1. Amherst is but not the actual village. It's quite small, smaller 1940s homes and resides within the town of Amherst.

  2. Pretty sure everyone downvoting this thinks East Amherst is part of Williamsville

  3. Yeah you're probably right. Maybe if they read a map once in a while they wouldn't be so angry!

  4. Do you keep any "record" of your podcasts? How would you prove in an audit you listened? That parts been confusing for me!

  5. That's always a tough question, I've never been audited on a podcast because I don't know what they would ever consider valid proof. Maybe that's why they have an audited those?

  6. Have you been audited before? I got my CISSP in 2021 so I'm new to this.

  7. Sometimes. Whenever you post a CPE credit it will flag it has needing to be audited. Most of the conference's and virtual meetings I have had the various agencies have formal invites with agendas and I have sent those and they have been sufficient but podcast are always a mystery. At least two-thirds of my credits are podcast and they've never audited any of them. Welcome to the CISSP club, feel free to reach out with any questions.

  8. You don't need 4 meetings/year. I would expect to pay $1000 if I were you.

  9. Thank you, that's kind of my thinking too but they make me think I was asking for too little.

  10. I brought my pup from Guam back to the east coast and when we had a 9 hr layover in LA the airlines let me take her out of her crate, walk her around and help her decompress. They were awesome!

  11. Me. First seizure at 48, no family history, no aura no anything. Woke up in the hospital with 2 broken arms. Did all kinds of tests and never found anything abnormal. Now I'm on 3000 mg Keppra and have had a seizure every few years. Sucks.

  12. Hard to justify paying more for a 17 year old jeep

  13. Yeah but people pay that and more for CJs and some of those are pushing 40 yrs.

  14. Too much for me. Got a CJ sitting in my pops garage for the last 30 years. Not sure what it's worth.

  15. The clean CJs keep going up in value. Might have a gold mine sitting there.

  16. I’m in the Rochester, NY area. I’m going through west Herr Toyota.

  17. West Herr here in Buffalo are pretty good about sticking to MSRP for local customers. Hope they work it out for you too.

  18. I swore off black vehicles. They are such a @#&* to clean, no more, never, never, never! Then I saw your 86. OMG... I'm jellys, that is a thing of beauty! Very nice.

  19. Sounds great and I can tell you have a wonderful positive attitude. Hope things continue to progress well for you!

  20. I mistakenly assumed that RapidArc is a CyberKnife-like high-dose radiation delivery system. It’s not. It’s a more sophisticated form of IMRT, which usually involves more treatments at lower doses. Sorry if I introduced any confusion.

  21. It's all good. Thank you for detailed answers.

  22. Hi, I'm M57, PSA 6.1, Gleason 6. So, I'd reckon a little worse than you, but still from the boundary my doctor set me, which is when we should do something if PSA>10, or Gleason >=7.

  23. Thanks for the info! Yes we are in a very similar situation. PC runs in my family with my father and grandfather both having their prostrate removed (in the '80s an' 90s respectively) because radiation therapy really wasn't where it was today. My surgeon recommended RALP but said I can do AS not because it's early. I'm impatient so don't know if AS is thr best for me but I'm using this time to do as much research as I can. Thanks for the info and I hope you continue to be well.

  24. I went under anesthesia for my biopsy and woke up with mild pain. Tylenol took care of it. Would highly recommend the anesthesia.

  25. Here are the resources I give my patients

  26. Thank you for the great information!

  27. My recommendation is to meet with 3 doctors from each of the possible treatment categories: urologists (surgery), radiation oncologists (radiation - which is either "brachytherapy" internal seeds or external beam of various types), focal treatment specialists (could be a urologist or interventional radiologist). Some of the focal treatments can also be used for "whole gland" treatment. The major types of focal treatments are: ultrasound ablation (HIFU and TULSA, the latter is newer), focused laser ablation "FLA", and cryotherapy.

  28. Wow thank you so much for the thorough response!

  29. Yup the bolt holes are there and everything. Some years you have to cut the openings some years they just pop out.

  30. Came here for this. I have a '19 and pretty sure mine don't pop out.

  31. ESPN+ and ESPN are separate. You can’t watch regular ESPN content with ESPN+

  32. Sorry I meant ESPN+ content. I watch NHL hockey with it or use to.

  33. Hmmm... Good idea, I'll have to look at that too. Thanks!

  34. Had the exact same problem, open a support ticket, and they'll get it fixed in about a week. Some issue with their backend.

  35. Cheap fix. Look up "floor transition" strip at Lowes or Home Depot. About $20.

  36. Public Espresso? They’re great, definitely would recommend.

  37. Signed Pat LaFontaine goat head jersey. Wish it had been a blue and gold one.

  38. Like it WAY better than the horrible XSE grill it's got on now.

  39. This should be a sticky. It gets asked almost every day.

  40. We used to call the "Fighting VTU" and I did it for points for a while.

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