1. It's a struggle for a lot of complex reasons. You have 4 people and everyone has to match attractiveness and for us, we prefer personality, maturity, and stable couples. We recently vibed with a couple but later discovered the dynamic they have/want does not match ours. So we drop off in chat and try again. It's a time consuming cycle but hopefully one day we will find the right couple and ideally form a long relationship with. Just keep trying!

  2. Asking to meet at midnight you're gona get weirdos

  3. Obviously true lol its happened to them how many times? Stfu

  4. Flakes are part of the lifestyle. Time has nothing to do with it you stupid fuck.

  5. We aren't into cucking but the couple bet thing sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. And it takes a toll on the woman’s self esteem when it happens and it’s not their fault. But, flake her and get blasted they just start a new account.

  7. My thinking is since we live verify with everyone. Like I have pictures of you, I may just blast them on the subreddit if you intentionally flake.

  8. This is no different than girls requesting you to Cash App for nudes/sex.

  9. Bro if they ask you to pay, it’s a scam. Please stop falling for these man

  10. Yeah these dumb ass kids paying them is why they keep spamming the sub. They know they can get easy money.

  11. It’s a two pronged issue. Yes the mods need to do more but at the same time people need to stop being so brain dead

  12. Mods are just internet volunteers. No way to vet every user or post.

  13. As long as they keep finding suckers to pay them, they're here to stay.

  14. Exactly, it's these young boys giving them money. Why would they leave?

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