1. I can never explain things to make sense the way it does in my head and it fucking annoys me. So I spend more time in arguments and discussions than what is realistically needed.

  2. First girl I ever really fw in middle school. After about 2 months she turned around and stabbed me in the back and spread rumors and shit about me which got basically our entire class to hate me. Nobody had my back, and nobody would listen to me either, they just blatantly believed her with no proof or evidence of truth.

  3. If you apply the Imani tech Armor and try to delete the trim the grill actually gets deleted.

  4. The bunker sale price has not increased. For one batch of supplies (75k), you get 210k to sell to LS, its still the same as before unfortunately.

  5. How does it compare against the MC businesses now? In terms of convenience, payout, need to bring in helpers etc.

  6. I never use my MC businesses anymore except to accumulate in my Nightclub. Mostly in part because of the inconvient 2 vehicle sale when you buy supplies. I use the Bunker and Nightclub, and since the Contract DLC, the Security and Payphone missions.

  7. Doing it right now and I don't feel bad about it. Anyone else have that really sad and clingy friend your close with that treats your friendship like a relationship even though both parties have agreed to feelings not being mutual?

  8. Everyone would be extremely weirded out as to why some random person is just casually cleaning bathrooms and taking out trash for free

  9. Even without the HSW upgrades, it would still be nice to get those cars, especially considering old Gen got a brand new update so why not do it right?

  10. Considering how much more mass I have than my ex, it was always most comfortable being the big spoon but lots of times at night I'd roll over on my right side (just how I sleep naturally) and she'd follow and it's quite nice. Girls talk about hugs from behind but as a guy I enjoy them just as much.

  11. Not really. None of the special service vehicles (MOC, Avenger, Terrorbyte) are all that useful but that's my opinion and I do quite a bit of grinding.

  12. Shi that was outta pocket 💀 funny because Goku actually hasn't bested Vegeta yet, he just steals his thunder.

  13. Considering the amount of fighting I saw my parents do in my youth, I absolutely refuse to blow up on anybody, specifically my SO. So I try to suppress my anger and keep logic thoughts.

  14. The fact that there is a very ruthless person lying within me, I just never show it because I hate hurting people. Sometimes you have to kill what's killing you.

  15. I'm quite frugal with my money. I refuse to spend money on things I don't truly need and I do my best to avoid eating out.

  16. Loki, his whole being was a lie until he ended up in the TVA and started figuring things out.

  17. The 90s called, they said don't even fucking think about it but if you do go for it.

  18. Kansas, because well there's nothing. Arkansas was pretty damn weird when I traveled there too.

  19. It's a complicated situation, but it was mutual and neither of us liked it and it still weighs on us both. Because we both love each other to the point where it's complete hell to be apart from one another but it's how it has to be.

  20. Funny enough I have both an 02 and 03 unfortunately I don't think one of them would be any help to you.

  21. Why would you need to justify it though? Use some of that money you earned from work to make work slightly more fun/comfortable.

  22. It's not that I truly NEED new shoes, because the shoes I have been wearing are still in good shape. The reasoning would be to get something that would be specifically for work and to save the current ones for other uses. It's more of a "they aren't falling apart yet so why get another pair" situation.

  23. I was homeschooled. So I just read the biology book by myself. My mom and dad had another baby then so I guess 1 technically.

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