1. everyone can keep hating. he makes millions. we wish we're salt bae.

  2. also go to the /askportland subreddit. always good suggestions. also depending on your time frame. PODS is a good choice

  3. Carts on 12th and Hawthorne should be open

  4. Try Sheridan Market or F.H. Steinhart co

  5. I don't know, but maybe she should hook up with Vagina Man?

  6. That's a lot of plastic wrap. Learn to work smarter and cleaner.

  7. Grill or not. WTF about your spat. That has no excuse

  8. Funny thing this is...Bartenders and waitresses always bang the Kitchen Bitch first

  9. Clearly you should learn from these posts. Take a deep look into what you do

  10. I call bullshit on this post. Your work environment is what you make of it

  11. It started during prohibition nyc. When a popular speakeasy got raised they had everyone exit on to 86th street. It has morphed from that

  12. That's my secret to all my recipes. Thank you for this post

  13. Keep your head up. Remember where you messed up and fix it. Take time to organize your self. Don't ask anyone a question to a coworker who isn't already trying to help...they are trying to watch and see what you are made of. As of the Head Chef, you have to remember you are an intern. He is very busy and you are cheap labor. Soak up everything, keep your mouth shout and never be afraid to get a drink after work. That's when you get to know everyone. Good luck and persevere

  14. Praise the persons who spread awareness. Drug user or not we all deserve to live

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