1. I've gone down the route of nested routes like you mentioned and found it cumbersome to consume the API.

  2. The second part of number 8 can go fuck itself. That might work for you but with the wrong company and people and there are many, many of them, you will come across as needy and incompetent.

  3. Usually advice is intended for the right company and the right people. A lot of the rules change with toxic colleagues.

  4. I find that, as I’m not so introverted, I need regular check-ins and encouragement from my peers/manager.

  5. You could try searching for Disney engineers and recruiters on linkedin and see if they are able to hook you up with a referral or an interview. Might have better luck that way!

  6. Set aside 1 hour to read a few times per week. Ideally you can do this during work hours.

  7. Describe the problem, not your proposed solution (moving to a different team). Say that you don’t feel connected to the team since you don’t interact with anyone. For all you know, some others may feel the same way. Or maybe everyone else does feel connected and you’re being left out.

  8. It’s not always safe to mention the problem so bluntly. It could easily backfire and end in some sort of retaliation by the lead or manager.

  9. I find it’s best not to be too specific about what your team is lacking when telling your manager about bad team fit as managers can get defensive.

  10. Thanks for sharing your interview. I love functional programming and am humble lisper.

  11. OP is working multiple jobs, likely with tooling & knowledge that could be picked up in career training, to pay for the cultural experience that is college

  12. The network I built in university has been critical towards growing a successful career.

  13. It is steep. But it’s also one of the ways to move from middle class to upper middle class.

  14. Sounds like workplace bullying. Sometimes this happens when you land on a team totally lacking in empathy.

  15. I like using a hybrid of sprint and hourly based billing. This works well with several clients simultaneously but also works for one client at a time.

  16. Yes, I feel like invoicing a single dollar figure might be best too. I'm not even sure if itemizing is worth the effort. as they have access to the project management tools with estimates and reporting features. They have full visibility of everything that was done in the month and the estimates attached to all the tasks.

  17. I find that itemizing is nice as it creates a sort of contract where the client is explicitly acknowledging what they paid for with each invoice.

  18. Mate I'm not hating as it seems you did a good job, but it's not a very complex looking website. There's 50 types of common UI components missing from it that anyone can need

  19. Most of the components I use are available in the HTML spec or in a handful of dedicated libraries. Which components are you frequently needing third party libs for?

  20. The reason Dapper exists is because their creators (the engineers who built StackOverflow) agree that traditional ORMs suck.

  21. Demand to change teams. Ideally with a better manager and as far away on the org chart from this senior as is possible.

  22. If you go to your manager with vague concerns, it’s going to be really difficult for them to do anything about it. Instead, try explaining at a high level what some of the behaviors are, pick one or the most impactful. and ask if the manager would be willing to back you up if needed if you took action X, Y, or Z.

  23. Ignore this guy. Your concerns are totally valid and this senior sounds like a massive drag on team productivity.

  24. I’m pretty sure I passed some on to my spouse. :/ unfortunately was not very aware of it when we first met.

  25. I could have told you you'd fail just looking at your study list. Leetcode being first is a red flag that you aren't a skilled programmer. You'd rather memorize a solution than understand how things work.

  26. As someone who recently joined a FAANG, I polled 6 of my colleagues who also recently joined. Every single one of us studied leetcode.

  27. It’s very possibly your intuition is correct. If you still feel this way after a couple weeks you can start planning your escape/backup plan.

  28. I absolutely believe that a cover letter is one of theost important parts of the application. I get the feeling this will get downvoted by this group. People just don't understand what the cover letter is for. I'd hate it if I didn't have the opportunity to present one.

  29. The cover letter is for the interviewers rather than for the recruiter.

  30. I picked it up over time working in DevOps roles where it gets talked about often. This

  31. This is… incredible. Thank you so much! I’ve gained some intuition about this by managing a small team, but this is on a whole other level with research and theory to back it up.

  32. Rigid power structures like this can actually be a sign that things are not good. Innovation is suppressed and failure tends to be blame based rather than inquiry based. Overall this hurts the organization as whole and can lead to problems adapting to change and producing value.

  33. Where can I read more about this? I agree with you completely and would like to learn about these concepts in more detail.

  34. I like it. I work at Google so I’d get laughed out of the office if I tried using it in my projects. But i could totally see a use case for this in my C++ only projects.

  35. I keep applying until I’ve secured an offer. I try to make progress each day, so either have an interview, study for an upcoming interview, or apply to new positions every single weekday.

  36. A couple of things: my father was a physician and when I was about in the 6th grade started making really good money. This was in the 80’s when a single working parent could financially support a family. Fast forward 35 years and my folks are retired and live off of investments and their social security. They still make more in a year than I do.

  37. I feel you so strongly on this one. My father pulled the same move on me. Ended up bootstrapping my business myself, and had an amazing 7 year run with it.

  38. Interesting, you're not Greek by any chance are you? Lol. Oh it got even better today. My cousin who is a balls to the wall business woman was giving my dad a ration of shit on the phone basically told him he's an embarrassment to the family. My dad's response was "I don't spit on my reflection in the mirror (Greek for I don't feel even slightly regretful for what I've done), I did everything I could for him." She was just dumbfounded. She's like you chose money over your own son that doesn't bother you? He said something like no I didn't, he said he wanted to leave! (Which is true, after the 4th or 5th slap in the face I decided I had had enough and was wasting my time needlessly). And she said well, we'll see what others think about it, which shut him up immediately. His biggest fear is looking like a bad person, especially to people in the village he grew up in. And if people there knew that I had spent close to 9 months there only to go back to the US empty handed, that might tarnish his image a little.

  39. I tried following up via PM but it turns you can’t send more than one message to new contacts and I hit return before I finished writing. If you reply I can follow up!

  40. But corporations don't produce oil or plan flights if there aren't consumers who want those things. You do have a personal vote by where you spend your money. Are corporations not going to plan flights from london to dubai filled with tourists? Corps don't book those flights for fun, it's because enough people keep filling those planes.

  41. Corporations lobby to reduce spending on public transit. So it’s not really up yo your average joe whether or not they buy a car and all this fuel.

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