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  1. Yes to every single word of your comment 🙌🏻 they’re a horrible pair of fools. Every photo of them shows who’s in charge and who’s being dragged by the balls, and it’s not art - it’s their real life. One day we’ll hear about the time Harry wanted to visit Grannie but he couldn’t because Megs gave him an ultimatum. This man is desperate to not be proven wrong about his wife so he’s going in deeper and deeper and he’s keeping her amused when more important things, like visiting Grannie when she’s dying, have become irrelevant to him.

  2. please list all words that are not offensive to african americans

  3. Newsflash, sweaty. You get PTSD from reading mean things on Twitter, and when the starbucks barista forgets your whipped cream. 2 things which men are incapable of experiencing. Educate yourself, and do better hun 🤗😘

  4. trump, because america will be better off when he loses twice and takes that criminal, treasonous party down with him

  5. poland is setting a bad precedent asking for this since germany has already made reparations and the matter has been closed and settled. your word has to mean something or no one can trust your country when it gives it.

  6. so your son is extra special and the rules don’t apply to him, i guess. he should come to america and change his name to trump

  7. so both Brians have been up in that vagina, i understand, but both at the same time?

  8. Passports???? Sorry i am from Spain, what on earth there is a law that can take away your passports?

  9. the UK used to ship prisoners off to North America and Australia and now they want to make it so the criminals can’t leave? lol

  10. sometimes i wonder why the UK doesn’t learn from the mistakes we here in the US make, rather than trying to copy them. thatcher copying reagan and truss copying them both is a bigger danger than some silly weed

  11. let it be and gravity will take care of it if you have patience

  12. because the supreme court is an illegitimate, activist court that is going to do what it wants regardless of precedent or whatever damage it does to the country or the people. the only hope is a democratic congress and president and death or retirement of the activist justices while said democratic congress and president is in power. our only hope is to vote and hope for the best

  13. Previously, I have chosen to redact the names of alleged murderers but my intentions are pointless until local journalists also do the same.

  14. this should be in am i the asshole and the answer, if you really sent the note back with that written, is yes

  15. it’s probably going to be very difficult to obtain a response from Trump lol

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