1. One of the few things I hoped would happen in this show was for Rachel to be like really desperate that she dated Gunther, even if it didn’t last long at least it would have happened !

  2. It might not be my favourite but I quite like the line “oh I can’t, I’m pregnant with my brothers babies”

  3. Ok it’s not my worst experience but it’s one I remember clearly, so I used to have a town (mediocre at best) and these people were role playing with my friend and I when another friend joined my friend said hi and asked if she could join the role play, I explained she could not since the apartment we were using didn’t have enough room. I felt bad because we rarely got to play together since she had moved. The people I did not know who had joined the role play said the could move into the apartment below while we played above. I gave them guest because I didn’t trust them with roommate. All the buildings in this town were locked, i said that if they wanted to go in a building they would have to ask. Whilst I was at the school with my friends they had broken into all my buildings and had taken all my food which included out of game products or things that took a long time to build. I caught them and as soon as I had caught up to them, they left the game. I was heartbroken. They had now wasted the food and after that I deleted the town and I am now rebuilding it.

  4. But can you still go through it ? Wouldn’t the structurals be in the way ?

  5. Ooohhh ok thank you for letting me know, I don’t know you could do that

  6. i swear im not the only one who clicked the arrow for more-

  7. If I wanted any of the friends to be together (ignoring what actually happened) I would have preferred joey&rachel they seemed like a really cute couple

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