1. Drafting a QB into this shit show is dumb. Pick up a veteran qb in free agency, bring in a competent coaching staff and draft support players.

  2. Drafting a QB isn't a short term solution and you're not going to find anyone saying that.

  3. It took all of those but the jets 20 years to rebuild. The jets had that one year they made the AFC title game and have been continuous shit

  4. Yeah it's really wild seeing people name drop these teams because I don't think anyone here really wants to wait 20 years to win their next playoff game.

  5. Is this a weekly thing now where people cherry pick stats to make a small point that Davis Mills isn't that bad? He plays like a decent backup QB that can show flashes but isn't going to consistently take you anywhere significant like when Fitzpatrick/Mallett/Keenum/Hoyer/Yates/Weeden/Savage were starting for us.

  6. If it does become a weekly thing, I hope to see this exact comment on every post!

  7. Last Week - Checkdowns are good actually and the best QBs do it including Mills

  8. You don’t fire a guy and replace him with some other guy on the same staff and expect better results. They should have gone for someone outside, but they were too scared about losing Pep which looks hilarious right now.

  9. We really lost to a guy that had only 8 completions and 2 INTs.

  10. We didn’t lose to their QB. We lost to their running backs - 281 rushing yards.

  11. Well if you want to be pedantic, then you probably should notice that 90 of the yards came from non-running backs including the QB that they didn't lose to per you.

  12. We quite possibly have been the worst at drafting players from 2015-20. Such a waste of everyone’s time.

  13. Probably going to get a Lonnie Johnson return where a team will try him out with nothing lost if they let him go.

  14. I’m just glad we faced Man City early while they’re still figuring things out with Haaland.

  15. Jamey Roots passing is very sad and he was basically like a son to Bob McNair and probably around the same age as Cal so I wouldn’t be shocked if this AMA won’t happen for some time which is fine as this time should be taken to reflect on probably one of the biggest Texans fans that literally dedicated 20 years of his life to create an organization that we could be proud of us fans.

  16. This might not be for everyone, but I found Munch Madness: Mac Attack to be quite the trip starting with Gabrus and the boys eating the whole 64 food bracket and ending with COVID Lockdown Zoom calls and all of the early technical issues that hadn’t been ironed out yet with remote episodes.

  17. Nah. Going back to high school IMO on a hazing situation might be going a bit too much when looking at a player’s past.

  18. Well I’m not sure if it’s confirmed or not, but I’d rather have a team with zero sexual assaulters regardless of their age at the time they committed the assault.

  19. The school said the incident occurred but did not view it as an incident of sexual assault. They punished him in accordance with their hazing rules.

  20. Schools downplay acts of sexual violence all of the time. Anyway, my point stands that we can do without this type of person, but you clearly disagree. I’m sure his victim will love to see the fun nicknames you come up for him.

  21. He was talking so much shit about the team when they were down 0-1. He probably watches more Liverpool than NUFC these days because of his shitty football/poker/variety show.

  22. Would a guy with that haircut ever lie? He lives his truth on the daily.

  23. Starting to feel for Dubravka, how does he get in that team?

  24. Really incredible that we have more quality keepers than strikers. We desperately need Wilson insurance.

  25. How about each team can choose a player to wear the #6 only 9 times per season to raise awareness to the original?

  26. This happens all of the time with player comps in the draft. I really hoped Eddie Griffin would be the next

  27. Walker’s turning. Willocks facing the direction he’s about to run at…

  28. It’s not even whataboutism to focus on the larger problem which is the environment that produces these circumstances.

  29. It's funny watching fans of another club getting these comments for once

  30. Pretty depressing that clubs are being bought by the worst people in the world to be honest.

  31. Last season was Joelinton redemption tour and this season is the Almiron redemption tour. 🇵🇾

  32. Team needs were listed as “everything” 5 months ago so it shouldn’t be shocking that we’re not highly rated. Rookies need time to develop.

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