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  1. M’s have a way better team than the rays

  2. This may be outdated information as to not offend the LGBTQ+ community.

  3. I have no idea what this comment supposed to mean?

  4. Yeah it's getting really bad everywhere. A big setup was just dismantled in Ajax on Hunt st.

  5. I saw that encampment was finally taken down. It has been there for about a year I think. Was definitely there last Christmas

  6. The Japanese!? Those sandal wearing, goldfish tenders!?

  7. Can't wait for that first night there's Jays + Leafs + Raptors all on SN on the same night... Now gonna explode

  8. I love the male role models on this team. I'm more than happy to have my 5 year old son watch the blue jays and see men being genuinely happy and comfortable around each other

  9. My favorite thing about the gun is it seems to never need to be recharged?

  10. Doesn't it slowly recharge over time on its own somehow?

  11. Schneider will end up AT LEAST the 3rd best manager in Jays history

  12. Sometimes I have to work late in the office. It gwrsto be like 9 or 10pm and I'm the last person there. All the lights are off and it gets ind of creepy...

  13. I don't believe in Satan.

  14. Coco Crisp has gotta be up there (even though I think it’s not his birth name?)

  15. I'm coo coo for coco crisp

  16. Ernest goes somewhere cheap

  17. "bad trip" in more ways than one

  18. Ask for campaign donations

  19. I wasn't able to make a post last time I tried

  20. 97 percent of the emails I send are replying to other emails. The "To" line is prefilled

  21. These are the names of my henchmen

  22. Todd. Something so incredibly eerie about someone who can be so cold and emotionless on the inside, and so friendly and respectful when they need to be.

  23. If Todd isn't the answer, you're just wrong

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