1. I guess you bought a modded mouse advertising hotswappable? Uhhhh that's probably not exactly the case, you need to loosen the screws, take apart the two halves, then you can pull out the old switch out of the socket and put in a new one.

  2. Pretty sure with the GPW/X once you take the paddles out you have access to the top of the switches. Should see some lil sockets (google millmax sockets) if the pcb is hot swappable then just pull them suckers out

  3. This is just what I want! Do you have further details about components used?

  4. Superlative Arms bleed off. Proper tuning in the bleed-off range might let OP get away with a much lighter buffer and not have so much extra gas in the receiver. Seconded on the JP SCS, I run one in all my rifles including AR-10s and it’s phenomenal.

  5. I run a 10.5 with a superlative arms block. Needed the block for the turbo k for same reason as OP mentioned. When I was tuning it, I couldn't get the bleed off feature to bleed enough gas for me to utilize it. So I just stuck it with the initial restrictive settings to lessen the flow. Still love the block bc it fits under my aero handguard, but I guess I just don't know how to use it properly

  6. I finally got it to register! I had to jump it to the pad directly above the switch and it registered a key stroke! So in order to actually be able to press the key without needing to use tweezers, do I just solder a wire connecting both pads? And if I do this, do i need to desolder the pad that I don't need? Thank you so much!

  7. before you solder anything, make sure you know which two pads need to be jumped with tweezers to initiate the key press. Once you know those, then just solder a jumper wire to the corresponding pads and you're all set. No need to desolder from the existing pad, just melt the joint and attach your wire and all is well.

  8. ok! will do as soon as I get home and I'll let u know how it goes. Again, thank you so much for the help!

  9. No problem! Let me know if you have any other hang-ups. I have been there before so don't feel bad one bit.

  10. I’m waiting for my TX LTC. It’s been over the 60 days they said to allow. Will they tell me I’m in the clear or will they just mail my LTC? Or will they tell me I am denied. Which there isn’t any reason why.

  11. Same thing happened to me back in 2019, I actually had to call and talk to someone about it for them to tell me the same thing that the website said. Then miraculously the next day it was approved and shipped out lmao

  12. What can a rotary knob be used for besides a volume knob?

  13. I assume that this encoder has a push function as well. Some time back, I saw a user talk about how he had an encoder perform multiple actions with tap dance based on the number of presses. I will try and find his post, because his sample coding was important to a project that I'm on rn.

  14. Feels incredible. Absolutely amazing. I’m gonna keep doing it that’s forsure. Oem frames are pretty cheap so I wasn’t to worried about screwing up.

  15. Frames are cheap? I must be missing something here

  16. True, but I don't even know where to start to find one

  17. I second this, Sentry Strap works just like this. I run mine just in-front of the barrel nut rather than behind the castle nut.

  18. That is one cool tree and will be sad to see it be removed if it comes to that. It seems as though those utility lines run right through the branches of the tree too so if utility company gets out there and evaluates that tree they might trim some branches even if the proposed project fails or doesn't affect the tree.

  19. Looking for more info on the Beretta. How did you get the optic mounted? Langdon Tactical? What comp and finally where or what holster(s) are you running?

  20. East Texas guy here, don’t have a recommendation, but would be interested in your 3600. DM me if you wanna talk about it

  21. Unfortunately I doubt we will be selling the 3600, but our neighbors have a ford 5000 that they were telling me they might want to sell...

  22. Enclosed cabs and tree limbs do not get along well. I learned the hard way. We have a lot of wooded fence rows.

  23. What's the issue with enclosed cabs and trees? I would likely stay away from the heavily wooded areas of the property anyways. Mainly want to be enclosed as my pops would be running this tractor about as much as me and in his age he needs the AC and to be away from insects.

  24. This may not be the place to ask this, but I'll ask away. With encoders, what can you use them for? You mention that you want to use them for tracks 1-12 but I have no idea what that means. I would love to be able to use encoders to change the volume of app individually. Like, change spotify or itunes volume with an encoder while my master doesn't change.

  25. When I'm referring to tracks, I am wanting to use them to control volumes of individual instrument tracks in recording software. The conventional use for an encoder would be for the volume of your computer, and I'm sure there is a way to make it app- specific.

  26. I use two encoders at the moment. One for master volume and the other for page up and down (left and right in another layer). If anyone knows how to use encoders to control app specific volume let me know!

  27. I've seen a few posts about this in the past. I think it has to do with the undercoat that appears as you wear the finish down not so much that the mouse is dirt so cleaning it won't do much.

  28. np let me know if you have any other questions

  29. Might be a little harder to find a full size board that can fit your specs and maintain a budget build. I understand the excel requirements and such, but they way that I've navigated is by using 65%ers with macros pads. In other words, get a main board whatever size you want, then a detached numpad. You can then use layers on your main board for all your functions that you usually bind to other keys.

  30. Someone legit posted something similar right after me hahaha but I’m glad I’m not the only one

  31. oh really? do you have a link to a hotswap one?

  32. They make some hotswap boards in case you want to experiment with different switches. I have on with an upgraded rotary encoder. From the pics and the comments said, it seems like your pcb is fine, but you can still get a spare or a hotswap one in the interum!

  33. Oh dang that's disappointing. Is it just not enough light?

  34. Yea… everything else I love, besides the price. Just seems as thought the lumen and candela outputs are not enough to justify the price point. Granted this is all subjective to my opinion and not supported with objective test results.

  35. Once you get the mouse disassembled its not that hard to desolder and resolder new switches. I learned from bearded bob

  36. I used a sickle bar mower then would turn it with a hay take. I had a small square bailer. But the disc I would use was I think 10 feet. Handled everything fine but none of it was very large. I only did 5-7 acres of hay.

  37. Sorry that I did not clarify. The land I will be running this on has been neglected for years, and overran with hogs. I failed to mentioned that I am running a 4 ft shredder currently. No hay will be made, but I need these weeds gone so I can then use a box blade to clean up paths for 4 wheelers and such. Sorry again

  38. I’m not sure what you mean by shredder. Like a disc harrow or tiller? Either way if it’s only 4 feet I don’t imagine it would have a hard time. These are plenty big for a four foot attachment.

  39. Are you talking about the puck between the bottom skates?

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