1. I don’t have one lol.. you mean mail it to the gov office right?

  2. Hello there! If you're looking to get your 1099-B paperwork from Coinbase and for tax purposes, there are a few steps you can take.

  3. So basically, I logged into my Coinbase account, and they said "You won't receive any 1099s for 2022 because your reportable activity didn't meet the IRS minimum." SO I guess Im off the hook? Imma just call them up this week, to be safe...

  4. If you don't like him that's okay. Just stop using him for free lunch.

  5. Hey man :) my company spends over £150k annually on contact data information services like Cognism, ZoomInfo etc. I’d be happy to help - providing the first 20 for free of course & then we can agree a price per batch? Let me know if that works with you!

  6. Happy to discuss with you. Outsourced calling work is a really tough gig. I own a business that has been doing this for startups and service companies over the past two years. Margins are razor thin and there are many challenges. It can be done but is much harder to turn a profit than being on the other side of the table.

  7. Kids will get unwanted attention. Also, a lot of dares would also be distracting in church and other public spaces, leading to the likelihood they'd get in trouble. Dares also have a tendency get soooo out of hand quickly - especially when social media is involved.

  8. Have you ever been on tiktok? Who knew e concept of dancing to high pitched music in 10 second videos would stick? Heck, it’s cringey to me, but apparently millions of kids and adults love it… it’s only crazy until it works..

  9. Other apps also having a lot of cringe and attention-seeking behavior doesn't change my opinion of this.

  10. "Brainstorm some more".. Like I said, it's only crazy until it works..

  11. DO animals repent and make the Lord Jesus their personal Savior? No...

  12. Life has purpose when we find our identity in Christ rather than our own achievements and power. The human soul is eternal, hence why we are the only life form that grapples with the concept of "eternity" and "purpose".

  13. Sorry I am of no help but if you figure it out let me know. Currently holding 350 Bnbitcoin at the minute. Can see this one going far especially as it has a low circulating supply same as bitcoin. If its ever to reach a couple billion market cap the price will skyrocket. Surprised this hasn't gained more followers. Slippage is only 0.5% too on pancake swap. No brainer when all the other new alt coins are like 12% slippage and a supply of like 40 million quadrillion. This literally has 21 million total

  14. There was a guy who did an experiment trying to figure out how to make a chicken sandwich all by himself. He would grow, raise, and produce everything at every step, only buying the most rudimentary products and tools.

  15. Bro, I feel like a new man., You showed me the light about what a true society should look like. I am forever changed. My mind is cleaned. Δ!

  16. nah I agree, just funny to think he's so far gone (which he is)

  17. The Las Vegas WNBA team is in trouble for this right now

  18. On another strain of thought, perhaps my idea is exposing payroll leadership in sports leagues... If Commissioners have the power to basically command superstars to take "superstar" money, then conversely in theory they also have the power to LIMIT how much a player can make.. Like if a player feels more valuable then their current pay, they can potentially get their request "blocked", and theres nothing they can do about it.. scary thought. Absolute power corrupts, ABSOLUTLEY.

  19. They won’t even know how to commit a war crime, nor will they have tow stamina or mental capacity to do so. They’ll be too busy trying to live lol. Shoot the guys shooting back, simple as that. They might be prisoners but they’re not idiots.

  20. No, same question. What is the correct way to deal with war crimes without also committing a war crime yourself?

  21. If my fellow soldiers tried to kill me in the line of duty, he’s my enemy. Sure, we have the same uniform on. But he is operating outside of his training a poses a threat to the others and me. He will be dealt with accordingly.

  22. Who said anything about "chopping?" I can wrap his legs and take them out from under him. Try being a WR trying to hold onto a catch when that is happening, even in the NFL.

  23. Bro, it’s Reddit first of all. Not a big deal. Second, you’re literally doing the most right now, like you’re actually gonna do all that, because of my opinion and theory? I wasn’t trying to make anyone mad, can I not voice my opinion on here like everyone else? Like at the end of the day, who really cares. I’ts not like I’m making your f ball team run my offense. We’re literally just talking..

  24. It's not logical when you can get better athletes to do that and much more. The 7 footer would be completely useless outside of these scenarios, and that's assuming that he could even catch the ball over an nfl db which is unlikely.

  25. True.. but who’s stopping it? You’re gonna challenge my big with a midget in comparison. Imagine a player like Calvin Johnson, but bigger. He’s gonna moss the DB every time sorry bro

  26. Kicking longer distance field goals. Being able to score from 75% of the field. A more defenseless-game.

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