1. No it’s not! Lmao!!!!! That’s called a t break only lol. Micro dosing would be takin 2.5 MGs of thc . I smoke a gram a day , throughout the whole day, so in morning maybe .2 of a g . So On and so forth . . Don’t comment on my shit if you don’t kno what you about to say bro…I’m gon get the def for you jus so you can’t counter it

  2. A gram a day is about 200 mgs of thc. That is more then a micro dose of 1-2 mgs of thc a day.

  3. Your wrong again tho lol not 200 MGs . You do t even kno the percent I buy goofie

  4. Hey man don't get upset, your just incorrectly giving ppl info lol

  5. I've been saying that Meigs has upped their game and everyone hates. Try getting a new half of Meigs next time you see it. Slow cure, and sticky! Almost too moist! I got the wedding mints, and most recently gelato for only 120. Not the strongest most intense ever, but good quality, organic, and great cure! I will for sure keep getting! Also have had good luck with pure Ohio Wellness halves of full bud. The smalls can be a bit dry but still good imo.

  6. Stuff smells great! Do you notice tiny micro seeds in your batch? Got this like 5 months ago and used every bit of it, but mine had some really tiny seeds throughout. Looks good tho!

  7. It's a hybrid I believe but never got to try that one! Always looks nice tho

  8. Parentage: San Francisco Cookie Cut x Electric Gorilla Butter

  9. Astral destiny is straight elephant zoo shit smell and cheese

  10. I'm always on the hunt for a cheesy strain, so far the cheesiest I've come acrossed has been rainbow chip by farkas farms.

  11. Yeah the cheesiest I've had was the Rainbow Reserve by farkas farms. Real good stuff!

  12. Yea it’s one of my favorites strains but them and Buckeye relief have been slippin in flower quality the second half of this year

  13. Agreed. I stopped purchasing from buckeye as well. Lots of pesticides, the last batch of lemon dosido was completely filled with micro premature seeds, and they stopped growing oro blanco. Good riddance ha.

  14. Yea idk what’s going on but since both are charging the same or more than Ohio clean leaf and other brands, I’m good

  15. Same here man ha, on the same page! I'd say Ohio clean leaf is the best imo. Lemon royal is maybe the best shit I've ever had! Also sticking with POW, and grabbed some Meigs last night. Got the wedding mints, and it's very good I need to post it! Ohh I also like Galenas the snow ball is amazing right up there with the lemon royal! Both have bisabolol as a terp! Now I try to hunt it!

  16. Woodward wedding cake, take the cake for best verson of wedding cake. Imo.(preferable over 28+%thc)

  17. I've had wedding cake from POW, Woodward, and Curaleaf. I rate them in that order, it's the best I've had from POW. My woodward batch was too wet and not much smell, the batch seemed rushed was like a year ago tho.

  18. Sativas for 80 buck are a yes, at pow.( & If like blue sour diesel; imo, this has that after taste and or smell, but a limey/earthy verson of it.)

  19. Yeah man I only got that wedding cake bc it was on sale, but it was really really good!! Also the hell on wheels is good and 26 with no sale, about to get more!

  20. So one tiny premature seed, or is it loaded with them? If only one gtfo of here lmao! Is the bud good, good effects?

  21. I have been thinking of getting a dynavap. What are your guys opinions on it? I'm a flavor chaser if that helps

  22. I've got a 2020 M and a hydravong I'm looking to get rid of if interested

  23. I have the same batch and it's perfect! Smells amazing and vapes great while also being long lasting. I feel sorry that your burning yours haha! Treat your buds nicer jkjk 😂

  24. I haven't touched them yet. I'm letting them sit for a week to rehydrate. I'm anxious to try it in my pax3 though!

  25. Sorry bro didn't realize you were using a Pax! Just got my 3 last week very nice! Also my batch was good enough that I didn't even add a booster pack. Hopefully yours gets where you want it! Very nice stain tho enjoy!

  26. Anybody have an opinion on these guys? I'd like to try the Blue Boi...

  27. That was my first purchase in program back in June. Good genetics (blue dream x rude boi). It had good effects not much smell!

  28. I am so tired of people fawning over this shit they sell us for 48 dollars?

  29. I only go to POW now. 5 hours well worth it. I work too hard for my money to literally waste it. 20 grams $124 today. 3 strains. Cannot beat it!! If ppl say it's mids you've never had mids or straight brick mersh. Everything I've got in program is good any brand. Some better then others, but only one fucking brand has an honest price. They get my money! I'm sorry, end rant ha

  30. After 7 months I finally had a rebuy.. Wright patt platt! (OG Kush x Kush family) POW. Love this place. Worth 5 hour round trip to London!

  31. Happy with their strain selection here! Good post! Hope to see a classic indica next!

  32. I just ordered the solo 2 amazing deal! Plus I like the idea of multiple pre loaded glass tubes! Pure air pathway too!

  33. If your interested in a 2020 M and or a Hydravong let me know. Have both used for about 2 months, not for me I like a session style more. I can send pics also.

  34. Sounds good. I got multiple torches and plenty of spare parts and a low temp extra cap too.

  35. I honestly can't tell if you're arguing with me or agreeing with me. Whether other cultivators use organic products or not doesn't change the fact that Galenas is the only certified organic Cannabis cultivator in Ohio, and certified by the only organization in the country that can do so. That impresses me. If you have an issue with the pesticides that Galenas is allowed to use, based on the Certified Kind regulations, then that seems like an issue with the Kind Certification regulations. I know that they're allowed to use Neem oil too, by the Kind guidelines.

  36. Sorry if I came off as hostile before. I'm a big fan of those other brand you mentioned, especially Buckeye Relief. I really like the three jars of Woodward flower I managed to buy as well, and I really like Klutch, Standard Wellness, Grow Ohio, and Firelands Scientific too.

  37. All good brother! And same I like everything I get just some is better ha

  38. Awesome! Did my first trip last weekend! 4.5 hour round trip. How's the blue dream?

  39. It smells like rotten cheese with a hint of gassy fruit You can always cure your self at home I don’t let short cure times deter me but I’ve been around cannabis plants for decades and I like them about three weeks old I think the Terps are so much stronger right around that point in their life

  40. Thanks for that! Sounds nice! I got their layer cake and it had no smell but looked amazing. I will give them another shot!

  41. I’ll put the rainbow chip up against anything in the Ohio market

  42. I wanna try this, always being raved about! I just seem to stay away from Farkas BC always short cure times. How's the smell?

  43. Looking good per usual in the red glass. The RiSE near me has PBB from FS and Farkas. Considered getting both for a showdown, but went with Evergreen instead.

  44. I would have done the same!! How was the evergreen? I missed it!

  45. I just had some sundae nap. Good stuff. I picked up Wright Patt Platte this week. It’s a kush and one of my faves. Have fun at the dispensary 😊

  46. Same! Also got the chocolate fog, and mad river kush! Wright patt platte is my fav so far. Haven't tried the sundae yet, saving it!! Highly recommended POW!

  47. Mad River Kush has recently become one of my favorites.

  48. Yeah it's a smooth! It's been my after work go to all week!!

  49. Without alot of the landrace genetics they wouldn't have ever gotten flower to where it's at today. If they grew landrace genetics today with modern equipment, it would look way better than this.

  50. This is my biggest gripe with the program! As medicine I think the staples should be landrace with new strains on the rotation - or completely out of it! Not vice versa!

  51. I can understand not having strictly landraces but they should be available. Landrace strains aren't always as medicinal overall. They may have more of one cannabinoid but less of others.

  52. Understood. But it's these different levels of compounds that make each strain unique and different. A lot things we see are very similar but branded different and have the same effect. Why even have so many choices? I like to have multiple varieties with varying effects. But, that's just what's best for me..

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