: Killer focusing on one survivor, basically chasing only that survivor until they are dead.

  17. Well I had a long break but killers I haven't seen even once in the last month or so are Freddy, pig and the twins. I also saw hag and pinhead both only once and those were both a while ago. If I combine this with how much I saw them before my break I'd say the twins.

  18. Rank doesn't affect matchmaking

  19. Yes, I recommend to start with AC1 and play them in release order, you get a better view of the story.

  20. I'm so sorry to hear this... I know it's not easy not to feel guilty and not to blame yourself but it's not your fault what you had to hear and experience as a child. I may have somewhat biased view because I'm like you and have outbursts of anger. Often I try to control it and keep it inside, but sometimes I feel so much anger at certain moments that I let it out, especially in my relationship and so often it caused so much unnecessary problems and it almost broke the relationship several times. But you deserve someone who really does understand you and accept you. People with CPTSD always come with a package. You can work on it and it can get better but it will take time and you deserve support and understanding. You are not a bad person, you clearly care about her and feel empathy for her and you deserve the same for yourself too.

  21. I’m crying at this thank you so much trying so hard to think like this it’s just impossible right now The guilt is killing me

  22. I cried at your post, it really hit hard on a very tender spot. And I know that feeling, my girlfriend left me once for half a year and about a year after getting back together she left me again for almost a month, both times I was sure I lost her forever and I was sure I didn't deserve her. Most of my anger I direct at myself and when I thought I lost her that anger was even more, it was hard to cope. I wish you so much strength, I know how tough it is. But the anger you feel comes from a place of a lot of pain and I think you must have kept a lot of the pain inside especially seeing as you clearly think a lot about the people around you and care a lot. All of this shows a lot of strength so you definitely can get through this.

  23. Personally I think the way you play makes the game a lot more fun to play than trying hard to win. Best way to play a game is when you are having fun with it, so keep doing what you are doing!

  24. This is so relatable! Thank you so much for writing this, it makes me feel a bit less crazy. Haha. Not only are my stuffed animals so important to me, but whenever I see a stuffed animal outside alone or broken it breaks my heart and I have no idea what is wrong with me!

  25. I've never got the whole PC gamer hoity toity stuff. I mean who cares if you play on a console or a PC? Is there really that much of a difference and yes I've seen a high end rig (friend is a PC gamer and believes that PCs are better than consoles).

  26. No, there is no difference. Unless you're in desperate need of some weird digital validation, you're most likely gonna play video games to have fun, relax or just kill some time. Whatever reason you have to play video games it can be achieved just the same on any platform (unless you just play to feel better about yourself of course).

  27. Wish my parents had gotten the memo. These are all the things I heard and saw nearly everyday growing up.

  28. I'm right there with you... I was never able to form really meaningful friendships and the only "friends" I have are nothing like me I can't connect with them or really enjoy. Most of the time they make me stressed and I feel guilty for that. I love spending time with my girlfriend but that's about the only thing and I become obsessed with that and I hate it. She needs her space and I can't be dependent of her. And it doesn't help that I have extreme social anxiety too. I'm good and natural at having conversations but starting one is next to impossible.

  29. This happened to me with a certain controller, but that controller was weird when it came to walking/running in other games too. Is it possible that your controller might be a bit defective?

  30. Thank you for coming out with this! I relate to this so strongly, I think it's something I needed to read. I remember the immense stress of just walking out of my room and being on constant alert of footsteps outside of my room, or whenever I hear people raise their voice I'm paranoid that fighting will start. Because of all the problems in my household I made it a habit to not talk about myself or my problems and this also led to me distancing myself from people, because social contact became such a chore as did most things.

  31. It's actually the only newer AC game I actually had fun with. I miss the old AC vibe and Odyssey doesn't really feel like a game about assassin's but the core story and mechanics are still there. I had fun with it, it's not how I would've imagined to enjoy an AC game but it's different and it's great. So yeah I love the game, loved it since it came out even if it felt a bit weird at first.

  32. I definitely needed to adjust to it when first playing, and while I remember being disappointed there was no social stealth (I played this one before Origins) once I decided to approach the game on its own terms it was some of the greatest fun I’ve had in a video game.

  33. I played this one before Origins as well or rather I finished it before I eventually finished Origins. I took a longer break from AC games when Origins came out I wasn't super excited about the new rpg element. I did love the ancient Egypt setting but it just didn't do it for me. But as a greek mythology nerd I had to play Odyssey. Definitely took some adjusting but as you said some of the best fun I had in a video game when I warmed up to it. And 100% agree with you on GoT I'm in love with that game and it knocks all old AC games out of the competition. I never got to playing Hitman games but it's definitely something I should try out.

  34. As someone who grew up listening to a lot of fighting and drama I learned since I was a child to be there for people and listen to their problems. But no matter how overwhelmed I felt most all the time, I kept my own drama to myself.

  35. Unfortunately it seems most people don't really want to get any more negative in their life from other people. But seeing how much there are good people on this sub I'm sure there are people out there who would care to listen to "damaged" people like us once in a while. So hope you can find some people that are there for you when you feel needy.

  36. It's good that you're learning to be angry for yourself, it's really hard when you've been accustomed to being nice, patient and understanding. You have a right to be angry too.

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