1. We need more context for a specific answer. What agency are you getting certified by? As I recall, Great Wolf Lodge is in the US, are you getting a Red Cross certification?

  2. Great Wolf Lodge uses Ellis and Associates. I have been to the one in Colorado Springs and know that one for sure uses E&A.

  3. So do I have to actually pass the brick test or can I still pass. Because they never really mentioned anything at my interview about the classes. Just that I had to take them not that I had to pass. Them and there's not really a pool except for the wave pool but I haven't seen all of the place so I'm not really sure.

  4. Hi. I Agree with a comment that no one is going to go right to painkillers they’re going to try to figure out what is wrong with you.

  5. So they put me on Seroquel and I don't really like the way it makes me feel. So do you try think at my next appointment they might give me a Klonopin or something that is fast acting. Because Seroquel is only at night I need something for the day.

  6. They would work you up to determine what’s causing the pain. Different things (nerve pinched, injury, muscular issues, skeletal issues, tendons and things) will need different treatment.

  7. Ok thanks for the advice hopefully I get something cause this shit ain't working.

  8. About 1/3rd of our lifeguards can do the brick apparently. You aren't alone just practice hard.

  9. Depends on how frequently you smoked before that. There's a huge difference in potential results between two and three weeks. Your best bet is to wait till you're a full month out, otherwise if they use a 15 ng/ml threshold you'll likely still fail the test.

  10. I heard it used to be urine but switched over to swab. But I bought cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar and I'm gonna start exercising so that should help.

  11. If it's a swab you should be good, the detection window for those is way shorter, 72 hours for thc from a Google search.

  12. Yeah so this friend of a friend works there and she said that I will get drug tested but only with a swab because that's what she did.

  13. I went through this in HS with my ex (me playing part-time therapist w/ them while being in a relationship). If you really like her and are willing to put in some commitment as a friend first to build to an eventual relationship (idk if this person even knows that you like them or how they feel about you in return?) I say it’s okay to keep talking to her. Just make sure you don’t compromise your own mental health. Don’t be afraid to be completely honest with how you are feeling too. And, if things are escalated—like this isn’t a joke kind of escalating—I’d say you should tell an adult or call a hotline. Lots of things that go on are unexpected but sometimes things work out in the end :) And sometimes in the very very end you’ll go your separate ways for other folks.

  14. Yeah I'm willing to put in a commitment and try to be like a therapist for her I just don't wanna annoy her and pretend I know what she's going through because that would take some time for me to get over someone shooting himself right in front of me.

  15. Know that you cannot “fix” her, you should just be there to support her (without sacrificing yourself). if her problems become too much to handle and it is taking a toll on you then you should really put yourself first. Not all the time, but certain people might manipulate you into giving them more “resources” (affection, time, money etc) and try to keep you as close as possible by threatening blackmail, suicide, or self harm if you try to leave. Just be aware of it, its very easy to fall into that trap. Their actions are not your fault, and they should not try to blame you.

  16. She's not manipulating me, I just don't know how to help her without being annoying or understanding what she's going through.

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