1. Just did that, to be disconnected and sent back for the 100th time in the log in queue.

  2. Weird, ive been playing about 6 hours and have never disconnected or crashed.

  3. Amaziinng, waiting for dust2!

  4. Theres already some pretty good dust2 maps in old creative. But an actual port would be awesome.

  5. Interesting theyre so against ch 1 fortnite considering there's already "rust", "nuketown" and "dust 2" maps in creative

  6. I shall report back either way to let you know if it works (I might love it and keep it anyway)

  7. It definitely works, as long as its within 24 hrs of purchase and you havent used it in game yet.

  8. If you have Dynamo Dancer, you can make a pretty decent Zero Suit Samus, and Mariana's back bling makes a good Metroid

  9. Not saying good but atleast I don’t have to see posts telling ppl “consider using my code in the item shop” on every post, video that ppl make. So annoying

  10. If youre getting entertainment from their videos is them mentioning their code really that bad? As long as theyre not trying to scam people into using their code who cares if they mentioned it?

  11. Always someone mentioning their code is highly annoying. Especially if you also follow pages that updates you on store rotations. Then in the description or in the post itself.l. There’s usually a msg that follows “don’t forget to use code whatever”. Is it bad? No. Is it highly annoying? Yes.

  12. I wouldn't be following a page that only shows shop rotations, thats not really content, and if thats all they do they dont really deserve a creator code.

  13. I'm so desperate to just spend anything at this point i might get the sypherpk skin

  14. So which of the two plague skin is better? Which one do you guys prefer? Im thinking of buying one but I'm not sure which.

  15. Buy whichever YOU think looks better, not what people on reddit prefer. But since you asked, the male looks much better, female one is too plain.

  16. Try turning up settings and see what happens

  17. Yeah the editor is live now. You can play 2.0 maps as they are released by developers.

  18. Went in with two friends and one of them got trapped in a loading animation and could not play the event or even rejoin. Also it was incredibly boring.

  19. People hate her now, just wait until a streamer starts using her and she becomes a sweat skin, then it will be popular..

  20. Probably because SAC is gonna change to 2.0 tomorrow

  21. It’s been like this for weeks though. And the Support a creator thing isn’t just for map builders; are they no longer going to have affiliate content creators / streamers?

  22. Anyone else want hockey skins? I mean they have golf players 🤨

  23. they have golf, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, but no hockey. WTF

  24. Use nvidias recommended settings to start, then go in there and turn on performance mode, and if youre still not reaching 60fps start lowering more things like textures, lighting, shadows. If you still aren't at 60 you probably need a new desktop PC with better specs. Gaming on a laptop is rough.

  25. Of course is harder, they just don't stop to add unbalanced as f*** mythic weapons that can one shot or kill u in literally 3 body shots at full heath/shield! Epic is annoying in the last seasons, they just put in mythic and exotic weapons in the loot pool without balancing them..

  26. Two of the weapons will kill you with one bullet, and another weapon kills you with two. Its stupid to run around looting, having a good amount of kills then you die instantly to someone with one bullet even though you were at full health. I feel bad when I one shot someone even.

  27. There was once a time the banner skins were cool. Now that we have a metallic banner wrap and a matte banner wrap plus the wrap skins they kinda feel obsolete.

  28. Do you know what are the metallic banner wrap and matte banner wraps are called? Im looking for any customizable weapons wrap if you know some.

  29. The metallic banner wrap is the banner wrap in this set ironically and the matte banner wrap is the tye dye abyss

  30. Nice design, would be even better without yellow text though.

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