1. I'd like to see 3 categories. 1. No pics. 2. Pics. 3. Insane pics. Thailand and Indonesia definately fall into category 3. Some of those pics are hillarious.

  2. Germany's pics are just disgusting, like pics of real holes in throats and rotten teeth

  3. I felt like they may be trying to compensate for the stagnation of progress in what we can do with video games, considering that the first gimmicks were built around technological advancements like.. wireless communication, spotpass, internet battles and then better and better internet features as that became more normal.

  4. Aktivisten werden als eine direkte Gefahr wahrgenommen, gegen die man was unternehmen kann.

  5. Er haut uns doch schon Barragenweise in die Fressen, wie viel braucht es noch?

  6. I literally just told you that your testicles were ovaries, not the vagina.

  7. But isn't that weirder, because the ovaries are all the way up there, near the belly button, at first?

  8. No please the ovaries are not near the belly button, that's where your intestines are D': they're waaaaay lower

  9. Apparently, that's one of those things that can vary quite a lot in people

  10. I don't understand why this bothers me more than seeing a sculpture made of mammal bone and skin

  11. It just makes me feel sick in a deep, visceral way

  12. This comment section is so full of "Acktchually 🤓🤓🤓"

  13. The only thing that would convince me is seeing a charmander dying after the flame is extinguished. Anybody can write what they want or spread lies. The pokemon fictional world is not different

  14. I can see the Mystery Dungeon games doing something like that.

  15. I've only ever found a shiny Delibird. My luck isn't so great because I've played gems 1-6 over and over and over....

  16. Same here. I only found a shiny Makuhita and Zubat outside of emulators/fan games

  17. Honest question how often do you find shinies when not specifically hunting for them because as a person who has spent over 600 hours across the series i can say that i have found 1 in that amount of time. That’s not a lot of time especially compared to people who REALLY into pokemon but like for the average person 1 in 600 hours this is moot point

  18. I ONLY ever found shinies randomly while not hunting for them. In the worst possible times, too.

  19. None of those are protagonists but I get your point I guess. I actually kinda like Rey aside from the plot of her movies, she’s a pretty cool Jedi, I just dislike the sequels because of the horrid story.

  20. Their argument was about "character", not "protagonist"

  21. Lots of potential in all the characters, failure to execute. Kylo IMO is the only one who’s completely a lost cause; there’s just too much inconsistency and idiocy in his writing.

  22. Damn, he was the only one I liked (next to Finn)

  23. I thought this was about the modern day/cold war era

  24. Reminds me of a story of a chinese farmer who specifically trained a massive pig as his steed, to ride grocery shopping

  25. Truly a first world problem: cold floors.

  26. Don't worry, until these actually warm the floor/room, you are usually done with what you were doing in the room. Even if it was an 8 hour task.

  27. Staying in the room, like the sun in winter already heats it up to hell because this house has amazing insulation. Unfortunately, we don't get that much sun around that time, so this thermodynamics-violating POS is what we have to deal with

  28. That link just sent me to a true treasure trove of mods, holy shit.

  29. Yeah, I've noticed this bullshit too. Some events that HAVE "PARTY" IN THEM don't count as "parties" for these goals.

  30. The first time for many things always gives you wild dreams

  31. Because you are moving, so it compares your last position and your current position and can draw an arrow from it.

  32. That sounds more like my google maps experience. It thinks I'm spinning on the spot when I'm standing at a red light.

  33. Nothing is perfect and can never be. It's physically impossible. It's just that something is called perfect, but calling something perfect doesn't mean it is perfect. For someone, something may be good enough to be said it is perfect, still it isn't. Perfection is relative, but when we look at "perfection" from scietific perspective, we see nothing because it doesn't exist.

  34. Scientific perfection(theoretically impossible) vs perceived perfection(very possible)

  35. people who are tired of dumb mother fuckers waiting till right before the exit to try to merge, when there's a line of cars slowly making their way through the exit... and these dumb mother fuckers are too good to wait their turn like the rest of us, so they force their way in near the front and slow everyone else down even more.

  36. Oh yeah, then I fully understand the reaction.

  37. Lol guys this is a joke 😭 that's Jerma985.

  38. Now I wonder, is it really or did we just discover one of Jermemies ancestors?

  39. Exploration and heinous atrocity may marry stellarly well. Let us see with open eyes that heroic adventure and villainous rapacity are often two sides of the same coin.

  40. I mean, you're not wrong, if you look at old "hero" adventure stories

  41. pretty wild to think about. They're basically space invaders. Idk why so many went atrocity heavy though.

  42. They were absolute religious nuts. The Spanish and Portuguese were the worst christians at the time by far. Maybe they just didn't approve of how hard to convert the locals were, maybe they had a collective superiority complex

  43. At first, she was reasonably angry at this dumbass filming (btw, that goofy voice of his was forced, no one speaks like that I swear). She asked "did you see me coming?" And "send that video to the police". It did look like that guy was trying to trip her which is so incredibly stupid and dangerous. Hard to defend her with the incredibly mature behavior she exhibited after that though 😂 screaming random stuff like her address

  44. It just looks like normal ball games on the street, nothing for anyone to get mad about. The ones in the vehicles are the ones who should be watchful(an actual law where I live, because pedestrians are unpredictable and in the right if something bad happens)

  45. The future is gonna get so fucking weird

  46. Hope it's gonna be the harry potter moving painting kind of weird

  47. That is a pretty nice tip for people who need it.

  48. They're just minding their own business, slacking off

  49. Fungus are very easy to grow. The problem lies in getting them to "fruit". Those mushrooms you eat are their sexual reproduction structures. Normally, fungi grow apically (vegetatively) like plants and only do sexual reproduction when they are stressed. What triggers this stress differs according to the species. It might be high/low temperatures, wet/dry seasons, competition, damage etc. I think that in the case of truffles, those stressors are not well defined though there is an economic pressure by the truffle industry to not research it in order to keep the price high.

  50. That was my first thought. Of course the main answer to OP's question is "to keep the price high"

  51. I think this is the thing. Back in the day the number 1 reason people installed adblockers was for pop ups, pre-rolls, and other disruptive ads. They'd have hardly any adoption if websites simply made their ads less intrusive.

  52. Oh yeah, if all ads up to now had been banner ads on the side of pages, I probably wouldn't have ever really gotten into adblockers

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