1. Because bird poop doesnt exist and isnt acid. Great idea!

  2. Falta escaños en blanco abajo del todo, pero vale.

  3. these statements of yours justify you and others not to change anything. Now, to everyone else it is rather obvious the NIOnisnin deep shit. They have not focussed their resources on some few items but instead made the same error like legacy auto has: offer ecerything in any possible color and form. My view is this: unlsss NIo reduces its focus on 3 models and nothing else (no phone, not 100 models...) it is doomed and will go bust

  4. Wow, you must be an expert in the chinese market for vehicles.

  5. KIA cars will not only fall to pieces on their own, but they are super easy to steal.

  6. If you are using geth, you can also just move the ancient folder to a new hdd (no need for ssd for this, but it will of course work) and set the correct parameters for geth to use it.

  7. You should buy it, but if you really wanna mine, nicehash and swap to eth

  8. It has helped me learn a whole lot about automating stuff in linux

  9. Wait until they find out you dont need to kill cows to get milk either

  10. If you want to live off validators today, you might want between 10-20 for equivalent to a standard salary (~1eth/month), or you could run around 100 eth validators and get around ~25eth per month. Increased number is because more block proposals.

  11. Haven’t the “americans” been doing that ever since they colonized north america?

  12. A ver si adivinas por qué el mio se llama croqueti

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