1. Got the blue cheese today and it looks the same

  2. Take a pic and reach out to grow ohio, they have already sent me a 50percebt refund for the product. They were very prompt and understanding.

  3. Thanks, that’s good to know. Found my sauce had leaked out the top down the threads

  4. You can use any live resin, sugar, shatter, badder, budder and all other waxes with the attachment for pax 3. Badder/budder is a little easier to work with in my opinion for this device. The only problem is the device tops out around 425 degrees and needs to be at least 450. It still works and you’ll get decent hits. Not a bad way to ease into concentrates

  5. They are curing the flower nobody else does this process. It's much better cured

  6. Leaving flower in tubs for 7 months does not make it better. Proper curing does not diminish smell or taste

  7. It's not left it tubs. it's cured in a climate control curing room and put it "tubs" packaged after it's cured it doesn't just sit in these plastic containers for months that happens at the dispensary.

  8. Well there’s plenty left at all the dispensaries for you to enjoy

  9. I have one. I wouldn’t get it again. I hate the smell and taste of the weed. The cleaning is annoying, popping the screens out, how long it takes to heat up. I hear the Pax 3 is same technology just with an app if you have an Android 🤷‍♀️. I’d love to understand what everyone is talking about with their vaping. I can’t stand the taste long enough to get enough draws out.

  10. I have the pax 3 and agree with you about vaping. If I didn’t live in an apartment I would never vape flower again. I like carts/pods and my dab device, but there’s nothing like smoking flower. I get way better effects from smoking too

  11. Dried and cured in what, 37 days? What a joke. No wonder it was harsh.

  12. The 3-5 week harvest to package dates are what keeps me from buying a lot of brands

  13. Harvest has sales during the month that’s spend $250 get 20% off or spend $350 get 30% off

  14. When I try to order the plus from they say they can’t legally ship to Ohio.

  15. Some addresses you can. I had it shipped to another person's house in springfield I know cause they won't ship to mine.

  16. That’s weird. I tried all zip codes in the Dayton area. I’ll try Springfield, thanks!

  17. I just finished my first go-around with this one. Really good product imo. Works just as proper shatter should.. super quick melt, lots of very very smooth vapor.. not to mention it actually shatters, too 😁 45 bucks in Garlifield Hts.. well worth it imo if you are someone who is adept at the useage of this form.. now if they'd just bring that delicious flower from a year or so ago to gobwith it, we'd really be cooking with gas 😁😁

  18. Melts clean and tastes amazing. Nice sweet funky flavor. Goes straight to the head immediately from a decent rip from a nectar collector. For $43 it’s more than worth it.

  19. The downvotes don't surprise me but the ones down voting have no idea cuz if they knew they wouldn't down vote. Those are mos def facts my friend.

  20. After seeing you praise lighthouse so much, I grabbed the problem child crème. You sir were not wrong!!! It is amazing and puts me on my ass. It’s smooth, flavorful and heavy.

  21. Columbia care Dayton has grapehead and runtz shatter for $45 with 10% off today. Ordered the runtz and came out to $43. Can’t wait to try it

  22. They will adjust the price when you get there. Sometimes on these build a sales, it doesn’t add up the discount online.

  23. I have the pax 3 and finally figured out how to use it properly for me. The key is to pack the flower in there really tight. I burn it at 385 and good flavorful hits. I wasn’t getting good hits when I lightly packed it with my finger. I use the tool that comes with it and bought the funnel thing that helps keep it even. It’s still no match for a nice bubler or bong but I get it to rip pretty good.

  24. They are probably checking to make sure it’s actually defective. I’m sure these companies get people trying to get free shit so they take extra steps to make sure products are actually defective.

  25. Beneleaves has some 2:1 thc:cbn capsules and gummies, and Certified makes "Sapphires" gummies that are also 2:1.

  26. I have the chew and chill gummies and they are great

  27. You can get a half of buckeye relief tomorrow for 100 on a few strains. Ounce of blood orange for 200. Columbia care Dayton 20% off sale.

  28. No, only edibles are really measured in milligrams. 2.83g of flower ≈ 100mg of edibles, or 1 vape according to the states system

  29. That’s a solid list you suggested. I would only add buckeye relief to the flower list

  30. Some have “natural” terpenes and they are not cannabis either

  31. The crumble was hell on wheels. Problem child terp creme was like 10 bucks more.

  32. Thanks. I was curious about their crumble. Gonna give them a try

  33. Bought 4 2.8g packs of Woodward a few weeks ago and I swear it was more stem and seed than flower. I dunno if I’ll give them a 2nd try.

  34. Because they take care of their flower after harvest

  35. I’ve had live resin carts in other states. And I was talking about klutch co2 pods oil quality and taste. Not their live resins, I’ve had a couple of their live ones and they were good, but I don’t like live resin in the luster, it gets to hot for the oil imo. But I think their co2 pods and carts are very very good in taste and effect

  36. I just bought a catfish pod and it tastes like ICC and not catfish. I stopped buying their luster pods because they either taste like orange cleaner or ICC. Thought I would try again since it’s only a few weeks old, same results. Still tastes good but if I wanted ICC I would choose that

  37. POW Dayton 40% off for veterans for July 4th. They will also stack the 10-15% sale today for veterans

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